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Someone mentioned Ellis Island.

Unofficial subreddit of America's #1 Australian themed casual dining restaurant chain! del friscos is good but off the strip. - For a chain steakhouse I'd go with the Palm. Press J to jump to the feed.

And The Capital Grille was No. It really good been there a few times. I don't find

Claim Jumper is owned by Landry's and has 35 locations in eight states, 19  are in California alone. This Pennsylvania chain with 35 locations has been in business since 1983 and prides itself on butchering its own Western grain-fed beef in-house.

As far as I can tell, Ellis Island is typically recommended because it's inexpensive and good food. But as it's expanded into a fine-dining empire, the tradition lives on in each location, and that attention to local history paired with top-notch, fine-dining-with-a-hug hospitality has allowed it to become at once hyper-local and internationally renowned. Hand-cut USDA Choice steaks are on view to the whole restaurant via a display case before they’re cooked, and come in an average three sizes each. Sign up here for our daily Thrillist email, get Eatmail for more food coverage, and subscribe here for our YouTube channel to get your fix of the best in food/drink/fun.

Happy hour offers bar bites for as low as $2 and draft beers for $4, and while it’s no steak, we hear that chicken pot pie is actually pretty good. Its Eddie V’s Prime Seafood and Seasons 52 finished Nos. Online. Think of it as the steak version of the iconic Lady and the Tramp dinner, but with a lot more blood.

Popeye's chicken is fucking awesome!

when you're dropping $50-100 pp on a steak only, minus the sides, apps, seafood drink etc.

Just went to Maestros on Sunday. Go with a filet or New York -- maybe with a cast-iron full of Burgundy mushrooms -- and make it your way. Those places were the best after you'd been in a car for thirteen hours.

We also considered additional perks like lunch deals, charitable efforts, promotions, cocktails, efforts to go above and beyond and whether they employ those steakhouse secrets that only the experts know, like not being shy with the butter. Yes! The vast majority of Saltgrass’ locations are in Texas, with other locations scattered throughout the South and Southwest.

Filet, New York strip, rib-eye, top sirloin and prime rib (up to 24 ounces of it) are available, and the 16 sides include steak soup, fresh green beans with bacon and loaded baked potatoes. For those looking for something a bit more more creative, things get even more interesting with a coffee-rubbed dry-aged strip, or a porcini-rubbed ribeye kissed with 15-year aged balsamic, either of which pair great with creamed sweet corn with bacon, lobster mac, or burrata with heirloom tomatoes that also gets a dose of that special balsamic. A relative newcomer to an upscale steakhouse world dominated by old-schoolers, Fleming's launched in Newport Beach during the heyday of the California cuisine movement.

I'm really curious, I looked this place up and I think it'd be really, really good, but is it a chain? any kind of food place has interested. If steaks are not your thing they have extensive seafood and chicken options that I am sure will please your palate too. Not something in a casino, or a chain (I Googled "Best steakhouse in Vegas" and came up with Texas de Brazil :/ ). I'm visiting the Tampa/Orlando area this time so only interested in places that can be found in that region i'm NOT interested in places outside of Florida. A Western chain, there are over 40 locations of Black Angus between California, Washington, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii and New Mexico. Best Steakhouse in Vegas? I am interested in pretty much everything that is American, fast food, "shitty" chain restaurants etc. You can top your steak with everything from a bacon-bourbon glaze to a steamed lobster tail.

If you’re particularly hungry, order a "Campfire Feast for two," which comes with an appetizer, sweet molasses bread, your choice of two entrees, four side dishes and dessert. If you spend less than $40 on a steak in Seattle there's a really good chance it's going to be subpar. There is car-related paraphernalia scattered about and an emphasis on wings more than steak, even though it’s not called Quaker Wings & Lube.

Where they are: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Basically, this is caveman's Korean BBQ, and that stone allows you to cook your own cut of Angus steak (or lobster, tuna, scallops, or baby backs). Press J to jump to the feed. Mon ami Gabi in Paris. The food was top notch (priced to match) and there are periodic shows on the lake of drams right by it. This seems like the world's most dangerous centerpiece, but it's actually your own personal flat top grill. Capital Grille is the fancy one of the family, and it's got some serious bonafides thanks to an beautifully curated array of prime cuts, including a masterful dry-aged New York strip au poivre and the 32-ounce dry-aged Porterhouse, perfect for a special occasion, even if said occasion is "eating a 32-ounce dry-aged Porterhouse." And that is cool to me. It has a menu vast enough to satisfy just about anyone with options like pot pie and pizza, but when you’re there, you’ll most likely want to order a steak. Options include an 8- or 12-ounce New York strip, a filet mignon, a 14-ounce rib-eye, a T-bone and prime rib cuts ranging from 8 to 14 ounces.

But you wouldn't really know it looking at its roster of prime steaks, which don't exactly scream "beach bod." From super cheap to outrageously expensive, from pizza chains to seafood restaurants, from kid-oriented to adults-only, there’s a sit-down chain for everyone out there. It is most definitely off the beaten path and not in a casino. Then again, that’s my preferred cut and anytime I get something different I tend to wish I got the ribeye. The portions here are generous, as is the hospitality: All steaks include two sides and a roll or one side and unlimited trips to the 100-item soup, salad and dessert bar for an extra $4. The place embraces the churrascaria style, in which meats are jammed on giant, lance-like skewers and roasted over fire. Really unique and trippy stuff happening in some of those so it might be worth a look. I've heard horror stories from other restaurants so I was a little nervous to go back.

The chain started in 1964, when steak, soup or salad and a potato cost $2.99.

Where they are: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington. The steaks are only “USDA graded,” which doesn’t tell us much, but at Outback, you know you’re in for a true chain steakhouse experience. All steaks come with an onion ring, grilled garlic bread and your choice of sides including loaded tater tots, mac and cheese and a loaded baked potato. Alternatively, if you are open to a casino place, we also had SW Steakhouse in the Encore.

All guests receive a bucket of free peanuts and a basket of yeast rolls when they sit down — Logan’s goes through more than 98 million rolls every year. 90. "Chain" is a catch-all phrase for a restaurant that has multiple locations, be it a fast-casual experience, a group of sandwich shops, or a fast-food empire.

This chain is worth seeking out, thanks to its Certified Angus USDA Choice steaks, which are seasoned with a blend of seven spices and topped with garlic butter. Arguably one of the best steaks to come from a chain steakhouse in my opinion. Is this similar both in price, food, and concept? The reason this chain is on our list, however, is because the four steaks that it does offer are pretty darn good. The name says it all: Texas Roadhouse has just about everything you’d want in a bar and chain steakhouse, if you’re into that honky-tonk vibe. 1 and 2 on the review site’s list of the 10 best-reviewed small chains with 10 to 50 locations. Longhorn steakhouse casual dining chain restaurant in North Charleston on Friday, August 10, 2018. At 20 years old, Mastro's is technically still be a baby in steakhouse years, but the Scottsdale-based Mastro's is about as old-school as it comes when it comes to getting opulent in style.

The restaurant is perhaps best known for its all-you-can-eat buffet, which includes a variety of salads, soups, vegetables, appetizers and desserts. Just something that is good, unique, or interesting. The Crab Stack is a perfect appetizer, a glorious pile of citrus and blue crab that serves as a palate cleanser and a bar-setter. If you’re from New Jersey, you most likely know all about Charlie Brown’s Fresh Grill, which has 14 locations throughout the state, as well as one in Fishkill, New York. Just make sure you do it on an empty stomach. Edit: Most of these recommendations won't apply since they aren't in the area you'll be in. Throughout the course of dinner, well-dressed servers will circle the table like heavily armed dim-sum cart operators, offering up steaks, chicken, and sausages, which are then carved directly onto your plate in a manner that kind of resembles watching a street vendor carve a gyro, except here it's high-end steak. Still a great restaurant with mobster-like atmosphere and great service. Can I ask why early/late matters? DiningBuzz - Best upscale chain steakhouse?

But sometimes, you need something a little extra, a proverbial lobster tail atop the juicy steak that is your night out. For some reason my coworkers keep taking our spoons to the bathroom. When all is said and done, Longhorn is the best casual chain steakhouse in America.

Be sure to get yours topped with beer-braised “Brewski Onions.” Other options include pulled pork over Texas toast, baby back ribs, country-fried steak or chicken with cream gravy (a Southern dish that the rest of the world really needs to try), Nashville hot chicken and a French dip. That's one of the places i've forgotten last time i was there and even forgot to add on my list this time too! Its Western theme is showy enough so you know it’s there but doesn’t smack you in the face and the dining rooms are comfortable and not tacky. etc. I'm seconding for Cracker Barrel, there is nothing quite like the little knick knack shop of a cracker barrel to bring me right back to those endless road trips as a Kid.

Thanks for the info. Along with thick-cut sirloin, steak tips, rib-eye, filet mignon, Burgundy steak, flat iron and double-thick “cleaver cut” sirloin, there’s a wide variety of chicken and seafood dishes, sandwiches, burgers and a kids menu. I don’t really understand why they didn’t make the list given that they’ve got one of the best beer selections around and their buffalo shrimp is divine but I’m not here to nitpick, I’m here to share the news. Also if someone has some awesome local places too i wouldn't turn that down either.

Steaks include sirloins in several sizes, rib-eyes, T-bones, a New York strip, sirloin tips and smothered beef tips, and locations underwent a system-wide redesign several years ago in order to make them more modern.

I'm still a sucker for Golden Steer. Carnevino is probably the best, but if you're set on the not-in-a-casino qualifier, go to Echo and Rig, though it's a bit far off strip if you guys aren't getting a rental car. And if you didn't try country fried steak at ihop, try it here. Hello everyone, I just wanted to ask for some advice on which cut to get at each of these chains. Well, things are different now, and while you'll still get a Morton's rec when you go to Chicago, chances are it's a place that people will tell you you have to go to Morton's when you visit dozens of other cities, thanks to an aggressive expansion. Sure, you can go with a lean petit filet mignon, but why would you do that when you can get the elusive bone-in version, or ribeyes served either dry-aged or with a big-ol' bone sticking out, maximizing flavor and getting another kick with the addition of truffle-poached lobster or jumbo crabmeat doused in béarnaise.


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