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Much like the Mystery Legendary Yo-kai, the Treasure Yo-kai are powerful Yo-kai that are based on civilizations in antiquity. Alternatively, as long as the emblem and the medal are united, the Treasure Yo-kai can summon themselves. You can help Yo-kai Watch Wiki by expanding it.

Watch Shop Watch: Island Ruins: Map Location is in the fourth and final area of Hopper's Gorge just before Dukesville all the way on the east/right side through a small passage with some boulders. However, this is the case only with Meopatra and Fitwit. Yo-kai Watch Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. A list of Yo-kai that debuted and returned inYo-kai Watch 3: Sushi and Tempura and Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki, organized by their appearance in the Yo-kai Medallium. Map Location is in area 2 of Hopper's Gorge on the left hand side on the cliff with 3 coulders, you need to fly the helicopter to get up there and use the Dream Drill to enter the area with the map. As such, they can only be befriended in the Blasters T Mode of Yo-kai Watch 3 and Yo-kai Watch Busters 2.


Here we will collect all the info regarding the maps and their treasures. Yo-kai Watch Dream - Inserting a Treasure Medal causes the Yo-kai Watch Dream to change into the Crystal Treasure Watch, which will summon the Treasure Yo-kai with a unique song. The remaining five Treasure Yo-kai -Narcis II, Zappadokia, Mademoaiselle, Rosetta Stone, and Doescalibur- were introduced, along with Yodelsen himself, Encore Dead, and Armorterasu, in Yo-kai Watch Busters 2. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Four Blue Roofs: Near a Farm Pond: Millionaire Mansion: Islet Bridge: Track and Field Turf: East Canyon Village: Alley House Front: Map location is on the far left of the Hazeltine Mansion dock denoted by a white speck, at the end of Gloombell River. Yo-kai Academy Y: Close Encounters of the N Kind, The Blasters T arc of the anime centers on Indiana Jaws' quest to collect all of the Treasure medals needed to summon Yodelsen, who he believes can reverse Cindy Jaws' transformation into a human. Following that, there are multiple ways of summoning a Treasure Yo-kai: Along with allowing characters to summon the Treasure Yo-kai, their Treasure Medals can power up compatible gear, such as the Magnum, which can fire a projectile similar to the Treasure Yo-kai in use in appearance and power.

Hidden Treasures was introduced in the Sukiyaki version of Yo-kai Watch 3. With the exception of Narcis II, Nate met each Treasure Yo-kai shortly after Indiana Jaws had met with them. Imbued with sorcerous life force, this raises a Soul Gem's level to its limit. Summoning Y… Information about the item Adept's Treasure - Yo-kai Watch 3 Item - A song tailor made for the Yo-kai in question will play as they appear. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Using the Pod by itself will have the same effect.

The Treasure Medals of these Yo-kai are very rare in certain of the medal packs.

The method to obtain most of these Yo-kai -with the exception of Yodelsen- revolves around scanning their respective Treasure Medals and their Yo-kai Emblems in order to obtain two halves of a stone needed to access each of their dungeons in order to confront them befriend them. (Ending Theme) | Extended | Yo-kai Watch 3 - YouTube He protecc He attacc But most importantly He bacc with inshott

For Yo-kai Watch 3 on the 3DS, Guide and Walkthrough by shadowmomo. Imbued with undying light, this increases a Yo-kai's level. Once on the lower level ( If you didn't fall directly onto the spot ) follow the tunnel that goes west/left until you see a giant tree roots section near a yellow chest. Treasure Location: Inside Grumbler's Grotto on the west/left side of the northern/up lower level, which can be accessed by jumping off the cliffs above the area where you threw down the rope which is to the right of the Mirapo. Hidden Treasures was introduced in the Sukiyaki version of Yo-kai Watch 3.

Treasure Location: On a headstone with some flowers in front of it on the east/right side of the Church in East Pine and a little ways behind it.


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