cargo trailer toy hauler conversion

The rear door opens in the middle, again with a bar style closure. Had to change products after purchasing 1/8" solid whit panels. Didn't want it to look like the utility trailer that it is but still need to drive the bikes up in for transport too. And rather than depreciating your cargo trailer will go up in value. It may not be the perfect design for everyone but it works for him and his family. So, to learn exactly what we needed we found TinyHouseTalk spotlighted this lovely little 7×12 insulated cargo van, which its owner lovingly converted to be used for solo getaways (or potentially a two-person trip — but certainly no more than that).
The poplar and alder cabinets are stunning. You might start to wonder if you still need your house or apartment! It sits like a floating floor as it is attached to nothing but itself. Filled to the brim with tools and not skimping out on the television square footage (because after all, catching the game is non-negotiable), Ed’s cargo trailer camper conversion is simple and effective. If seen some quick pics but no videos on how they did it. Refer it to Friends   |   

Imagine getting a better product for less — and yeah, that’s why it’s such a thing right now!


I think this was our cheapest and easiest fix.

Ordered them online from Home Depot for 20.00. With that in mind, We purchased the Npower solar panel at around $130.00. Made the curtains and hung them up with a small tension rod. If you do the conversion yourself you will learn how everything works. If you look in the picture you can see a clear hose that goes into the filter.

Didn't think we would ever find an awning.

it's large and maybe too heavy but works great. If everyone drives exactly perfect in perfect conditions with no wind factor two sportsters and a deluxe can ride safely and snugly in the trailer. As you can imagine, the size needed was very specific and not standard. Used.

If you’d like to get into RV camping but don’t want to buy a 2nd vehicle then towing a trailer is a great option. And while building your own camper trailer from scratch is the cheapest way it’s not the most time-efficient. The upper cabinet is going to be held in place with a wall cleat.Wallcleat. When you have electric hookup you can run an electric heater. On the outside, it looks just like a plain white enclosed box trailer. Steve and Kelly, who blog about their travels and experience at their … He then added a window to the door that he bought on eBay for just $8. The plywood was then covered with indoor/outdoor carpeting held down by glue and edged with molding.

It makes a nice little bug-out vehicle that won’t attract attention and comes at a fraction of the cost of a travel trailer.

In fact, the majority of campers do. And check out that Pilot Rock grill hooked onto the back.

Brian added a 13000 btu air conditioner in the ceiling which cools the small area of travel trailer effectively. It didn’t …

Because the trailer is surrounded with metal the magnets worked great. We decided to spend the extra money on the hinges and drawer mechanisms so that they will stay closed en route - well, that's the hope anyway.
Fred & Ev converted this 1970 horse trailer into a wonderful camper.

The dogs don't quite get the whole snap back closed part though. Brett mounted a 32-inch tv on the inside of the back door.

You can see it in all its glory over at Cost was about 130.00. He’s also built-in many clever hacks to make his RV life better. (Psst: if you like the look, but can’t imagine doing your own glass or tile work, check out these easy-to-use stick-on versions. furniture and cabinetry, our professionals are also capable of setting up We decided against a hot water heater as the sink is expected to be used for cooking and cleaning only. He repaired some rusty patches, stripped it down, and painted it desert tan. We had a pretty good collection of nice Oak for cabinetry and were all too happy to use it. Since the ramp would be movable, we also decided to turn it into our back porch.

They didn’t want to compromise on storage space so they made sure they had plenty of closet space for their clothes.

You can even use the same wallpaper that you have at home! We were able to use some left over solid surface material for the countertop.

Keeping it simple is what the YouTube channel is all about and this camper is fit for purpose! The bed has still to be added but will fold down from the wall.


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