bungo baggins characteristics

Aside from fathering Bilbo, Bungo is most remembered for the construction of the famous Bag End, which had become a topic of great discussion and a place of important meetings and gatherings concerning the world.

Race Bungo Baggins was a Hobbit of the Shire and the father of Bilbo. [5], The name Bungo was meaningless in contemporary Hobbitish Westron.

Bungo was born in TA 2846. Biographical information Death 1280 and built a luxurious Hobbit-hole called Bag End in the Hill at Hobbiton for her. They had one child, Bilbo, who was born in TA 2890. Hobbit Bungo died in TA 2926.[1].

He is the main character of the story, also being the protagonist.

Bungo was born in TA 2846. They had one child, Bilbo, who was born in TA 2890. TA 2926 (SR 1326)

1290. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (portrait) The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (portrait) Character information.

1290.Bungo and Belladonna had only one child together, the famous Bilbo Baggins.. Apart from fathering Bilbo, Bungo's other achievements were that he built and excavated the rather luxurious Bag End in the Hill in Hobbiton and that he laid down several …

This page was last modified on 7 July 2020, at 01:21. Belladonna Took, Bilbo's mother.


Birth Winter Soldier (Marvel Cinematic Universe), https://heroes-and-villain.fandom.com/wiki/Bungo_Baggins?oldid=6628.

Bungo Baggins, Bilbo's father.

father: Mungo Baggins mother: Laura Grubb. Bungo Baggins

He was the eldest of the five children of Mungo and Laura (Grubb) Baggins. Description: Bungo Baggins is the son of Mungo Baggins and Laura Grubb, the father of Bilbo Baggins and the first cousin twice removed of Frodo Baggins. Siblings: Belba Longo Linda Bingo.

TA 2846 (SR 1246) Gandalf, Belladonna Took, Bilbo Baggins


Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. History. Bungo and Belladonna had only one child together, the famous Bilbo Baggins.

Bungo died in TA 2926. Bungo married Belladonna Took sometime in S.R. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (portrait)The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (portrait) After his death, Bungo's portrait hung in the halls of Bag End by Bilbo. He was the eldest of the five children of Mungo and Laura (Grubb) Baggins. Mungo Baggins † (father) Laura Grubb † (mother) Belladonna Took † (wife) Bilbo Baggins … Chubb, Chubb, and Burrowes, auctioneers managing the liquidation of Bilbo's …

Bungo Baggins

Father and son were so much alike, in looks and behaviour, that Bilbo seemed like a "second edition" of his "solid and comfortable" father.

Bungo married Belladonna Took sometime in S.R. Feature films. Children: Bilbo Baggins. His siblings were named Belba, Longo, Linda, and Bingo. [2], Bungo was the eldest child of Mungo Baggins and Laura Grubb.


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