370z na build
Here you'll find all the information and details you'll need to know about my Nissan 370z and the mods i've made to it. Also another problem I have is I have to drive autos so don't want to put to much strain on the box as there not that easy to come by. Another popular in the US upgrade. Have you done everything else you can to make it go faster? Originally Posted by Elmo370z You sold the car again. http://www.motoiq.com/Projects/Nissan/350Z.aspx. Powered by Invision Community, http://www.briancrower.com/makes/nissan/vq35de_stroker.shtml, http://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/GB/350z_03-06_Brian_Crower_4.15L_Stroker_Kit/350z-BC0229_.aspx. Have you looked at any of the Brian Crower worked Zeds? So I'm looking at 300-350Bhp if it's possible. very well put together. Quote: Originally Posted by Elmo370z. http://my350z.com/forum/na-builds/284761-na-build-inside-soup-to-nuts.html. I understand why people go for the usual forced induction route as it's the best performance per pound. It's currently got wheels, coilovers , updated front pads and I will uprate the rears when I change them next and I have semi stripped the car and yes the little I have taken out I did notice a difference.   You cannot paste images directly. Results are impressive, especially as ECU remapping is yet to come. Yes, there are things I can change to net even more power, and some of those will be explored going forward. I dont … however these are as we know, expensive. Read the Story Behind The Build Here.. VQ37VHR All-Motor Build for 370Z by Shift Tech Performance   Your previous content has been restored. Link: http://www.briancrower.com/makes/nissan/vq35de_stroker.shtml. adding an extra 2 is literally 50% more in cost! I'm just spit balling at the moment for possible future plans but I'm quite happy with the performance of my zed but would like abit more. right now its at the tuners and I'm trying to figure out where the squeal I'm getting in the bell-housing is coming from. Rep Power: 194. Port and polishing should give you a decent gain. read this 350z project... and all its bolt on articles. Pete87, October 10, 2014 in Performance. FI is and always will be ''cheating'' in my eyes. Could inform my decision as I don't want my ass handed to me by a Skoda. And in terms of them engine build I would just like to do something abit different from the norm I found a video on you tube of a silver time attack zed that has big cams on it and fell in love with the sound. The future is still unclear for Richard’s 370Z, and as far as the original arrangement, evolution is far more powerful than strict plans. Clear editor. I've been looking at it for a while now. Brakes, tyres, bracing, suspension, removing weight etc? The costs are very high and can easily exceed a “simplistic” approach of adding forced induction. I agree with you, a good NA build would be my call too, but only as a last resort once I'd done everything else. Originally Posted by Elmo370z I only ask as they get you large gains in performance for medium cash, tuning an NA engine will net you small gains for big cash. Im just spit balling at the moment for possible future plans but Im quite happy with the performance of my zed but would like abit more. I understand why people go for the usual forced induction route as its the best performance per pound. I'm also not comfortably running the engine very close to its limit all the time say 390 Bhp. I think it encompasses what a good, NA build should…every detail that needs addressing was addressed. I understand I'm not going to see stupid gains but I'm more looking for abit more power and response, and I want it to sound crazy. Copyright 2018 ® 350z-UK.com You can post now and register later. Link: http://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/GB/350z_03-06_Brian_Crower_4.15L_Stroker_Kit/350z-BC0229_.aspx, NA tuning is a waste of money, but I would love to build a high revving NA VQ. Display as a link instead, × 2010 Ford Mustang GT Sets Unofficial World Drift Record At 6285 Ft. I read ages ago that in the Zeds you can only go to a certain size cams without work, any info from you engine building gods would be great.


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