bellavita bath lift problems

Please follow the steps below to attempt a remedy: 1. They kindly sent me the Bellavita Recliner Bath Lift to try out and review. '�1��0 Y��VX�(�k��B5��q3坴��HF�T��Pp��q�TF�`��9dyةp~�Tc��3�c-H��'X,���k��7�q�:��d{��AL�Y�=M� �';=�����$��a��Y;=���k�V�:cwz��ю�s=a�N���b���*��\p�&)H�)H�)��#!��7�A�)�? One of the biggest advantages of this particular bath lift is that it is the lowest available! Generally speaking, most disabled people, particularly wheelchair-users, prefer a level-access shower room to a bath. The seat height reaches 18. All in all, a perfect solution for those with old and/or weak legs, hips, or backs.

I purchased this bath lift in October of 2013 for my wife. U���J[a�� Never use it as a stand, lifting device, lad- der, support, or for any similar purposes outside of the bath. I can’t use a regular bath or shower, and therefore need to make adaptations and use appropriate mobility equipment. Compared to other bath lifts, it is much lighter in weight (9.3 kg) and therefore easier to remove from the bath for cleaning and travel. As a result, you feel like you’re able to make full use of the bath rather than being restricted. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> My mother can no longer sit and then get back up in the tub. I was impressed by the sleek, compact design which is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Bath seats for the elderly and people with disabilities are the focus of the bath lifts UK market. Bellavita Fault Finding Page 1 of 2 Issued 08/12 FAULT FINDING – BELLAVITA BATHLIFT In the event of the Bellavita not working, the following steps should be taken. My tub is very deep. One of the lightest bath lifts available at 9.3kg; Reclining backrest; Sits very low in the bath ; Ease of operation, installation, removal, storage and transport ; Washable covers ; Non-slip base; Waterproof, floating handset so it is easy to locate ; The batteries for the controller charge quickly. The lowering mechanism is smooth and gentle, Retain some air as you bathe to provide a backrest or let all the air out for a totally natural bathing experience, Soft, comfortable fabric that warms quickly, Robust, suitable for weights of up to 24 stone (152 kg). Removing the lift from the bath ..... 14 Maintenance and care ... • Never use the Bellavita to climb in or out of the bath. endstream endobj 31 0 obj <>stream I’m a 30 year-old woman with Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy. I had no problems with suction on the textured tub design that my Kohler bathtub has. Inflates and deflates with the touch of one button, Can be used even in small baths as you can inflate it to the size you need, Folds up so it can be stored and transported very easily. A bath lift will help those who are having difficulties getting in and out of the bath but are a much cheaper option than altering the bathroom itself. I am not sure if the motor is going bad, or if it needs a new battery, Reviewed in the United States on November 2, 2016. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. LOL. 5 lbs (9.3 kg). A luxurious soak can soothe skin, aid sleep and be a rare moment of peace in a busy life.

Press the blue DOWN button (no Consequently, I am a non-ambulatory wheelchair-user. Ensure the handset is switch off by pressing the red button. endstream endobj 31 0 obj <>stream It depends on which style of bath lift you choose but they tend to be a more compact, un-intrusive bath aid in comparison to a bath hoist. However, there are some children that are also in need of a little help with bathing. A plastic seat which is inflated with an electric pump to sit level with the edge of the bath. It works exactly as described (perfectly)and is easy to keep clean even when leaving in the tub between baths. But my first thought is Amazon Prime, so purchased it here. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. It is certainly less bulky than other reclining bath lifts I have tried, thereby freeing up more space in the bath to stretch out. h�b``�f``�d`f`0�� �� L,@�!���$x��v�('����������QH���$�iJњ���_P#Ql�(��� �0 ��� %PDF-1.3 Pros. The Best Cheap Reading Glasses You Can Buy In The UK, The best non-spill cups for adults and the elderly, © Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved. I purchased this bath lift in October of 2013 for my wife. A sturdy plastic seat that will attach to the inside of your bath with suction.

27 0 obj <> endobj Those do not have great suction to keep it in place. This does not affect the function or stability of the bath lift. This ultra modern bath lift takes the Bellavita Bath lift from Drive Medical away from an austere and clinical look and is more in keeping with todays requirements. [1��,:"&Zd0�ka�4�I���S�\��,r��G��L�w^M�L�5�u���x�{=306ٞ�&��&f�� ��4I=Y/H*%UB�Mt�D��1Z��g&P�c��5�d����U�ϐ���w������# FX@���� BH���Q��aZ�pw�Tƞ�T4�p ��5�qR�.����� Thanks! It is one month out of warranty. Don’t assume you have to go straight to the manufacturer, Ask your occupational health advisor and/or GP for advice. The tone of the motor has changed, and at this point, I am not sure if the motor is going bad, or if it needs a new battery. To do this: i. It is on the back side of the upright backrest and has a 1/4" phono type plug (think old headphones with the larger plug size). One thing that the instruction book did not say is that you actually have to raise it up a bit to put the suction cups on it. 0 The seats are comfortable to lie on, no hard plastic, so reclining in the bath is a pleasure again.

A swivel bath seat or a bath hoist are both options depending on your needs. I would definitely recommend the Bellavita Recliner Bath Lift to anyone with impaired mobility who still wants to enjoy the luxury of a bath. A large roll of fabric is rolled up and attached permanently to the wall at one side of the bath and to a floor bracket to the other. This does not make it any less sturdy than other similar models, and can support users of up to 140 kg/22 stone. It is one month out of warranty. It is a minor complaint and should not be considered a major issue.The suction cups are easy to install once you raise the seat first. Had a very comical episode after I was stuck and my daughter had to come and pull me out (always have your phone within reach when you are in the bathroom). Reviewed in the United States on March 3, 2020. Never use it as a stand, lifting device, lad- der, support, or for any similar purposes outside of the bath. {i�ܠ���I`����C�W�ws����(>/t��7�K�p���*�Q�,�. ���?�D�/p'qJ�)��hIz��8���`�B� gQ���m���XپRbP�j! Bellavita Bath Lift. Cons: The user of this electric bath seat will need to be able to turn their legs sideways to get in and out of the bath. It's better than calling the fire department, no matter how gracious they are. VlݫE���Gsa2N,%x��D�Y��P�ѽ6�Q��Qz}���%5�j���u�JdoOXLdw.p|]��4\�L�6��SR1)l6 ) Setup is easy and tool free and the hand controls are water resi… The overall length of the Bellavita is only 57 cm – much shorter than most other bath lifts. This is SO MUCH BETTER as she can actually soak in the tub now.)

For me, this is definitely a big advantage and something I look for. Ensure the handset is switch off by pressing the red button. hޤX�n7�~@ �~� vZ���H��!���l��H


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