Beauty favs I can’t live without this Summer.

What’s better than spending this years beautiful and endless Summer outside by the lake. Enjoying some quiet time, taking a dip in the water and soaking up some sun… Is my definition of a perfect relaxing Sunday.

Since this years Summer has been absolutely amazing and hot temperatures are on the daily agenda, it is more important than ever to protect our skin, while keeping it hydrated with all the right essentials, — inside & out! In one of my previous posts Take care of the skin you’re in, I already introduced you to Regulatpro® Hyaluron and told you in a very detailed blog post about it’s amazing ingredients, benefits and how I felt after a few weeks of using it. I’ve been taking it since and all I can tell you, this powerful elixir of youth quickly became my number 1/everyday beauty item. It nourishes my skin like NO OTHER.

I am absolutely amazed how much influence a small bottle can have. I’ve been super happy with the results after a couple weeks of using it, now fast forward to a total of 3 months of taking Regulatpro® Hyaluron, it has truly been a complete game changer for me! This hyaluronic acid infused beauty drink got me noticeably healthier, firmer, more radiant looking, and most of all more youthful & glowing skin. Stronger nails, and vibrantly, shinier hair due to the biotin in the drink. I’ve even noticed a more resilient, stronger connective tissue, and an overall boosted immune system.

  • Visible effects start showing after only 20 days.
  • Results and benefits after 40 days.
  • 100% satisfaction

I can’t tell you anything other than… I’m obsessed!!! Truly obsessed with Regulatpro® Hyaluron! No matter where I am heading to, I always make sure to pack a bunch of bottles and never be without. Especially during hot Summer days, I feel my skin needs and extra portion of nutrition & hydration, so I drink one in the am on an empty stomach, and one in the late afternoon, –  but 1 bottle per day is usually enough.


In addition to my all-rounder beauty drink, I always carry my Regulat Magic Mousse (which comes in a super handy, suitable travel size 75ml) and my Silk Hyaluron Eye Creme with me.

Made from organic ingredients, both products are perfect for all types of skin, are extremely well tolerated and have an astounding anti aging effect. While the Magic Mousse leaves my skin butter soft and super moisturized after applying it, (I usually apply it 3 times per day, to make sure my skin is well served with all the moist it needs), the intensive eye-cream provides long-lasting care and firmness to my delicate under-eye skin. It provides all the protection and leaves the eye area visibly refreshed, nourished and rejuvenated. Love to apply it in the morning, and at hot Summer days like this, during and after sunbathing.

3 of my absolute favorite products currently!! Super easy to carry and true beauty miracles in every situation.


*In friendly collaboration with Regulat ⎪paid partnership.

4 comments on Beauty favs I can’t live without this Summer.

  • traeumerkatze

    Liebe Maya,
    das ist mal wieder ein toller Bericht von Dir und wunderschöne Bilder. Ich werde bestimmt noch einige Produkte von Regulat Beauty testen.
    Alles Liebe für Dich.

  • Nina

    Liebe Maya, vielen Dank für einen erneuten tollen Bericht. Hab schon auf deine Langzeitwirkung Erfahrungsberichte gewartet! Bin total überzeugt und habe es mir jetzt auch dank dir gleich bestellt. Gibt es denn aktuell vielleicht sogar einen Rabatt code den wir durch dich bekommen können?! Das wäre super toll! Liebe Grüße Nina :-*

  • Maya (author)

    Vielen DANK liebe Nina, freut mich natürlich sehr! Einen Rabatt code habe ich sogar in der Tat auch für euch… Den werde ich euch nächste Woche zukommen lassen über Instagram. Liebste Grüße Maya

  • Maya (author)

    Liebe Traeumerkatze, das freut mich sehr zu hören! Regulat ist wirklich einfach klasse, ich hätte es auch nicht gedacht das ich schlussendlich so ein großer Fan werde. Freut mich das ich dich auch für Regulat begeistern kann!! Aller liebste Grüße Maya

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