anime characters that are 160cm
from, Suggestions for "Ranma 1/2" by John Biles, Source for "Ranma 1/2" and "Sailor Moon" Guessimation, Source for "Bubblegum Crisis", BGC RPG Sourcebook. 's Yami Yugi is that he is, in fact, the same height as his host body, Yugi Mutou. Melwin (Asobi ni Iku yo!)

Sailor Moon series takes place over two years. 1.79m (5' 10½" tall) Anime Characters Height Kakeru Satsuki (11eyes) Shin (AMNESIA) Hoshi (Arakawa Under the Bridge) Akihiko Himuro (Aoki Densetsu Shoot!) Renkitouza],,,,, Yoroiden: Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors), Hokuto No Ken ([Viz] Fist of the North Star), Long, steel gray hair down to his shoulders, Dark brown hair to his shoulders and usually has it combed back, 17 years (Manga, 1992), 19+ years (anime) (begin), 19 years (Manga, 1995), 21+ years (anime) (end), Reddish, brown slightly curly hair is worn just, Blue black hair, straight, worn just below the collar, neat, Black hair is worn short, above her collar, but is long in front, Red, cut short in the back and long on top, which she wears in a bushy mop combed forward over a headband, Long, straight, brown hair, worn neat, to the middle of her back, two locks worn in front of her ears down to her chest, 18 (Manga, 1994), ancient (anime) (begin), 19 (OAV: Gaiden), 20 (OAV: Kikoutei and OAV: Message), Black, worn long in the back past the shoulder, with forelocks over the ears, 5', 05" (TV Series), 5', 09" (OAV: Message), 167 cm (TV series), 175 cm (OAV: Message), Yoroiden: Samuari Troopers (Ronin Warriors), 16 (OAV: Gaiden), 17 (OAV: Kikoutei and OAV: Message), 5', 04" (TV series), 5', 10" (OAV: Message), 165 cm (TV series), 178 cm (OAV: Message), 5', 04" (TV Series), 5', 09" (OAV: Message), 165 cm (TV series), 176 cm (OAV: Message), 16 (OAV: Gaiden), 17 (OAV: Kikoutei and Message), 5', 04" (TV Series), 5', 08" (OAV: Message), 164 cm (TV series), 174 cm (OAV: Message), 16 (OAV: Gaiden), 17 (OAV: Kikoutei), 18 (OAV: Message), 5', 04" (TV series), 5', 07" (OAV: Message), 164 cm (TV series), 170 cm (OAV: Message), Black hair, worn to his collar and above his ears, Red hair, worn to her shoulders, curling slightly, Tendo, Ranko: (Ranma Saotome's cursed form), 15 (End, 1995) (chronologically, ignoring deaging/reaging), 10 (OAV: Gaiden), 11 (OAV: Kikoutei and OAV: Message). you miss a shortie

This is taller than any humanoid creature has any right to be.

Addition of Magic Knight Rayearth characters "Geo Metro, ".

This list only includes characters with official canon heights.

Logically, of course he would be. Hikaru, Clef, Sang-Yun, Princess Asuka, and Primera"'s height given to

Milly is from a fictional planet called Gunsmoke, so it's hard to make comparisons to real-world women, but no matter what, 5'6" just isn't outlandishly tall for an adult human.

Star), Added Yoroiden: Samurai Troopers (dubbed named: Ronin Warriors), Added Rurouni Kenshin's Kenshin, Kaoru, Sanosuke,

One thing that Trigun fans often remember about the show is how outlandishly huge Milly Thompson seemed to be.

Info from, Adding Kei and Yuri of "Dirty Pair", info from Craig While watching anime, you might have some guesses about anime character heights.

Basically, One Piece is straight up lying. Search over 100,000 characters using visible traits like hair color, eye color, hair length, age, and gender on Anime Characters Database. THANK YOU LEVI!!! from Ravi Duvvuri, who got it from "AIC's EH page", Corrections provided by Chris Davies for "Sailor Moon" Yoshiharu Kubo (Aoki Densetsu Shoot!) Levi (Attack on Titan) 1.60m (5' 3" tall) Anime Characters Height (160cm) Kio Kakazu (Asobi ni Iku yo!)

There are some seriously surprising anime character heights out …

For example, did you know that Brook from One Piece is over nine feet tall?

1.70m (5' 7" tall) Anime Characters Height (170cm) Kisaki Matsuribi (Aldnoah.Zero) Okisuke Mikuni (Aldnoah.Zero) Slaine Troyard (Aldnoah.Zero) … The proportions of One Piece characters are utterly incomprehensible no matter what, but Brook's height is exceptionally baffling.

Yahiko, and Megumi. The kid's bones aren't going to stretch every time he lets his alternate personality take over.

If a character's height came out of nowhere, vote it up.

Another Universe. Those estimates are dramatically wrong.

It's also way taller than he actually appears to be on screen. , Adding additional information, age at start of series, Anime characters broken down by various qualities, including personality, family role, career, and more.

Sergio Silva (Baki the Grappler) Atsushi … Yeah, it gets weird. Presea, Alcione, and Nova" are my only guesses. While watching anime, you might have some guesses about anime character heights. C.C. Lantis, Eagle, Ascott (Grown-up), Princess Tatra, Princess Tarta,

Added Dragonball Z characters, data from Ultimate Dragonball Character Bio. The dude is 7' 5", roughly a foot taller than anyone might have reasonably assumed.

Version 0.12: Dec '01 Added Tenchi Muyo characters, data from Tenchi Muyo! ! Finally dont feel alone anymore!!!

1.70m (5' 7" tall) Anime Characters Height (170cm ... 1.69m (5' 6½" tall) Anime Characters Height (169cm... 1.68m (5' 6" tall) Anime Characters Height (168cm ... 1.67m (5' 5½" tall) Anime Characters Height (167cm... 1.66m (5' 5½" tall) Anime Characters Height (166cm... 1.65m (5' 5" tall) Anime Characters Height (165cm ... 1.64m (5' 4½" tall) Anime Characters Height (164cm... 1.63m (5' 4" tall) Anime Characters Height (163cm ... 1.62m (5' 4" tall) Anime Characters Height (162cm ... 1.61m (5' 3½" tall) Anime Characters Height (161cm... 1.60m (5' 3" tall) Anime Characters Height (160cm ... 1.59m (5' 2½" tall) Anime Characters Height (159cm... 1.58m (5' 2" tall) Anime Characters Height (158cm ... 1.57m (5' 2" tall) Anime Characters Height (157cm ... 1.56m (5' 1½" tall) Anime Characters Height (156cm... 1.55m (5' 1" tall) Anime Characters Height (155cm ... 1.54m (5' ½" tall) Anime Characters Height (154cm ... 1.53m (5' tall) Anime Characters Height (153cm tall), 1.52m (5' tall) Anime Characters Height (152cm tall).


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