aldi mountain bike
The geometry is very much in line with entry-level 29ers from other brands.

The supplied seat stem is way too short. If you are desperate for one- contact Polygon bicycles and tell them what you want.

Even the included supplementary Shimano brochure is for a different model gear system.

This is impossible with what's in the box of you are 180cm or over (probably shorter).

Donec sodales at erat sit amet euismod. Crank and peddling good. Update: This does take a little bit of specific know-how, but it's by no means difficult and your local bike shop should be able to help if this isn't a task you're familiar with. There is no mistaking it for a high end mountain bike that an experienced rider would buy. Vestibulum faucibus felis odio, vitae rhoncus leo porta eu. Vestibulum quam lectus, finibus ac tincidunt a, tincidunt varius nunc.

Crank and peddling good. Comfortable seat. Spending $350 on a bike to dip a toe in the water is not such a big investment. Cost compared to similar bike of this range is double its price.if we do the basic and periodic maintenance it can last long for a long time. Bike is manufactured by Polygon but the can't do it themselves for this price. 1. If the entry cost into mountain biking has put you off in the past, the Aldi Premium 29er Mountain Bike ticks all the boxes for a reliable and safe first mountain bike to go and hit the dirt - figuratively, not literally! Gears was set up perfectly and perform fast and smooth. Another version of the Aldi 29-er is being sold this week, so here are my comments after a year of owning last year's model. You could dress it up with some colour stickers or stripping. Sed eu sodales ex, sed porttitor sapien.

The frame has smart geometry, mixing a 70 degree head angle with long top tube and plenty of standover.

The disc breaks pull up fast and appear to improve with use. Phasellus at turpis et augue lacinia laoreet vitae sit amet magna. I bought a replacement dual bolt seat post for $50. I have taken this down Kalamunda trails in Perth quite a few times now and am absolutely loving the bike.For $450 it is an absolute steal. Sed id venenatis turpis. Aldi use a 31.8mm handlebar and stem, with a confident position for getting into mountain biking. Cost?

Great frame, especially for the price, surprisingly light and rigid. Over, a good bike for general riding, and good value for the money. If you’re looking for an affordable way to take a first step into the world of off-road riding, the Performance 29er is a great option. I put the bike together easily with only the headset needing a bit of adjustment. Cheers Dave. Last September Aldi unveiled their second iteration of their 29er mountain bike offering to the outdoor budget-conscience market. I may fit some decent magnesium pedals as I still have the fast deteriorating crappy ones that came with the bike so need something soon. Very low first gear for fast take off or climbing step hills or inclines without the need to dismount. We actually visited their factory in 2016 too – it’s an impressive setup! But it should be obvious that the Aldi Premium 29er Mountain Bike isn't the bike for big days at the bike park or setting PRs on Strava. ALDI 29" Premium Adult Mountain Bike (Sep 2016, Sep 2018, Sep 2019, Apr 2020) has been discontinued. Initially, getting used to the extra gyro effect of the big wheels means quick steering changes require more input from the body. Integer consectetur erat et volutpat lacinia. Gears was set up perfectly and perform fast and smooth. I don't know if it is a price point issue but matt black ... really!

The assembly instructions say not to extend past a mark on the stem _and_ extend so that you get full extension on the down pedal. The bike is easy to put together out of the box if you know your way around an Allen key. Minimal assembly work is needed and most mountain bikers will have no issues, but if you’re not sure of what you’re doing, don’t muck around, take it to a decent bike shop. Keep in mind that I'm making sure all these parts will fit onto a replacement modern frame if it ever gets that far. With two sizes available (medium and large) we would suggest going to a large if you're much taller than 170cm due to the short seat post length out of the box Unfortunately if you're someone who needs a very small frame or something akin to a farm gate, this bike won't be for you. Can you change the front sprocket for road cruising and what sort of sprocket is it called , bike is great quality, cheers. The Aldi Premium 29er Mountain Bike comes via Polygon, and Bicycles Online do the product support here in Australia. Mountain biking is booming around Australia, and why not? The Tektro brakes and Shimano Deore gear shifters are reliable items. The Aldi Premium 29er Mountain Bike sells for $449. Phasellus porta ipsum sed risus faucibus bibendum. Secondly, while the Shimano gearing is proudly displayed on the bike, what you can't see is the no-name bottom bracket with Chinese characters that broke on mine after six months. Wheel balance was perfect. Really nice embossed labelling (althought I would prefer forest green to black as a colour)2.

It's hard to not emphasise how useful a quality 1x10 drivetrain is on this bike, as it shifted superbly even under load and thanks to the chain guide and narrow-wide ring – we didn't drop a chain. Aenean ultrices, justo ac luctus tempus, urna neque ullamcorper tortor, in interdum augue ex vel mauris. 29" Premium Adult Mountain Bike (Sep 2016, Sep 2018, Sep 2019, Apr 2020), ALDI 29" Premium Adult Mountain Bike (Sep 2016, Sep 2018, Sep 2019, Apr 2020).

On features and components alone, it’s seriously impressive for the cash. It also only comes in two frame sizes, so there are likely to be some fit issues there. I am 83cm tall and weigh 87kg so purchased the larger 48cm version. Fusce a finibus urna. Have had this bike 1 week and yet to fully test it's off-road ability. Took mine to have the gears properly set up and the bike mechanic was glowing in his praise of the 2020 version. Vestibulum a accumsan arcu. The Performance 29er is built by the same crew who make Polygon’s aluminium bikes, so it’s constructed and assembled in Indonesia, by a very reputable manufacturer. See all ALDI Mountain Bikes. A 29er tends to roll over rough ground and maintain speed better, making it an obvious choice for most people buying a mountain bike.

Having a known Australian retailer supporting the Aldi Premium 29er MTB is good to know, as just like any bike you'll likely need spares at some point.


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