20 facts about me… that you might not know.

While putting together this post, I realize how little you guys actually know about me… As we keep growing together as such a great community and you my loves are becoming such a big part of my life, I thought it would be fun to give you guys some more insights of me. So today, I’ll be sharing 20 random facts that might be interesting to know about me.

Ok, ready?! This can be a long one. 😉

  1. People always mispronounce my last name.  ANTIC´ is pronounced; English: AntiTCH – German: AntiTSCH.
  2. My height: I am 5’7. I mostly wear heels, so I’m basically more like 5’8 haha
  3. And while speaking of heels…  I have to admit, I am a high heel addict. I own over a 100 pair and wear heels to almost anything.
  4. I’m obsessed with nougat chocolate.
  5. I love fresh flowers. There are always fresh flowers in my apartment. I think it’s safe to say, that I spend more money on flowers, than on my gym membership per month …
  6. I have a real thing with hats. I wear hats to basically everything. My all-time favorite hat designer would be Maison Michel. No other designer offers such unique & timeless headwear.
  7. I don’t take myself too seriously. As my pictures always look classy, super chic & fashionable (which is a huge part of me an my personality), what you usually don’t get to see and be surprised by when you’d be spending time with me on a regular day basis… – I am aaaaalways making fun, goofing & joking around, talking in different accents and doing whatever makes me and others laugh.
  8. Whenever I’m in the car, I sing & rap to whatever is on the radio.
  9. I used to be vegetarian for 7 years. Now, I enjoy a good filet mignon quite often.
  10. I had a cat named Tiger, since she passed away I am allergic to other cats! TRUE story!
  11. Even tho I always try to be diplomatic, I don’t have a filter when it comes to making my opinion public.
  12. I’m probably THE worst when it comes to multitasking. My friends always make fun of me.
  13. I am super close with my family. Family means everything to me. My parents are married for 35 years and they are my absolute role models. My dad is my hero in any way possible, and my mom is my best friend & manager.
  14. I love making people happy. I know it might sound odd but, it is something that really is a huge part of my personality since a very young age… No matter in what mood I am in, I always try to uplift people. If I can make one person smile, I am the happiest. Making someone’s life better by simply smiling at them, or giving away my advice/help, fulfills me the absolute most.
  15. Figure skating. Most of you know by now that I’ve been a pro figure skater in my early teenage years, but only a few of you know that skating is still a huge part of my life. To be exact – it IS MY LIFE. Even tho I don’t skate shows on a regular basis anymore, the ice is my forever happy place… It’s what the ice let’s me do that fascinates me the most. It’s my therapie, artistic playground, my best workout, the one place where I feel most at home – no matter in which city I’m in, and where I’m simply in the NOW.
  16. I’m a certified figure skating coach. After I starred in many shows, I felt like I wanted to pass on my knowledge and my passion. I got my coaching license in 2012 and worked with several amazing, super talented kids over the course of 4 years. I still do, whenever my time allows it.
  17. Movies. I loooooooove movies. I am a total sucker for movies. I try to go see a movie every week. It’s a true passion of mine. And speacking of which, this leads us directly to number….
  18. Legends of the Fall“, my favorite movie of ALL TIME. If you don’t start crying after the first 30 mins, you are not human. This movie simply has it all, I wish they would make more movies like that nowadays. An absolut sweeping, phenomenal movie. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor  – go watch it. You will thank me later 😉
  19. I am hopelessly romantic.
  20. And last but not least…. All IN or NOTHING. That’s my philosophy. Either I do things 100%, or not at all. Love, friends, family, work… you can apply it to anything and everything!!! 100% and unconditional, that’s how I roll…


Hope you guys enjoyed my 20 facts. Which one can you relate to the most?

Xx Maya ❤︎

8 comments on 20 facts about me… that you might not know.

  • Kristoff

    Punkt 1 finde ich am Besten.. da wurde ich auch schon belehrt

    Bin mal auf die nächsten 20 Fakten gespannt..

  • Kristoff

    Nr.3. – perfekt. Da wird ja mein Fetisch voll und ganz bedient. * lach*
    Nr.6. ich fand Hüte an Frauen immer *kotz* bis ich auf deinen IG Account gestoßen bin. 🙂

    Nr.7 sehr sympathisch !! Kommt mir bekannt vor 😉
    Nr.8. dafür würde ich gerne mal mein Auto zur Verfügung stellen 😀

    Nr.17 ich habe ein Kino zuhause.. und nun auch mit Klimaanlage ;);) 😀
    Ich bin noch nie auf dem Eis gestanden .. o.O

  • Nina

    Liebste Maya, einfach unglaublich sympatische facts. Obwohl man dich nicht persönlich kennt, bist du einfach zum greifen nah und hast so ein wunderschönes Inneres und Äußeres, einfach mega schön! Liebe deine Beiträge immer so sehr und dieser ist aktuell mein neuer lieblings <3

  • Maya (author)

    Liebe Melanie, vielen Dank! Und vorallem freut es mich das dir die 20 Fakten gefallen 🙂 Lieben Dank. Liebste Grüße Maya ❤︎

  • Maya (author)

    Liebste Nina, vielen Dank! MAl wieder einfach nur schmechelnd und absolut Herz erwärmend deine Worte! Tausend Dank, wirklich, dein Support bedeutet mir sehr viel! Bin immer wieder sehr stoltz darauf, so tolle Leser zu haben wie dich! DANKE ❤︎

  • Maya (author)

    Hahahahhaha ja in der Tat 😉

  • Maya (author)

    Und vielen Dank für die weiteren detailierten Aufzählung! Hahahah einfach super süss, danke lieber KRistoff musste einfach wie immer total schmunzeln. DANKE DANKE DANKE BESTER SUPPORT!

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