boa breeding chart
Baby Boas are born in an amniotic sack which they need to break through before they can take their first breath. Yes, your boa definitely regurgitated due to the stress of changing its environment. It would be healthy for you to heavily reduce your animal’s food intake.

Before your Boas enter the cooling period it is crucial that they are in robust health and have no lingering health issues that could flare up under cooler temperatures. It is not an exact science, so don’t feel you need to follow this exactly. To put it in perspective, my boas are 4 years old and are about 5 feet long and are around 2000g, they each eat 1 medium sized rat every 20-30 days (my medium rats are usually around 150g).

Once a female has ovulated she enters a shed cycle, this cycle will happen about 15-20 days after ovulation, and this is the best indicator for when to expect your litter of boas. Please help yourself by clicking the photo or link below! Last year I “rescued” a 1- year old female Colombian boa from a lady who was selling her in the local classifieds. How many could he eat? You want the meal-sized to only leave a slight lump in their body.

Boa Constrictor Feeding Chart: When, what and how often should I be feeding? A large female can have upwards of 50 babies in a litter, although the average is usually closer to 30. Unlike Ball Pythons, we don’t work off a schedule for introducing and removing the males. Breeding projects are one of the most fascinating and dynamic aspects of Boa Constrictors in captivity today. Quickly calculate genetics of possible offspring when breeding boa constrictors. The two most reliable methods of sexing are popping and probing. Females are also widely dispersed.

Albino Boa. She also did not provide the animal with any heat, I quote: “It’s a snake, they don’t need heat”. The only way to help you learn your animal’s body language and habits is by keeping a proper log so you have something to refer to. Or will it continue to grow to normal boa size once I switch to the mediums rats, Hi Johnny, That does seem small for a 10 yr old BCI however, there are a few things to keep in mind! All that with no supplementary heat to aid digestion… it was terrible, some people don’t do an ounce of research. Create a free website or blog at As I say in the article it is very easy to make a snake overweight (even if they don’t look overweight they can be). Some boas will not eat straightaway, and wait for the security of darkness before they eat their first meal. If not I would try something slightly larger (again you’re only looking for a slight lump after the meal).


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