chloe narcisse perfume asda
It is super duper strong and white floral.

I like it, but it's weird. I didn't even know how in love with daffodils I am! Summery scent. Every time I wear this scent, I smell a floral spicy version of fruit cocktail. Not even one spray. I remember the magazine ads from the 90's could never afford it back then so initially I was worried about the cheap price might mean a cheap nasty product. I thought I might use it to layer with another scent .

So it's Saturday morning and I'm sitting here with my morning coffee surrounded by the sweet aroma of Chloe Narcisse.

This perfume is dear to my heart. Il est narcotique, femme fatal souriante et pleine de vie! It was the first perfume I owned. They are strong & stir up allergies in some. Beautiful. The scent continues to unfold and just gets richer and richer from there. The top apricot note turned very sour and stayed for a long time.

I think it must be a lover or a hater. And to think, I had a sticker of 50 cents on you with the intent of putting you in a garage sale years ago! Chloe Narcisse is very much alike to a Brazilian perfume called Cecita by Boticário (currently off Boticário's line-up), which was quite long lasting (about 6 hours) and with good sillage.I had always assumed that Cecita was a copy of Narcisse, but now I realize it is the other way around, since Cecita was launched in 1982, a full 10 years prior Narcisse. I'm glad they didn't mess with the formula! A full-bodied, sweet, spicy floral with gourmand-like honey-fruity nuances. Choose your favorite Chloé fragrance on the official online store.


It dries down to mostly base notes within an hour, and then it doesn’t spread or offend.

I ordered a mini but what I got in error was an Oscar De La Renta mini (I guess both have similar caps). A very unique perfume. I used to wear it when I was in my sixteen. Today I tested it at TK Maxx for the first time - at last!

Narcisse is a very strong fragrance, one spray is sufficient. It's downright intense.

You know, the kind we ate as kids in the 70's and early 80's, that had peach, pear, cherries, and heavy syrup. Love this. I was given a tiny bottle of it as a child in the 90s and it was a great treasure for me, the bottle was so pretty and I thought the smell was really nice. With a simple glass bottle with flower detail lid, Chlose Narcisse Eau de Toilette Spray is a classic perfume perfect for spring and summer. I dont think it is too strong, it is just not compatible with my skin. Generous and full of amber-lit love and warmth, like sucking sweets on a warmer than usual spring day with a hand picked bouquet of spring daffodils and dirt on your knees, grass stains on your summer frock. But definetely a pure Floral- not an Oriental Floral. Just that extra zing to complement the floral. It smells dated, yes, but smells so good and is unique enough that you'll have people asking you what you're wearing regardless. I would have expected to hate that part, but I don't. When I was younger, a friend wore this. As you can guess I still loved it even then. This is a thick, unabashedly rich floral with some fruit and spice creating moving waves of scent. It is strong and lasts a while.

I think diamonds and rubies is a bit more reserved. I love the smell of this, I had a bottle years ago and passed it on to my daughter. Right off the bat, I get a mix of creamy white and yellow florals: sweet Frangipani, Ylang-ylang, Tuberose, and Narcissus (of course!). I've long loved tolu balsam and almost all the notes in this one. I get all 4 wonderful seasons and I get to experience all different sorts of fragrances bloom within the seasons. I have experienced Beautiful on the wrong person and it can be way too overpowering and reek. The heady top notes still kind of give me that ooooff-heady feeling, but my goodness the middle and base of this scent is sooo gorgeous.

Sublime, delicious. They just don't make them like this anymore. I adore this as it smells just like Johnson's Baby soap, in the pink box.

5 with I’ve hung on to it mostly because of the cute bottle.

I detect a distinct sweetness unfolding as well, but my nose can't identify which individual sweet or fruity notes are in the mix, only that it is absolutely intoxicating. Love the bottle. Narcissus by itself can be very cloying. its like a fresh floral soap melted in the soap dish in a hot bathroom. I don't know if she used to wear way too much or if it has changed so much or if my sense of smell has just dulled a bit, but I used to be knocked physically sick by it.

Hot milk, sugar, spice, some of what I smell here. The green metal spray under the translucent bud is so pretty. While having my hair trimmed recently, I noticed the most gorgeous fragrance dancing in the air. It was a young carefree floral powdery vanilla scent with some shy spices, dedicated to a younger crowd than chloe chloe. I can smell the bitter quality mentioned but to me it is gentle and not unpleasant. I worn this nice perfume for 25 years ago, and now, finally, I got a new bottle, and I love it. She's all that...and when she leaves everyone talks about how she's been married too many times, she always wears something sequined, she wears too much jewelry-but, she's dearly loved. It goes straigt in my love list! I've wanted a narcissus fragrance since late winter, just haven't decided which I'm ready to blind buy. They are destroying an era of masterpieces for both the young and old and everything in between.

Think of Dilys as the grown up and cultured sister of young Chloe. Please PM me. I usually do go overboard with sprays. If anyone has one which you are not currently using, I would like to purchase it from you of swap. I can do vintage, but vintage yellow florals frighten me a little. Chloe Narcisse Chloe is my beloved perfume in my collection of perfumes. I can see myself wearing this a lot and will be ordering a bigger bottle because I don’t think 30ml will last me long!


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