best time of year to catch catfish uk

A good catfish rod will have plenty of rings and even though they may be unfashionable, a 'fat' butt (if you'll pardon the expression!) Just like the early spring transition rapidly falling water temperatures can mean some tough days locating catfish. You just need to start effectively hitting your mark with an irresistible bait and placement and you can catch flathead catfish all year around, any season, rain or shine or even during the next thunderstorm. Putting some time on the water in and learning to locate and pattern seasonal transition cats will teach you that the early spring transition offers some amazing fishing. If possible, go the day before you intend to cast a bait in anger. Catfishing in the Winter is one of my absolute favorite times of the year.

You can get catfish in every season. These are independently carried out and make interesting reading, they are principally aimed at carp anglers so the breaking strains covered are generally lighter than those that we use when catting and some of the general advice given isn't relevent to catting but they do offer a useful insight into how different brands compare and how all is not what it may seem when it comes to fishing line! How to Catch Catfish Day and Night While catfish are still catfish, the difference between day and night tactics and strategies can be profound, even when fishing the same lake or river. You will get plenty of them when it is the best time to fish for catfish. In my experience, this one tip was the big difference between catching heaps of fish and nothing.. I fish from the bank however thinking about a boat purchase, but the bank is good. I’m leaning toward night fishing being the best time to go fishing, but there are other variables.

I will admit fried chicken liver used to be a KFC almost every Tuesday thing.

These would be the best venues to try for a chance of catching an impressive British catfish.

It’s usually just before a sharp turn followed by a straight stretch. What is a good time of year,and what type of cover. The best times for catching catfish for me is between 9:00 pm and 6:00 am. This will help you choose the best tactics and techniques to catch them during each season. The biggest issue (we hope!) This is especially true of early season fishing where catching transition catfish can be frustrating especially for inexperienced anglers.

Hot cold freezing rain or snow…. If you can sharpen your skills and learn the ins and outs of catfishing, you should never have a problem catching catfish regardless of … Many flathead cats are often caught in the Winter but very few savvy catfish anglers will target them during this time. Catfish-Pro have just introduced a very useful piece of kit called a Glide Mat, this can help with returning cats as well as offering extra protection on rough ground. This is based on my experience of over fifteen years as a professional catfish guide in Texas but the same information applies. Grey to dark blue coloration that can lead into almost black sometimes, Weight can get up to one hundred pounds or more, Flat, paddle-like tail that is not forked, Weight can get up to and even over 100 lbs, Mottled colouring of brown, black, and yellow.

Cygnet Tackle make a couple of models which are nicely made although care must be taken to tighten the leg adjustment correctly as they are otherwise prone to slipping when put under pressure.

In the early days of catting in this country most anglers came from a predator fishing background - principally pike and so their gear was usually the heaviest pike tackle they had. I would love to post a picture (hopefully my profile pic shows it). To start with, what kind of catfish do you mean? Much smaller than blue catfish, channel cats are still popular and can be found in abundance in many places around the country. Catfish are well known for destroying carp reels and gears are easily stripped by big fish. I couldn’t eat one now if someone paid me. Nighttime might be better overall, but there are other factors like the time of the year, water temps and etc.

I fish for catfish in the summer. As always, thanks for stopping by. The blue catfish bite can be tough during the late summer when the water gets really warm, especially in bodies of water with a thermocline. I target catfish of all species and sizes all year long as a professional catfish guide and tailor my target sizes and species based on the best action at the time. Heck I may have lost my new rod and reel while sleeping LOL. In terms of fishing, this means you just need to adjust your strategies about how you’re going to catch catfish. A decent sized unhooking mat and a capacious weghsling are essential pieces of kit when targetting big cats.

Shimano D's, OC's, LC's, Big Blues and 4500/6500B's are all tried and tested models and there are plenty of similar models manufactured by other companies too. So, whenever I get time, I go for fishing in the channel to catch catfish as they are available in the whole year.​. Drifting is popular fish catching technique during this period. This doesn’t really change with climate or if it’s too hot or too cold necessarily. Is there a difference catching them in deeper water compared to shallow water? There’s no reason not to fish at night, just know that there are still advantages to fishing during the day that shouldn’t be overlooked. Every catfish angler has their own hints and tricks for landing the best fish. Happy fishing and have a blessed day. Soap can also be use as catfish bait.

But if you want flathead catfish, you may get them in few in numbers. By this, it will be easy to guess which time will be proper for you.


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