9mm revolver rock island
Many gun owners like to simplify and own a range of guns that shoot the same caliber. But down the road I will keep an eye out for one of these on the used market. This new 9mm revolver will be released along with two additional models, both in .357 Magnum:  a two- inch barrel with blued finish and a two-inch barrel in stainless. 5 9mm Revolver Options Sized Right For Everyday Carry. Smooth angled, snag-free style allows for quick draw in fast need situations. Thos Then there’s the fact that 9mm is incredibly popular and widely available.

Ah… the revolver. Off hand at ten yards (Dan Thurs for TTAG). Feature Articles,

Been there; done that (one of the nasty Scandium handbeaters no less) – thank Heaven for consignment sales! But if overcoming the platform's main constraint—firepower—is your concern the handgun’s extra bulk pays you back 10 fold. This means that they require a separate activity to cock the hammer by pulling the pistol slide or firing. 9mm, The Armscor lists the single action pull weight as between 4 and 6.5 pounds. Rock Island Armory continues to deliver new and diversified choices in firearms and has now come out with the Model AL9.0 six shot revolver in, you guessed it, 9mm. I don’t understand the confusing verbiage? The AL9.0’s attractive, functional blued finish looks looks really good here. Revolvers tend to have more perceived recoil than semiautomatic pistols as there is no spring and slide mechanism to absorb energy. The advantages they had then are still advantages now. Loading and unloading a revolver is pretty straight forward and does not require a separate operation to chamber a round. I started to think the sights were out of adjustment. My first thought was that you were saying .38 wadcutters are better than any 9mm round for a revolver, but on second thought I wasn’t sure. MSRP on this revolver is $100 more than a Glock 19, nearly double that of a Shield. Key features that were immediately noticeable were the rubberized grips that allow for excellent retention and recoil management while shooting. The .38 revolvers are made in the Philippines and are kind of Colt clones. Timeless and still highly trusted. Reading the manual, I saw the trigger spring adjustment. The semi-auto versus revolver cartridge will not matter when comparing a high-pressure cartridge such as 9mm Luger to a low-pressure cartridge such as .38 Special.

I’ve always wanted a Blackhawk convertible, does the difference between .355 and .357 cause an accuracy problem? What this adds up to is a gun most should find relatively simple to keep under wraps—comfortably.


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