300 wsm recoil
However, while that factor may well contribute to better accuracy, there are many other factors that influence accuracy to a much larger degree. The .300 WSM is one of the more popular short magnum cartridges that have come out in the last two decades. The Accubond bullet design gives you deep penetration on large game with controlled expansion to provide a lot of damage.

And, like the Jeffery, it has no belt.

You should not rely solely on information contained in this email to evaluate the product or service being endorsed. And you can never minimize the impact the person holding the rifle has on accuracy.

I was amazed at the low recoil and extreme accuracy (like one hole groups/best group I have personally ever shot). As you can see, the two cartridges have almost identical amounts of recoil with the 270 WSM in this particular example actually having a tiny bit less free recoil energy than the .270 Winchester. However, the 8mm bullets (.323″) used by the 325 WSM (as well as the 8mm Mauser, 8mm Rem Mag, and 8×68 S) are not nearly as easy to find in the United States. Sectional density plays a role in momentum as more momentum is conserved when the projectile, a bullet in our case, is striking a smaller area. Specifically, the new 270 WSM, 7mm WSM, 300 WSM, and 325 WSM cartridges were all designed to use a very compact case that would fit in a short action rifle.

That’s most likely because the propellant charge sloshes around like a sea wave to settle any which way in the .300 case. In this article, we are going to look at two rifle cartridges, the .300 Winchester Magnum and the .300 Winchester Short Magnum. Mag. The difference between the two averages remains just about constant as the rounds move downrange to the 500-yard mark where the averages for the WM and WSM are 58.2lb/f.s and 22.3lb/f.s respectively. The WSM cases all have a .535″ rebated rim that’s compatible with a standard magnum size bolt face. Absolutely. They are not as flat shooting as hand loads, but for those looking to get into one of these cartridges and then move on to handloading, they are going to do well on the range.

And there are some differences in the cartridge specs as well as the types and weights of bullets more often used for each cartridge.

So, while the 7mm WSM is faster on paper, the two cartridges have essentially the same velocity for all intents and purposes. If we look at the averages, the .300 Win Mag rounds have a slightly higher BC at .553 while the .300 WSM has an average of .520.

A bullet with a higher sectional density should have greater penetration than a bullet with a lower SD. So with that said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the 300 WSM either I understand why other hunters prefer the 300 WSM.

Does the difference between the two cartridges in terms of accuracy make a difference for most hunters under typical conditions?

Normally you’d be right and the rifle for the standard length cartridge would be either a little longer and heavier or virtually the same size and weight. However, the Winchester Short Magnum cartridges all use a much fatter case without a belt that more closely resembles the case used by the old .404 Jeffery as well as the later Winchester Super Short Magnum (WSSM) line of cartridges. We are not under the impression, nor do we want to make the impression, that all rounds available are going to fall within this range. The majority of the data is available from the manufacturer, and where that was not available, we relied on ballistic calculators from trusted sources.

This is probably because the 300 Win.

We used a ballistic calculator to generate the recoil energy generated from firing these ten rounds (Graph 1). Best Concealed Carry Insurance [2020 + Comparison Chart].

Yet another “advantage” of the 300 WSM is something it doesn’t have: a belt. When we add the extra rounds into the equation, we still see the general trend for the .300 WM having higher recoil energy than the .300 WSM rounds.

Western Powders ballistician Keith Anderson said the .300 WSM is an extremely popular cartridge if the amount of calls he receives about loading the .300 with Ramshot and Accurate powders is any indication. As far as being able to get deep penetration, both of these cartridges are well suited for the job, based on the data presented here. The 325 WSM is an attractive choice for hunters in the niches I described above and those that use the cartridge generally seem to absolutely love it. It can skew the data a bit but don’t make the mistake of thinking that there are not .300 WSM rounds out there that can give you the same performance. There is quite a bit of complexity to the BC and different variations with different interpretations.

This is not a hard and fast rule though and it’s sometimes possible to find rifles chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum that can accommodate another round or two compared to those chambered in 7mm WSM. Still less than two inches.

The similarities in the name alone are enough to throw off those who might not be familiar with these cartridges. Additionally, the Winchester Short Magnum Cartridges all have a case with very minimal taper and a 35 degree shoulder. At reasonable shooting ranges, there’s very little practical difference between them ballistically and both cartridges will really do a number on both species of game.

Factory loads for the 7mm WSM and 7mm Rem Mag often use the exact same bullets fired at virtually the same muzzle velocity. Above this level recoil becomes increasingly intrusive. In theory, this results in improved accuracy for the shorter case.

In this graph, we are looking at the bullet drop (inches) at the 200 and 300-yard mark.

You can, however, get into trouble if your muscle memory is keyed to a short-action and you switch to a long.


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