bobby driscoll death

The family moved to Los Angeles when a doctor advised the father to relocate to California because he was suffering from work-related handling of asbestos. Once Driscoll’s corpse went uncollected, he was placed in an abandoned pauper’s grave in New York City’s Potter’s Field on Hart Island. "[40] In 1956, he was arrested for the first time for possession of marijuana, but the charge was dismissed.

In his new life at the public Westwood University High School, where he graduated in 1955, Driscoll’s previous stardom all of a sudden was more of a liability than rewarding. The director was left impressed by the young boy’s intelligence and curiosity and gave him the role as he came out on top over 40 candidates. Referring to the fates of these unfortunate performers as a “curse” is misleading, of course. He was an only child, but he stole hearts from his first film, 1944's "The Fighting Sullivans. He later turned into a heroin abuser and was sentenced to prison for illegal substance use. After his parole ended in 1964, in the expectation of reviving his career on theatre, he finally returned to New York, only to find that his legacy had failed him, so nobody wished to recruit him there either. [29], In 1947, he recorded a special version of "So Dear to My Heart" at Capitol Records. Soon after, he also appeared in "One Hour in Wonderland," Disney's first Christmas special. This resulted in a fingerprint match at the New York City Police Department, which located his burial on Hart Island. Bobby Driscoll’s death was reported three years after he died from heart failure. Like his career, this part of his life was just as tragically eventful. However, their wedding was subsequently dissolved (not officially recognized), and they remained apart for a few months. Driscoll's second long-run Disney contract allowed him to be loaned to independent Horizon Pictures for the double role of Danny/Josh Reed in When I Grow Up (1951). brochures., — Pris Chinga Tu Madre 🏳️‍🌈 🇲🇽-🇺🇸 (@snailsgotmail) January 17, 2020. Tamara Smart Plays Kelly in A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting – 5 Quick Facts. However, Howard Hughes, who had bought RKO the previous year, considered the film unworthy of release and Driscoll not much of an actor and delayed its release. ", The young boy with his bright smile, soulful eyes, and angelic looks landed several roles on the big screen. In December 1956, Driscoll and his longtime girlfriend, Marilyn Jean Rush (occasionally misspelled as "Brush"), eloped to Mexico to marry despite their parents' objections. Beginning in 1953 and for most of the next three years, the bulk of his work was on television, on such anthology and drama series as Fireside Theater, Schlitz Playhouse of Stars, Front Row Center, Navy Log, TV Reader's Digest, Climax!, Ford Theatre, Studio One, Dragnet, Medic, 'and Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre.

There was no identification on the body, and photos shown around the neighborhood yielded no positive identification. Watch: Jean Hersholt and Bobby Driscoll receiving Special Awards. Within another four years, Plato lost her adoptive mother and got divorced from her husband. Death He left The Factory in late 1967 or early 1968 and, penniless, disappeared into Manhattan's underground. The latter earned him an award for Outstanding Juvenile Actor in the Juvenile Academy Awards. She got married again to Robert Menchaca. Nineteen months after his demise, Driscoll’s mother sought the support of Disney Studio officials to reach Bobby for a potential reunion with his dying father.

When they rejected me, I fought back, became belligerent and cocky—and was afraid all the time.

That’s when reporters looked into the whereabouts of the main cast, and his mother revealed the tragic news.

Among other things, he and his wife separated due to his behavior. He was never able to restart his career, despite having tried many times. The actor earned his Hollywood Star on 1560 Vine Street for his appearance as Jim Hawkins on Walt Disney’s Treasure Island (1950), and four years later, in 1954, he came out victorious in the national poll for a Milky Way Gold Star Award. His casting was suggested by screenwriter Michael Kanin. Later, Bobby and Didi relocated to Beverly Glen, and the couple began to smuggle cocaine into New York City.


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