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I love my life.

My degrees are in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. This is true to my experience. NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab Software Developer. Did you literally just answer 'yes'?

Is it stressful? Literally the only technical question in my Lockheed interview was "do you know what polymorphism is" to which I answered yes and that was enough for them.

Good luck.

Software Engineer salaries at Boeing can range from $51,792 - $196,118. If you are new, and you are applying for an entry level software developer position, most government jobs will understand that you don't know much and give you the help you need to succeed in their company.

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The interview was smooth and fair. But it took 7 weeks from submitting my Request for Determination to getting that email. Moderators have final say on whether a post is removed or not. I did a lot of self study to get to where I am. He said every thing they designed, he had to throw it away.

I've been working in QA since graduating because of severe anxiety of becoming a developer. Outsourcing software development to low-paid subcontractors and insufficient quality control practices may have contributed to Boeing’s 737 Max fatal crashes, according to a report from Bloomberg. The interviewer kept cutting me off during my explanations for the questions and multiple times asked me to promote the position, I am applying for, to my colleagues and friends. Your feedback has been sent to the team and we'll look into it.

So how will they make 767-x? Interviewers were nice, and the interview wasn't too long. I’m currently a software engineer at Boeing. Is it secure due to gov't contracts? Interview was with 2 people who asked me in depth questions about my work experience.It's been 3 months and I haven't heard anything.

However, HCL does not comment on specific work we do for our customers.

This is what happens when capitalists want more profit and put profit above safety. Rest of the interviews were to talk about life there and things they do and stuff I've done that isn't necessarily related.

I hope this helps relieve stress for a few people! We welcome civil discussion via modmail but will not engage in outright attacks, flame-bait, trolling, or spam. Haha, yes this r/cscareerquestions we are talking about. My buddy worked in gaming (gambling gaming) as an EE.

The interview was scheduled to last an hour but the actual phone interview only lasted 30 mins. All employment related questions to include application process and workplace/employment questions must be kept within the designated, monthly thread.

Had a paired programming exercise and it was nicely collaborative. Software engineer who’s worked on the code for flight control computers before.

Thus I can only work 8 hours per day which is just right. Join us as an intern and you’ll be part of a team that’s building the future of aerospace.

After that ESD should call you to set you up with your Case Manager. All listed actions must require Mod approval.

It was the blank void of communication and information that was driving me nuts, especially with open enrollment for healthcare starting up. As an Indian, I wouldn't trust anything made by HCL or similar sorts of companies. I applied online. Job security and the general low stress environment are the big positives in the industry, NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab Software Developer here. Is it because of new wings? Here's hoping I get a call from a Case Manager on Monday. The job descriptions sound complicated as hell, so will someone who needs to gain more confidence be unfit for the job?

I just brushed it off during the interview, but I thought it was incredibly unprofessional. I'm just kind of hanging in there and hoping it gets better in a few weeks which I think it will. *Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Reddiquette (Civility and respectful discussion).

When everything is going right: "WHAT AM I PAYING YOU IT GUYS FOR?!?! You can't design a bridge without at least P. Eng oversight, and the signing P. Eng has legal liability. I generally take anything anyone says that's shitty about a company with a massive hunk of salt.

Titles must reflect the article without fabricating information or misleading readers.

", When everything is going wrong: "WHAT AM I PAYING YOU IT GUYS FOR?!?!". I interviewed at Boeing. The process took 2+ months. The interview process went smoothly and employer asked me what projects I was involved throughout my career and ask why I want to get employed at Boeing and not other companies. Based on those qualifications, what would be the recommended path of self study of things to start learning that I could apply maybe towards the end of this year if I have them down enough to at least get an interview? Glassdoor will not work properly unless browser cookie support is enabled. I've emailed the recruiter but no response.The actual interviews were fine. *(4) All application related question, or new employee question, belong in the monthly thread. You will be earning income from the employer and no longer be receiving unemployment. When I am stuck on a piece of code, my co-workers and boss encourage me to ask other people and have made me feel very comfortable to share my issues. Learn how to enable cookies. *Working in an Agile environment. Describe a situation where you had to work with a difficult person, What projects you worked on and what was your role.

Are you sure you want to replace it?

They didn't even have the decency to reject me or send a follow up email. Hey there! He felt a DeVry electronics tech grad had a better chance of designing something that actually would work. How’s your journey thus far? You just described all of engineering. You are expected to finish by your deadlines but there are many resources and help that this place can offer. curious: What tech stack or language do you work? 103 Boeing Software Engineer interview questions and 105 interview reviews. Free interview details posted anonymously by Boeing interview candidates. Press J to jump to the feed. For reference, I worked on software for NASA Mission Control, ISS, and the upgrade for the LCC. You can still use the TAA benefits while employed and attending training/school, etc up to two years. Besides saving costs and production time, Boeing’s cultivation of Indian companies appeared to pay other dividends, that helped it secure several multi-billion-dollar contracts for Indian military and commercial aircraft, according to the report.

Slowly over time it appears, that’s eroded the ability for Puget Sound designers to design.”. I have recently took upon myself to learn coding and have been having fun with it.

Nothing hard and everyone was pleasant.

This is what happens when people at the director level couldn’t sell the idea to their stakeholders that you get what you pay for. This … They cloned his department in India. That would also certainly help you land the interview and also to avoid the situation I'm in now. But I also really want to eventually work for one of the Big N's and don't know if my experience as Systems or Software Engineering at Boeing would be flashy or impressive enough to raise any eyebrows. Software engineer who’s worked on the code for flight control computers before. *Web Services. You're right the pay is less than other non-government companies and clearance can be a pain but yeah it's secure. They also said after your request is processed you'll get a letter in the mail (USPS) with the result. Subreddit dedicated to the news and discussions about the creation and use of technology and its surrounding issues. Press J to jump to the feed.

How is the pay at JPL for software engineers at the junior level?

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Or is it really just finding a bunch of warm bodies to sit for 40 hours a week? They have been kind and understanding. All that’s very understandable if you think of it from a business perspective. Glassdoor has millions of jobs plus salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easy to find a job that’s right for you. lol. No employment threads outside designated thread. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. However, the Lion Air crash in Indonesia last October and the Ethiopian Airlines disaster in March, both involving the 737 Max planes were associated to the improper work of the MCAS, which was designed to avert the plane from stalling, but instead sent the aircraft into nosedives. SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Overview. The move to Chitown, got them away from all those awful tech people and their culture of extreme safety. Currently I pulled the short straw and on a real shit show of a program. I love the Jet Propulsion Lab. See a post that breaks our rules?

But an interview was accommodated that same week and I was told that they were on a deadline to make a decision by the end of the week.It has now been almost a month since that interview and no one has contacted me back. It's not just software.

And that was just hardware for casino back-end hardware, not fucking airplanes. The interview was 45 minute at a convention center.

When something happens with my family, my car or my graduate school courses, they gladly give me that time off with no extra pressure to choose work over my personal life. Engineering (whether software or otherwise) in aerospace is extremely structured, with no tolerance for mistakes in the final product and very well defined processes for everything. Software Engineer for SLS Ground Systems and Integration Vehicle Software Support Development 4 Huntsville, Alabama, United States 10/27/2020 Save Job Remove from Saved Jobs; Mid-Level Software Engineer - C2 National Team Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States 10/27/2020 Save Job Remove from Saved Jobs; Associate Real Time Software Engineer *Database experience. You should be fine as long as you can show the ability to learn in your resume and interview.

The company reportedly outsourced flight-display software and programs for flight-test equipment to third-party software developers – including Indian HCL Technologies Ltd and Cyient Ltd (formerly known as Infotech).

Funny enough I got an email yesterday saying I had been approved for Trade Act.

Just placed my 2 weeks so thank god for that. A subreddit for those with questions about working in the tech industry or in a computer-science-related job. Most of my time so far has been spent just bugging my coworkers for help and watching tutorial videos (which Boeing actually makes a lot of), but I've really been drinking from a firehose and stressing out about going in to work every morning. Here you can share videos, pictures, news articles; anything related to Boeing! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. You make it sound boring.

According to investigations from Bloomberg, HCL engineers had helped develop and test Max’s flight-display software, while employees from Cyient handled software for flight-test equipment. A damn good one, but still. The interviewee were super engaging and seemed interested in what i was saying. Is getting the security clearance a good stepping stone to get into State Government work?

*(3) Use the search bar. I am a recentish college grad (~2 years) and I am looking at a career change and have always wanted to work at Boeing. When I am working as a full time position, it is fairly relaxing. Lately though, I've been thinking about taking the plunge and becoming a developer.


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