android adaptive icon generator
When you provide your own foreground image don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t look quite right, the Asset Studio gives you the flexibility to resize or trim the icon in the scaling options. Talk to your designer before trying to force everything into vector drawables. Migrating the deprecated Kotlin Android Extensions compiler plugin to ViewBinding, Decrease memory usage of your Android app in half, Android Design System and Theming: Colors, A Quick Guide to Setup Gitlab CI/CD for Android, AndroidX Navigation: Building on the Wrong Abstraction. I, for one, am very excited to see where they go, and what types of animations that Google uses them for. I won’t pretend that I know how he came up with the correct values — talk to your local designers or read the material design guidelines for product icons a couple hundred times. Adaptive icons are masked by the launcher, the mask can be a range of shapes, and the icons now have two layers to assist with animation and open up … This is because I’m using vector drawables. Once you are in the correct view simply right click on res folder and navigate to new. In Muzei’s case, this means that the foreground background consists of two paths: the shadow and then the shape below it: Note: this is also how you’d add a finish layer to your icon — a separate gradient above your shape as explained in the material design guidelines. Adaptive icons allow you to deliver your application’s icon in a way that allows launchers to provide a mask over it. This means that different masks will show more or less of the content on the icon.

It is still on the same 108 x 108 dp artboard, but the ‘safe zone’ of what you know will be shown is only a middle circle of radius 33 dp — don’t put anything critical outside of that part!

The same is true for the squircle (square circle), teardrop, and every shape you can imagine. In my case I decided it’d make more sense to resize the icon to 80% to provide additional padding (and because I this tutorial to show off how powerful this tool is). If you enjoyed this article, please click on the clap icon a few times or share it on social media (or both). It will look something like this: And that's it.

Once you have the correct assets (either a vector or large image) it’s time to move into Android Studio. One of my favorite colors is purple so I’ve decided to go with that over the tealish color selected by default. Let’s assume your Android Manifest’s tag has android:icon="@mipmap/ic_launcher". For further information, you might want to check out Nick Butcher’s excellent series of articles on adaptive icons. For Source, we created a shortcut for "Saved" articles.

Your other option is to just export the image as a png at a resolution of xxxhdpi or greater (in my case I was able to use the 512x512 for the foreground without issue). In my case I’m going to go with the other option which is to just provide a color.

If you’re able to build your app icon as an SVG/vector image, consider avoiding bloating your app with more PNGs for the background and foreground and take advantage of VectorDrawables for your adaptive icon. It still works. By default it should give you the option to just select an image, and if you have a complex background you should provide an actual image (or vector), it’s worth noting that you can provide the same scaling options to your background image as you can to your foreground image. The downside for not implementing adaptive icons is your application will stick out like a sore thumb on newer devices (they also look quite cheap and terrible when compared to others). These could have a big impact on how your users perceive your application. After Android Studio has finished launching make sure you switch the view to Android. If you are using PNGs, this should most definitely be in mipmap.
Users will benefit from your work even as you work through other behavior changes. You’d keep your ic_launcher_round images in the res/mipmap directories for API 25 devices, but add a file in your values-anydpi-v26 folder: The background is a great place to start. On StackOverflow of course.

I’ve created some templates for the new Android O adaptive icons.Adaptive icons are pretty different to the current Android app icons. Klinker Apps has always been successful, especially for a two person team. The VectorDrawable docs point out the ability to use a GradientColor, but where to find a good example?

The name of this file should match whatever name you are currently using for your launcher icon. Lastly, I’m starting up a mailing list that is powered by ActiveCampaign, if you want to get weekly newsletters then please use the sign-up form below. This one is for our app, Pulse.

Then just follow the Wizard. From here you can specify the res directory, output directories, and previous the output files. Android O: Creating Adaptive Icons 19 May 2017 on Android O, Coding, Android. With the system handling the outer edge shape and its shadow, adaptive icons give you a chance to re-evaluate how you build your app icon.

At this point it’s time to set your foreground icon.

Once you are happy with the icon, click on the next button and you’ll be asked to confirm your icon. The same rules apply here: create a new v26 directory and split your shortcut into a background and foreground (see Muzei’s commit that does exactly that). Where I initially got stuck was when it comes to the traditional 45º material cast shadow that the foreground also needs to include.

One of the major launcher-related changes for Android O is adaptive icons. So the Android O APIs are final — API 26 is here! You can select the following Asset Type. Next, create a ic_launcher.xml in the /res/mipmap-anydpi-v26 directory. Building awesome apps to keep you entertained. If you were one of the, seemingly few, developers that implemented round icons into your app, you should keep those around as well, since the adaptive icons won't be implemented in Android Nougat. Before we export the icon let’s make sure the Legacy icon looks correct (API 25 or below will use this, so it’s rather important). Within my static shortcuts.xml definition, I already had it pointing to @mipmap/ic_shortcut_saved. Within the AndroidManifest.xml, you should already have the android:icon="@mipmap/ic_launcher" in your application tag, so it will use the new adaptive icon on Android O, and your older icon resources on older versions of Android! By taking advantage of API 24’s addition of gradients to VectorDrawables, we can build well designed VectorDrawable adaptive icons that have the correct material shadows on foreground elements without resorting to adding even more PNGs into the app. That means you can start compiling with API 26 right now (and you should really always compile with the latest SDK) as well as work towards targeting API 26.

Now that you have your foreground icon in a good spot it’s time to set the background. Alright, so hopefully you are now sold on why adaptive icons are important on Android, let’s discuss how you can create them yourself. These pretty much work the same way as the adaptive launcher icons. The background image is everything that should be shown behind the foreground. These icons are pretty basic to design. These could have a big impact on how your users perceive your application. Have fun with them! The benefits of this is it offers a more unified home screen for Android users as all of the app icons will take the masked shape.


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