243 80 grain for deer
At 400 yards the 243 Win. I wasn’t clear on my break in process, but yes, normally I clean until I get a clear patch after each of the first 5 shots. As anticipated by Page and Winchester, the 243 Win. I want a rifle that stops them in their tracks. Ron, There were three eight-pointers—nothing really big—perusing the does, when he showed up, from the right side of our view. Congrats, John. Most likely that British .240 influenced American experimenters. Some of the best .243 pills are in the 100 to 105gr range, which makes for very light recoil. In England, Holland and Holland had released its 240 Magnum Rimless cartridge in 1923, but it never won a following here.

The .243 Win. Use the data exactly as outlined. After many years i finally got a good friend to put his 7mm mag in the safe and buy a .243. This was driven home to me when a HUGE hog came barreling out of the brush maybe 20 feet away.

can kill a black bear handily. Thus, 180 yards is the Effective Killing Range of this load. For a given load, the formula is: KPS at y yards = (Impact Energy at y yards) x (sectional density x frontal area), or simply: The 100 yard KPS of this load is 1571 x .0112 = 17.6.

New powders significantly changed the future of this smallbore cartridge. Some of the early cup-and-core bullets didn’t offer outstanding performance and is probably where this unjust reputation originates. Thanks,great show,John Howe. (All in 7-pound rifles.) Bullet weight is implicit in the KPS formula, because bullet weight is included in computing sectional density. I’ve heard very good things about Savage accuracy, so we’ll see if this is a worthy successor to the Ruger. However, I learned that you MUST use the right bullet (technically I already knew that of course, but then I had never seen anything shot with a .243 that wasn’t dead in a few yards or so). This capability is important in ways I will demonstrate. Interesting thing was a buddy shooting a 270 WSM with 140-gr. Knew a guy who took 13 6×6 bulls with 13 shots from a 243 Win. Jeff, the 243 WSSM is a ballistic twin to the standard 243 Win. In some cartridges and at some ranges they expand dramatically. I have officially made the switch to all-copper Barnes bullets and have full faith that if I do my part, they will too. To which 90 percent of hunters say “So what!” The vast majority take their game much closer. We’ve flattened hogs with premium, controlled expansion bullets from 223 Rems. I would caution you to not expect the same performance every time. In my experience they kill like lightning! This comparability can be applied not only to different loads for a particular cartridge, but also can be extended to comparisons of different cartridges. ’nuff said. I’m a huge fan of Fusion rounds and my other rifles love them, but never dealt with Moly coated bullets. barely nudges you with just 10 f.p. Good luck! SST, MV 3125 f.p.s. I find that funny and hypocritical. It shows a significant increase in accuracy over my tried-n-true choice of bullets, the Nosler Partition. Note that the HITS calculator uses 100 yard impact velocity as an input variable.

But if you look at energy vs distance for the .357 magnum and, if you believe that a deer can be killed with 800 ft lb energy or more, then the .357 mag in a long rifle is a good 100 yd deer gun and 100 yds encompasses a significant percentage of all kills for the average hunter.

This same gun is useful on small predators out to well over 200 yards.

bullet, 45 grs. Maximum case length is 2.045 inches, while the trim-to length is 2.035 inches. Based on experience and ballistic data analysis, I judge this to be roughly 175 yards for the traditional .30-30 cartridge loaded with a 150 grain flat-point bullet. 95gr or heavier, 300yds or closer. Calling the output variable of the formula "KPS" (Killing Power Score), for a given load the formula is: For instance, consider the following .30-30 Winchester factory load: Hornady 150 gr. Easier for a fat old fart to carry, too. I’ve always found its best to apologize for both my guns, my shooting and my dogs before going into action. lbs.)

This is one of the reasons I prefer 308. Which was awesome, except she was out shooting me.

The 243 Win. kicks with about 18 f.p. That Texas buck I told you about was dropped with a Federal Premium 85-grain Trophy Copper load—the bullet expanded perfectly and put the buck down literally in his tracks. I literally had to pour out what was left of his boiler room. Patreon is a way to help fund RSO content by donating as little as $5 each month. Erik, I don’t know the absolute answer, but here are some thoughts: You lose about 25 to 30 fps MV for every inch of barrel shortening, so if a 22″ bl. In addition, realize that the effective killing ranges of even the strongest .243 Win. When I moved to Texas, a .243 was the only center-fire I owned (I have since remedied that situation MANY times over). About six years ago I purchased a Savage in 243 with the Accustock. Speedy as it is, however, the .243 Winchester cannot drive small diameter, light weight bullets hard enough to keep pace with the terminal performance of larger bore short action cartridges, such as the .260 Remington, 7mm-08 Remington, or the .257 Roberts +P. Currently, it ranks sixth among the best selling cartridges in the USA, just behind the .270 Winchester and ahead of the 7mm Remington Magnum. I never owned a .243 Win but did have a Ruger #1 chambered in the 6mm Remington. Either way, something (many things)are going to die to feed various predators. Hi guys, I own a Ruger American compact in .243 Winchester. The .243 would be more than enough caliber for the smallish deer we get around here. Tougher 85- to 105-grain bullets (bonded, partitioned, monolithic or combinations thereof) can shoot through shoulders, break bones and penetrate clear through a broadside deer. It has also become almost the standard long range deer and antelope cartridge for beginning hunters.

Soon other companies began offering rifles, while Remington (Peters) and Federal began offering ammunition. If it’s that way for a youngster or woman it should be that way for a man. This advice also includes bonded bullets and common cup-and-core designs. Now, there the one noteable common factor here is that all of these instances were while shooting factory ammo out of short-barreled rifles, specifically a Remington Model 7 and a Ruger M77 compact which sports a 16.5″ bbl.

I’ve had many, many heart-shot deer dash 20 to 150 yards before expiring. But sometimes they do not.

Ballistic Silvertip to take a Dall ram at 450 yards.

The .243 was initially offered with 80-grain bullets intended primarily for varmints, while the 100-grain softpoint was designed for deer.


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