airblue flight 202 cvr transcript
As mentioned earlier, the investigation to find the cause of Bhoja Air crash near Islamabad may reach to same conclusion, that is, it will blame the captain for the crash. and it boils down to this. redistributed or derived from. Covering a wide range from large commercial aircraft to commuter, corporate, and even private aircraft. [16][page needed], The aircraft ended up in a dangerous situation mostly because of unprofessional handling by the Captain. ” remember he had to disengage the Auto pilot. We regret the loss of life and are investigating the exact circumstances of this tragedy. 127 dead. Pakistan experienced such heavy rains in late July of 2010 that the entire nation experienced catastrophic flooding. It covered the key events that led to the crash. The plane is totally destroyed. AMEEN.. [16][page needed], The Captain then requested a right hand downwind visual approach to Runway 12 (the request again being contrary to established procedures at Islamabad Airport), but this was not agreed to by the Radar due to procedural limitations. [5][2] Weather conditions at the time were marginal, and the crew of a China Southern airliner had diverted to an alternate airport thirty minutes earlier. At this point the auto pilot was still engaged and unless you disengage it, you cannot control the plane manually. "[20], The pilots did not send any emergency signals prior to the crash. The lecture continued for about one hour, with only brief intervals. [16][page needed]. Clean up after yourselves: Adnan Malik calls out tourists, Mahira Khan lookalike's tribute to SRK is the best thing you'll see today, Flight ed 202: Black box recordings produced in court. By now the Captain had become very jittery in his verbal communication and displayed frustration, confusion and anxiety resulting in further deterioration in his behaviour. Comments are moderated and generally will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive. The actual line by line transcript is all out on web and anyone can read it. The instruments started giving warning “Terrain Ahead, Pull Up” for 13 times. I think Airblue did all the best and CAA conducted the inquiry in a professional manner.

or CAA makin us FOOL? Once again the Captain requested if the right downwind was available, but this still wasn't agreed on by the control tower.

This was the first fatal crash for the A321, and the second hull-loss of the type. QNH 1006.9 hPa. [16][page needed], However, this is contrary to the procedures in Islamabad for a visual approach. Sir we are going do…” These were the last words. [33] An army helicopter arrived to survey the crash site at 10:30 local time (04:30 UTC) but was not able to land. There is smoke, but we have not been able to reach there. At 04:40:49 the Captain said to the First Officer "Why the aircraft is not turning left?" 8:38 – first officer asked “Can you see the runway”, pilot responded “I can see”, 8:39 – the pilot was told “immediately turn left, Margalla [Hills] are ahead”, pilot again replied “we can see it”, First officer told pilot “hills are ahead”, pilot responded “taking left now”. "[35] The compensation estimation process for the victims by Airblue's insurer began on 30 July 2010, with initial estimates of Rs 1,000,000 (Rs 10 lakh, US$11,169) per victim. Is he was MAD? A few seconds later, the first "terrain ahead" warning sounded. The first officer was silent; he did not challenge the captain’s mistakes. "[34], A statement on Airblue's website stated that "Airblue, with great sadness, announces the loss of flight ED 202 inbound from Karachi to Islamabad. I saw the plane flying very low from the window of my office". [18] It was reported that Abbasi said that "as the aircraft started to turn, the right side of its front banged into the highest mountain, emitting an instant billow of blue fire and black smoke". [24], One person present at the scene of the crash stated that the passengers "are badly mutilated and burnt ... and there are two women among the dead". [21] Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik stated that the plane was at 2,600 feet (790 m) as it approached Islamabad but went back up to 3,000 feet (910 m) before eventually crashing. [16][page needed], Later on the Captain became confused due to several issues, including the tower repeatedly asking if the aircraft was in visual approach, the imminent collision with terrain, and the plane not turning on the heading it had been programmed to. bluemiles.

The statement continued that "our hearts go out to the families and loved ones of the passengers and crew. The pilots were unsure of their geographical position and did not seek radar help. The Captain then briefed the First Officer that he would turn the aircraft in the direction of Runway 30, later to abeam 5 nautical miles (9.3 km) from the runway and then land. The flight left Karachi at 07:41 local time (02:41 UTC). [24] The Los Angeles Times reported that "television footage of the crash site showed smoke and burning debris strewn in a swath cutting through the forest. Pilot Pervez Iqbal and first officer were served tea. [16]:29[18] The impacts of this rainfall were not limited to the air crash. Interestingly, the report was submitted in January 2012 to Peshawar High Court, hearing the petition filed by ex-MNA Marvi Memon and victim’s families, who rejected it at that time – calling it incomplete. It is the biggest database of CVR transcripts found on the internet. [3][16]:22 Flight controllers at Benazir Bhutto International Airport lost contact with the aircraft at 09:41 local time (04:41 UTC).

The 1st pilot told the captain to steer it to the right, captain ignored. Rescue helicopters hovered overhead. "[3] A senior city government official stated that the rescue operation was "very difficult ... because of the rain. "Then within three or four minutes I heard a loud explosion". We're sending body-bags via helicopters. [31], Both the Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani sent condolences to the family of those who died in the accident. The pieces and parts scattered over a large distance.

Cockpit voice recorder transcription of the June 23, 1985 crash of an Air India Boeing 747 (Flight 182) off Shannon, Ireland. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, The consequent loss of situational awareness caused the aircraft to go astray.

[2] On 28 July 2010, the Airbus A321-231 narrow-body jet airliner serving the flight crashed near Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, killing all 146 passengers and six crew on board. [11] The aircraft had originally been delivered to Aero Lloyd and used by Aero Flight before being taken up by Airblue in 2006. Most of the bodies are charred. In particular, the report noted that the captain ignored or did not properly respond to a multitude of Air Traffic Control directives and automated terrain warning systems. [3][4][5] It is the deadliest air accident to occur in Pakistan to date. Unfortunately in his panic, the Captain continued to move the heading knob without actually looking at it, but failed to pull the knob to activate it. [7]A, Of the passengers, 110 were men, 29 were women, 5 were children, and 2 were infants. Some parts of the plane are still burning. Unless otherwise stated, all content is The Airblue Flight 202, which had taken off from Karachi 10 minutes to eight in the morning, crashed into Islamabad’s Margalla hills, killing all 152 people on board. In their determination to land in inclement weather, they committed serious violations of procedures and breaches of flying discipline, which put the aircraft in an unsafe condition over dangerous terrain at low altitude.

The Captain checked the weather apprehensively, and asked the First Officer to feed unauthorized 04 waypoints in the FMS. The lowest point in Islamabad is 2500 meters. Earn Miles with every flight Redeem BlueMiles® Online Online Account Dashboard Member Benefits Learn more Suddenly control tower lost contact with the aircraft. View Flight Status »». Airblue crash: Hearing adjourned due to counsel’s absence, Airblue hearing : PHC asks for Black Box transcript, Airblue crash: PHC shuts compensation case. [12] It had accumulated over 34,000 flight hours in some 13,500 flights. The First Officer then repeated the request, but it was not agreed on by the control tower, and retained the decision for the crew to make a left downwind.

This will be presented as soon as possible."

[23], One witness on the ground, who was out walking, stated that "the plane had lost balance, and then we saw it going down".

Y didnt pilot take that serious? The aircraft then slammed into Margala Hills and exploded. [6][7] The aircraft crashed in the Margalla Hills north of Islamabad after air traffic controllers lost contact with the flight crew during their attempt to land in dense fog and heavy monsoon rain.[8][9]. The Captain became worried about bad weather and low clouds on the left hand downwind. There was no telling how many people they belonged to. After the humiliating session, the First Officer remained mostly silent throughout the rest of the flight, likely from a loss of self esteem and confidence.


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