alm flight 980 passenger list

Dan and Isaac had no reason but the adventure. Eastern did not specify whether those who are listed as being from Korea were from North Korea or South Korea. Flight 980 hit nose first on the back side of Illimani, just below the summit. It was unclear who’d sent him in the first place. The book 35 Miles From Shore: The Ditching and Rescue of ALM Flight 980 tells the true story of a 1970 airliner that ditched in the Caribbean Sea and the efforts to rescue those who survived. They had no sponsorships, benefactors, or Kickstarter funding—just a crazy plan, a bit of money in the bank, and two weeks’ vacation. It took a full day to locate the wreckage. Ground controllers there had no radar—and what navigational equipment they did have was spotty—so they relied on the cockpit crew to track their own position. The wreckage was scattered over a large area of a glacier covered with snow. At least it’s a rest day. “Maybe a plane crash of some kind?” Dan responds.

The missing bodies aren’t so much a mystery as a sign that the general public stopped caring. ALM Flight 980 Aircraft accident Desc: ALM Antillean Airlines Flight 980 was a flight scheduled to fly from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City to Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles, on 2 May 1970. He’d traveled through the debris field while scouting routes on Illimani and thought that a concerted, methodical search of the area might turn up the recorders and bodies. Talking on his radio. Rescue efforts included units from the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Marine Corps, and a number of survivors were rescued by helicopter.

It probably cartwheeled forward, the fuselage bursting and splattering across the mountain like a dry snowball hitting a tree.

Fichte had described where the flight recorders should be, but everything was a mess.

The last anyone heard from the jet was at 8:38 P.M. Eastern time. After assessing the weather and fuel situation, the crew elected to divert to St. Croix, and received a vector and clearance. When I ask them why, Isaac says, “I don’t know, I just started digging.”. Mount Illimani, a 21,122-foot mass of rocks and glaciers rising from the eastern edge of Bolivia’s Altiplano region, towers over La Paz. Dan was in charge of learning about the crash and its history, figuring out where to start searching, and blogging about the trip. The captain advised ATC of his intention to ditch the aircraft, and began a low approach over the water. In July 1985, Judith Kelly made the second private expedition to the crash site. “They were monitoring us.”. Curious question, you mention it being the only known ditching of a passenger jet on open water. The accident is one of a small number of intentional water ditchings of jet airliners.

in the world.”. Did the cockpit crew spot the mountain and try to make a frantic emergency turn?

Eight were Americans, five of whom worked for Eastern, and seven were Paraguayans, five of whom were part of the Matalón family. Consequently, an unknown number of passengers and crew were either standing up, or had their seat belts unfastened, when the aircraft struck the water. Flight 980 had departed Asunción at 17:57 on January 1, 1985. The team found open suitcases, papers from the cockpit, crocodile skins, and shoes.


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