ayyanar kula deivam
Many castes of Tamil Nadu worship Ayyanar as their Kula deivam. According to Fred Clothey, Aiyanar is a Tamil adaptation of Aiyan, the chief deity of Ay chieftains who ruled parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the then Tamilakam.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 2018 Shrivedant Foundation (www.shrivedant.com). It narrates the history of Hariharasuta, son of Hari and Hara, who was born to Shiva during his copulation with Mohini, the feminised form of Vishnu, after the churning of the milk sea. [32] Even the name Ayyappan reveals that it is the combination of Ayyan (Ayyanar) + Appan (father). Please share with us about Thoondikarar. Consistent with this practice, terracotta horses are usually placed outside the temple. Thailapuram Ayyanar Temple. Albany: State University of New York Press. Folklore regards Aiyan as the guardian of the villages, riding on either an elephant or horse. [15][4][16] The earliest references to Ayyanar were discovered in the hero stones of hunting chieftains from Arcot, Tamil Nadu dated back to the 3rd century C.E.

(காவல் தெய்வம் அய்யனார் )kavel deivam Ayyanar devotional songs non stop Jukebox - Duration: 50:38. [33][34] Yogapatta bar around the knees of Ayyappan is the distinct character that can be seen in the Ayyanar statues of the Chola period. The Roots of Tantra. Ayyanar and his two consorts, 15 - 17th century CE, Châlons-en-Champagne French Museum, White elephant mount at Agamic Ayyanar temple, Mampatti, A name board of an Ayyanar Kovil at Kurukkalmadam, Batticaloa, This article is about South Indian deity Ayyanar. Ishana Siva Guru Paddhati, Kulala Sastragama and Shilparatna explain his worship and iconography briefly. Ayyanar, Sastha or Saththan (IAST:Aiyaṉār, Śāstā, Cāttaṉ Tamil: ஐயனார், சாஸ்தா,) is a Hindu deity particularly praised in South India and Sri Lanka. The village temples of Ayyanar are usually found riding horses or elephants. The horse mount of Aiyanar is still visible in the flag staff of Sabarimala Ayyappan temple. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Pavadairayan, Karuppasamy and Madurai Veeran are his attendants. [11] There is a well known temple dedicated to Sastha situated in a village of Kerala, called "Aryankavu". Village deities are the numerous spirits and other beings venerated as part of the folk tradition in villages throughout South India. Ayyanar has both types of temples - temples constructed in Agamic style and non-Agamic open air shrines. Although his two armed form is common, some texts describe his forms with four or eight arms.

He carries a bow and arrow to save his devotees. Many castes of Tamil Nadu worship Ayyanar as their Kula deivam. He is mainly worshiped as one of the guardian deities of Tamil Nadu. It can be noted that Sri Lankan Ayyanar temples are being converted into Ayyappan temples following the outbreak of Sabarimala pilgrimage of Sri Lankan devotees in recent years. The attendant priest for Aiyanar is generally from the potter caste who fashions idols and clay horses, although it is not uncommon for priests from other castes to officiate in the Ayyanar temples. They are found in almost all villages in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu-speaking areas.These deities, mainly goddesses, are intimately associated with the well-being of the village and can have either benevolent or violent tendencies. [8][31] Sabarimala Sthala Puranam, a recent purana explains that Ayyappan is the avatar of Ayyanar. However the Sanskrit inscription in the image says that it was installed in Kollam Era 1085 (1910 CE) by Prabhakaracharya. Now I am in chennai i dont know the story of my kula deivam thoondikarar , but i seen my kula deivam in many temples like sri pagasalai ayyanar temple, Thoondikarar & Hariharaputhran are the main god in that temple and also i have seen thoondikara god in many temples like periyandavar temple , manjappar temple etc..

[9][10] Some people propose that Aiyan could be the Tamilized version of Sanskrit root Arya which means the same. Here Ayyan, Kanda puranam tells, sends his chief commander Mahakala to protect Indrani from the demon Surapadman. Pavadairayan, Karuppasamy and Madurai Veeran are his attendants. Harper, Katherine Anne, and Brown, Robert L. (Eds) (2002). His worship is prevalent among Malayalis, Tamils, kannadigas.

Āgamaprāmāṇya of Yāmunācārya, Issue 160 of Gaekwad's Oriental Series. [13] Purna (on his right) is dark complexioned and carries Varamudra in her right hand and blue lotus in the left. [17][39] Kerala retains its Ayyanar temples as Sastha temples. Thoondikarar kula deivam. [4] It can be noted that Sri Lankan Ayyanar temples are being converted into Ayyappan temples following the outbreak of Sabarimala pilgrimage of Sri Lankan devotees in recent years.


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