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Requests? A daily misting or two with chlorine-free water will also be appreciated. (Avoid using a calcium supplement with added phosphorous, unless specifically directed by your veterinarian, since this can promote kidney disease.) Your one stop for everything regarding BTS. Do not place the fixtures by dry wood or flammable fabrics. We anticipate a nice litter of pink tongue skinks as well. A thermal burn to the face or body can be painful and life threatening. Blue tongues like to dig, so aspen bedding may be the better choice. NOTE!! If you do not want to chemically de-chlorinate the water, you can leave an open container of tap water out for at least 24 hours. try the craigslist app » Android iOS CL. Change, *If temp falls below 70 degrees F at night, may need supplemental infrared or ceramic heat for night-time. The tongue is, of course, blue in color. They are generally a caramel-tan in color with black bands across the back. Baby blue tongues are now being born! Temperature/humidity gauge - do not stick to side of tank. The water should be nice and warm (about 68-70 degrees).   Wild caught insects should never be fed, since they can carry disease. This can be dangerous and painful. In good health. It is important that the top is METAL mesh, as you will place the heat lamp directly on top of this cover. FREE same-day delivery or curbside pickup. (Not all home water filtration systems remove 100% of the chlorine and heavy metals from tap water). Limp, thin body, lethargy, sunken eyes, pinkish patches or spots on belly or sides; obvious bite marks or wounds from cage mate or prey. Courtesy of: Specialized Care for Avian & Exotic Pet Do keep in mind that blue tongue skinks love to burrow, so they will most enjoy a thick layer of shredded aspen.. If you insist on using the carpet, purchase two so you can interchange them regularly. Price is firm. Post them here. ©2012 Dawn M. Trainor-Scalise A mild dishwashing liquid (a weak dilution) in warm water, THEN, Vinegar & water (1:8) OR bleach and warm water (1:32). Females may also have trouble getting along. RINSE OFF ALL SOAP AND BLEACH THOROUGHLY WITH PLAIN WATER BEFORE RE-INTRODUCING YOUR PET TO ITS ENCLOSURE!! Please check back as skinks will be posted as they become available. Smooth, even skin; no traces of mites (small, reddish brown spots around nostrils, near ears and eyes); clear eyes, rounded, full body; strong, even, smooth jaw line; bright eyes; regular record of healthy feeding and defecating schedule. try the craigslist app » Android iOS CL. He is 10 years old and I got him when he was a baby. I have a male (not proven) Halmahera blue tongue skink for sale, he eats hornworms, roaches, wet cat/dog food and blue buffet! The scales are smooth. we have one of the greatest selections you will find including blue tongue skinks, red sided skinks, crocodile skinks, tree skinks … Remember to wash vegetables thoroughly, then cut or shred to make it easier to ingest. If your vet sees your pet regularly, many common conditions that afflict pet reptiles and amphibians can be caught and treated early. The shedding process happens when the lizard’s body begins to grow a new layer of skin. The female may stop eating and become extremely ill. Lizards can benefit greatly from a good deep-water soak at least once a week. As your pet matures and eats more greens, you can supplement either the vegetables or insects. " The legs are small and short, seemingly unsuitable for carrying the chunky body. Wanted : Egernia depressa or cygnitos in UK, last 2019 baby - Northern Blue Tongue Skink, Are there any breeders near or at central coast, Searching for Northern or Eastern (hoping for shipping), Looking for proven female northern And/or Merauke, Still looking - Northern blue tongues- netherlands. : Follow directions carefully with all products - READ THE INSTRUCTION SHEET!! A timer should be used to set day/night periods. Commercially prepared skink diets are available, but they should never constitute the whole diet of your lizard. It is very important to keep a journal for each animal that records feeding, refusing, defecation, shedding, unusual behavior, changes in behavior and dates of bulb changes. He comes with: 4x2 sliding door glass tank Heat lamp + bulb Basking spot Fake plants Multiple log hides Some substrate (eco earth) Food + water bowl Humidifier He’s probably 2-3 years old, cannot confirm gender. Our veterinarian recommends dusting insects with a good quality calcium supplement fortified with vitamin D3, 2-3 times a week. ENCLOSURE SIZE:The enclosure should be a solid glass sided tank long enough to create the two separate temperature gradients (warm and cool); a blue tongue skink tank should be at least 55 gallons or larger for an adult and at least 20L for a baby.


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