358 winchester vs 35 whelen

These are the exact top loads as found in Noslers 5th edition manual for the 358 Win and the 35 Whelen. Mag.They have almost identical case capacity, but the .358 Norma Mag.

However, calling it a "woods cartridge" suggests that it is in the class of the .32 Special or the .35 Remington. It was introduced in the bolt-action Model 70 in which it was trustworthy, but boring. Perhaps, if the word gets out to the shooting public, the born again .350 may finally achieve the commercial success it deserves. Perhaps that’s why it has survived.

It has never failed me. For example, take the most powerful of the factory standardized .35's, the .358 Norma Magnum. Register Reviewing the figures above for impact momentum one may see the logic of that.

neither cartridge is sufficient for heavy, dangerous animals and there is no edification value in telling how well a .458 WM or .45-70 or .375 H&H or .35 Whelen kills impala or zebra while a 7x57 does exactly the same.

Yet this 405 grain load was used to kill bison by the thousands by 19th Century hunters. for a free forum account |  Upgrade to a Supporting Forum Membership | Manage Your Account/Update Password. Its spawn, the .351 Winchester Self Loader, fared a little better, but it was never in danger of greatness. 200-grain bullet to almost 2500 f.p.s. The .35 Rem. Note: An article about the .358 Win. has been offered in just about every rifle action type ever conceived and a few handguns.

SAUM and .300 WSM, with their 180 grain bullets at a MV of 2960-2970 fps, have an optimum range of about 120 yards on 1000 pound animals. deficit to the high pressure .45-70 load. A semi-custom rifle, such as New Ultra Light Arms builds, is going to set you back more than two grand. The same could be said of other bore diameters based on the .30-06 case. What does this mean in the real world?

Mag., and I think that’s the only current production rifle in that cartridge. I have long been something of a .35 caliber fan, but I have to admit that I believe the reason for the general lack of public acceptance of all but the least powerful .35's is, in a word, recoil. But in my experiences on game, velocity differences of less than 200 fps don't mean spit. Vo 730m/s                            250grs Geschoss, Eo  4316Joule                         aus 52cm Lauf. Moderate, safe, bland and predictable. "What shall we shoot with it that we cannot shoot with a 30-06?". It has been available for several years with blued metal and walnut stock, and Browning has recently introduced a stainless steel version with a grey laminate stock.

Since I'm the one who has the Nosler manual sitting next to the crapper there isn't much excuse for getting this one wrong. here is reason for a new Safari Grade rifle... psychologically adult bickering and inconsequential hair splitting just to defend the writer's biased opinion. From .35 calibre and thicker there is no reason whatsoever to have any frontal area expansion as the wound channel already is large enough through the heart. The most popular cartridges for hunting and even target shooting begin and end with the thirties.

forums are viewable by anyone, and may be read by clicking the forum headings There isn't really a great deal to say about it. The Barnes 225 grain TSX loaded to 2400 - 2500 fps might make the ultimate all-around large game load for North American hunting with the .358. Mag. The 9.3x62 would be acceptable when the .375 H&H or .416 Rigby is not in camp.

The .358 Norma Mag. Then he said "Well, not according to this book". In 1968 the 600 Magnum was replaced by the Model 660 Magnum, which featured a 20-inch barrel, but it was never a big seller, and Remington dropped the rifles.

The large-case magnums typically have the advantages of faster velocity, flatter trajectory and higher energy than standard cartridges. The 308 is a great round. No matter if it’s books, art or hunting cartridges, it’s only those with a deep understanding of the subject who can fully understand the greatness often buried in obscurity. The Ruger M77 action is an excellent one, offering push feed and the usual commercial Mauser 98 features that have made that type of action so well regarded. Gun writers have the power of life and death over rifle cartridges. very rarely have I run into a hunter who shot anything larger in bullet weight....unless they were handloaders. into the deer woods, and I pine for what could have been. Mag. That level of penetration is generally satisfactory, and the experience of Africa game control wardens over many years have developed the wisdom that any weaker penetration impulse than this is not fully predictable, and therefor not safe.

for a free forum account |  Upgrade to a Supporting Forum Membership |. We shall hopefully be able to stalk it unseen, side-on to 40 yards, wait for it to move the inside front leg sufficiently forward to expose the heart and then put the bullet into that organ with only one wide, almost overlapping thick rib in the way. most folks use a 30 caliber in the 180 grain bullet range up here. I believe this perception has done more to damage the .358's potential popularity than anything else.

He was right! What shall we shoot with it that we cannot shoot with a 30-06? As a "stopper" for use on dangerous game the .358 Norma is clearly superior to the .300 Magnums. would follow that tradition. GeschichteWie die .35 Whelen, die aus der .30-06 entstammt, basiert auch die .358 Winchester auf einer Patrone der Kalibergruppe .30, der .308 Winchester. In other words, what advantage do we gain from the extra weight, barrel length, recoil, and muzzle blast of a magnum over our little .358? eine Vo von 760m/s und eine Eo von 4237 Joule. I was loading some 358 Winny loads for a friend the other day and whilst I was loading he was gawking at my Nosler manual.

Spl. I have used this cartridge on moose with excellent results. At the time of this writing, only the Browning BLR lever action and the Ruger M77 Hawkeye and Frontier bolt action rifles are chambered for the .358. From its introduction in 1905 until the 1960s when it was plagued by inconsistent ammunition supply, the 9.3x62 reigned supreme as the all-around, and probably most popular non ex-military dangerous game cartridge in Africa - at least at the same level as the later .375 H&H. 220 or 225 grain bullets can be loaded to between 2400 and 2500 fps with several powders.

M88, Savage M99). Even the light .45-70 loads are in the vicinity of the .358 recoil, while the heavy loads far exceed it.

It is within 100 fps of the .35 Whelen with all bullet weights and I have never seen that referred to as a "woods cartridge.".


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