Beauty talk: Body skincare.

My morning and nightly routine, after getting out of the shower, has always been very important to me. Putting on all my lotions and potions is a must, no matter how long or short I have to get ready. The importance of taking care of one of the largest detoxification organs on our body, our skin, has been present to me since I was a little girl. It was my mom who taught me how important it is to treat our skin with love and all the attention it deserves. Nowadays, taking care of my skin, so it looks & feels healthy, became a ritual for me and a huge part of my “me time” routine. Nourishing my skin with the right nutrient rich products is super essential to me. Over the years I tried so many different products, from regular drugstore lotions to even super high-end body creams…They were all good at the time, but never really satisfied me. I was always looking for THE special kind of skincare.

When I came across GoldenGlow, it immediately caught my attention. The simplicity of a black & gold packaging, embodied by such a classic, chic style (which is entirely my taste) got even topped by the fact, that all their products are 100 % natural & vegan. And as you know, I am very conscious about what I put into my body –  equally what I put onto my body. I simply couldn’t wait to try out what GoldenGlow is all about. All I can say, after using it for a couple of weeks now, my skin looks & feels more radiant than ever. It was an absolute game changer for me, I would have never believed, that only 2 products would entirely fulfill my skincare needs.

Ok beauties, but now let’s talk about some serious glow’ facts so that you know, what my hype is all about…

What’s inside:

  • Infused with only the finest ingredients, all GoldenGlow products are free of parabens, sulfates and mineral oils.
  • They are vegan, cruelty free, organic, dermatologically tested & 100% natural.
  • ICADA certified
  • Their entire collection is formulated for all skin types and especially adapted for the most sensitive skin.
  • Made in Germany


Body Care Oil – lemon & orange

Valuable organic shea oil, almond oil & jojoba oil combined in one flacon. This body care oil is an absolut all rounder. It protects the skin, regenerats, lowers irritation, nourishes the skin intensively and leaves your skin noticeably firmer. It’s very leightweight texture, immediately absorbs into the skin without leaving it greasy. With an heavenly scent of orange & lemon.

How to use:

  • For a flawless glow, simply apply one pump onto your skin. If you tend to very dry skin, use body butter first and apply some drops of the body care oil on top of the cream.


Body – Butter Luxura / rich & luxurious skincare.

Compounded with three of the most powerful beauty ingredients; shea butter, almond oil & argan oil, – this body butter truly works it’s magic. This combination moisturizes even the driest of skin, like mine. And my absolut fav part about this cream… it’s silk like texture! It gives an instant delicate and smooth feeling for hours, with a surprisingly, pleasant hint of flowery nuances.

How to use:

  • Simply scoop, dab and rub it in.


Overall, GoldenGlow is my new multifunctional body skincare solution. It truly leaves my skin butter soft and glowy. Both products, the Body Care Oil & the Body Butter lived up to their promise. Combined together, or each individually used, nourish & hydrate my skin like no other products before. I am absolutely in love with it, and can finally announce, that I’ve found THE special kind of skincare.

Xx Maya ❤︎

* In friendly collaboration with GoldenGlow Naturkosmetik.


4 comments on Beauty talk: Body skincare.

  • Kristoff

    Dadurch wird die hübscheste Frau noch hübscher *.*

    Kein Wunder das du so goldig bist 😉

  • Marisa

    You’re so right: the packaging is beautiful and it’s awesome that the ingredients are all natural! I definitely have to try the body care oil <3

  • Maya (author)

    Mal wieder ein yucker süsser Kommentar von dir! DANKE mein liebster Kristoff! Schönen Sonntag dir :-* Liebste Grüße Maya

  • Maya (author)

    Marisa, thank you so so much! So happy that you like it, yes the body care oil is simply amazing you will love it, I’m sure! THANK YOU for your wonderful words and support ❤︎

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