baldur's gate: dark alliance 2 barbarian build

The higher the intelligence, the faster your character's magic energy regenerates, the more energy gained for each level advanced, and the greater damage from spells. The following feats are awarded to the Human Barbarian upon completion of the class-specific quest in Act III. Save your game close by as the next level is a boss battle! Make your way back to the world map and return to Baldur's Gate and speak with Jherek to receive your reward. Level 5 (Cost: 10): Summon an alley weapon. Enemies closest run away for a limited duration.

Unlock the nearby doors to release the final two prisoners.

Force fields block sections of the Ossuary. Level 2 (Cost: 4): 3 bolts. The rooms contain plenty of areas for cover. Level 1 (Cost: 2): Summon a shadow ally. Available for the Human Barbarian. Some of the larger areas feature an elevated section.

Level 2 (Cost: 2): +2 damage, 11% chance to disrupt undead. Another large chamber lies ahead with more levers. + 1/lvl. You can purchase the map to the Wood of Sharp Teeth. It shouldn't be too difficult as none of them have a lot of HP. Search the edges of the chamber to locate treasure chests. Level 1 (Cost: 1): +1 to hit and +15% to damage. Available for the Moon Elf Necromancer. It shouldn't take long to gain enough experience for your first level up. Maneuver east then north toward the passage to the next level. Follow the single passage through the dank hallways. Available for Human Cleric. For the most part, those skills are the most powerful for your character and what you'll be relying on them most heavily after they are obtained. 1 Answer. That said, Ysuran is very good at range, especially if you have the skeleton minion or shadow creature summoned in order to absorb hits. Spot the giant up ahead! Note that the steam does do minor damage to enemies. This can be circumvented by installing. Follow the mountain path to the west and begin the ascent up the cliffs. Playing the organ summons various chests and objects into the room.

Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance Wiki: Everything About. Comb the entire area as you make your way through the Trade Way and beyond pieces of caravan and bodies of unfortunate caravan traders. You'll find the entrance into the next section at the far north. Slows down enemies. Level 1 (Cost: 2): Allows you to hurl two throwing weapons at the same time. This can be beneficial to any character, though you'll likely want to focus on other attributes that are more focused on your character.

For Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "question about a couple barb feats". This improves to 15% resistance at level 15 and up to 20% resistance at level 19.This ability stacks with the Hardiness high level ability. Borador is hard to get used to at first. The constitution attribute adds +1 hit point per level per two points over 10 and also supplies faster hit point regeneration. Upgrading equipment with gems at Bartley's workshop is very expensive; since quality already offers innate benefits, you should try to save your gold coins to upgrade the best equipment you can find. Visit Huros in the Church of Helm to initiate Allessia's class quest.

Intelligence is 100% useless, regardless of the character you are. Don't neglect to check every inch of the ground, including the tight pathways between the mountains, for additional enemies and treasure. Flawless quality equipment is the cream of the crop. By now you've discovered that the furniture in Lyran's Hold isn't just for sitting on or eating at--the furniture seems possessed and attacks like any other enemy! Zarad still doesn't seem too pleased to see you and now you must battle him to complete your quest. This section offers a complete walk-through for Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2. Level 2 (Cost: 2): +4 HP per minute. Summons a magic acidic arrow. Maneuver around the boxes until you can enter the next section. Now unlock the door using your first key. Note that the necromancer begins with no armor proficiency. Level 2 (Cost: 2): +2 to hit and +30% to damage. When you've finished exploring, enter the next area. Grab the key off his body then search the room for chests and loot. However, he does have a shaman minion that has the potential to heal him. Level 1 (Cost: 2): Speed Increases Level 2 (Cost: 4): Speed Increases Level 3 (Cost: 6): Speed Increases Level 4 (Cost: 8): Speed Increases Level 5 (Cost: 10): Speed Increases. You'll need to get around it and use the lever to open the next door. Some characters share feats with others, but for the most part, there is one specific string of feats that boost your character into godhood that only really works with that one specific character. Level 2 (Cost: 2): +12 hit points. Quest Reward: Destroy Firewind Manor--Two pieces of magical jewelry, 1,000 gold coins, and 250 experience points.

My five selected skills are usually: Conjure Shadow Shadow Shield Slow Life Drain Shadow Spray Slow is incredibly useful in this game, hitting five enemies for 50 seconds at the highest level. In Throne of Bhaal, the Barbarian can draw from a high level ability pool which gives the barbarian some extra abilities. Exit Brigand's Hall and Brigand's Ruins and enter the world map. You'll find Lyran's hand as part of his remains; his hand opens the entrance to the Observatory. Follow the sole path and battle a scattered group of bats here and there. Watch your step in the next room, particularly around the chests; floor spikes are scattered around the room. Take on as few enemies as possible in the multi-leveled room. Anonymous. Your enemy is a formidable magic user with the ability to stun and hold you frequently. Level 1 (Cost: 2): +1 damage Level 2 (Cost: 4): +2 damage Level 3 (Cost: 6): +3 damage Level 4 (Cost: 8): +4 damage Level 5 (Cost: 10): +5 damage. But her second monstrous form is much more of a challenge.

Quest Reward (Ysuran Only): Speak with Zarad Duskmarrow--8,000 experience points, Ysuran gains access to shadow magic spells. Level 1 (Cost: 2): +2 to hit and +1 to damage Level 2 (Cost: 4): +4 to hit and +2 to damage Level 3 (Cost: 6): +6 to hit and +3 to damage Level 4 (Cost: 8): +8 to hit and +4 to damage Level 5 (Cost: 10): +10 to hit and +5 to damage. Battle them one at a time if possible.

You should be on the upper level now and can simply circle around to the initial chamber and save your game before continuing deeper into the Keep. Proceed west through the dark dungeon hall. Plentiful enemies are gathered here including a pesky spell caster. Search the racks and chests and battle a horde of tables en route to the entrance to the second level of Lyran's Hold. Before you speak with Randalla in the inn, find Sollus captain of the guard. Level 1 (Cost: 1): Improved regeneration for 5 seconds. You gain as many points to put into your "feats" as the level you just were at (so you gain 1 feat point when you get to level 2, 2 feat points when you get to level 3, 20 points when you get to 21, etc.) Someone must have stolen it on the ship you returned on. Return to the previous floor and battle through to the entrance to the next level of the Keep. You'll reach another intersection with dead-end tunnels to the west and east. Proceed to the Sea-Cave.

This section compiles all available feats, lists which character can use each feat, and reveals the skill point cost and benefit from each feat level. About 7 to 9 hours. Available for the Human Cleric.

Quest (Allessia Only): Destroy Goreth Vileblack--Defeat Goreth in his Unholy Mausoleum for Huros.

Search the rooms along the hallway. Otherwise you will be wasting a rune stone or a type of gem. Quest (Borador Only): Retake Gandam's Hold and Mine--Slay the basilisk in Gandam's Mines for Durbem. You automatically speak with Randalla upon reaching Baldur's Gate. Enter the alcove beyond the treasure and speak with Randalla Brasshorn, the caravan master, and accept your quest reward. The first area is nothing but goblins that die in one attack. Head east from the start location and work your way around the dungeon. Since you're a barbarian, you're likely equipped to the hilt with strong armor and even stronger melee weaponry. You can scurry past him or render him useless by stripping off your metallic items (search to the alcove north of the rust monster for a small treasure chest).

Continue west and spot a southern door. The first two doors on the right are locked. Available for the Human Barbarian, Dark Elf Monk, Moon Elf Necromancer, Dwarven Rogue, and Human Cleric. The fire elemental offers its own unique challenges, an important one being the amount of fire damage you'll sustain against the enemies that reside here. Searching south of the library reveals an entrance into the Bloodmire Manor Cellar.

Bile-Tooth, a wily goblin riding a giant spider, isn't too thrilled that you've entered the treasury. Though you can take out the enemy temporarily, it will rise again and attack moments later. Quest: Speak to Jherek--Find Jherek in the now-abandoned warehouse and speak to him. Level 3 (Cost: 6): +21-36 damage, weaken by 24%. Level 5 (Cost: 10): 50% absorb, +10 Armor Class, 15% chance to block. I really love Dark Alliance II. Item Creation: This section reveals bonuses provided by each gem type for use when creating your powerful magic weaponry, armor, and jewelry. Speak with Randalla and, when ready, tell her "Let's Go" to proceed to Baldur's Gate and the game's first act. The Gnoll Cave II contains a small puzzle. Keaira is the caravan guard. Follow the hallway east and when given the option, hide in the alcove and eavesdrop on the conversation in the next room. A final issue is the lack of an auto-map! Level 5 (Cost: 5): 50% damage. However, before you can reach Lyran's Hold, you're ambushed in the Forest of Wyrms. There are goblins and other enemies lurking almost everywhere.

Reach the next door and open the chest in front to find a second key. Push on the wall to find a loose stone opening a passage. Exit the Ossuary through the staircase in one of the alcoves. Once you max one-handed weapons and get at least 3 ranks in Holy Fire, it isn't a bad idea to spread the rest of your points into her buff spells, particularly Bless. Level 1 (Cost: 2): 35 damage, explosion radius: 3 feet. For the monk, strength and dexterity are the only attributes that begin over the base of 10. Level 1 (Cost: 2): +3 to Armor Class.

Prepare to battle hordes of the undead throughout the mausoleum. You could also have moved north from your start position to get there faster; both paths connect in a large room with big rock-like behemoths. Level 2 (Cost: 4): 20-36 damage. Level 1 (Cost: 2): Stun target for 1 second, inflict 4-9 damage. You'll deal with him frequently throughout the game.

Proceed north and reach the organ. Quest: Speak to Jherek--Find Jherek in Omduil's Manor and speak to him. You are to choose one of 5 different heroes taken from the pages of Dungeons and Dragons (human barbarian, drow monk, dwarf rogue, moon elf necromancer, and a human priest) then embark upon a quest to save the Sword Coast yet again.

In fact, I can't even find the thing. The west and east side routes lead to a couple trolls so be sure to have fire or acid weaponry (or spells) available to kill them. Level 5 (Cost: 10): -20 enemy armor class. Next, you'll enter a goblin cave. Quest: Reactivate the Air Foundation--Reactivate the Air Foundation for Jherek. Once again you face off against Mordoc. He'll need that magic energy to fund those powerful spells--be prepared to remain stocked with rejuvenation potions! Defeat him to liberate the Inn from the rampaging marauders. They're now open and additional enemies have been released. Take this key back to the locked door from earlier (south of the save game pedestal) and open the treasure room.

The auto-map reveals a path beyond. Jherek becomes a important part of your quest beginning in the second act.


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