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Russia. About “Chum Drum Bedrum” (Unreviewed) Actually the actual name of this song is ‘'7th Element’‘ . The song, perhaps better known as “that weird Russian babbling song,” was once exclusively popular in China during Vitas’ pre-viral days, but it’s now almost inescapable since the singer’s revival in the western world in 2015. Vitas’ viral stardom began in June 2015, when Redditor jai_kasavin posted the music video, which was then quickly uploaded to YouTube channel vipnews2010, where it’s since been viewed over 20 million times. Christian Rich originally considered Thom Yorke to perform the hook to make it sound bigger, but Sweatshirt refused, as he didn't want to go for that sound. "Chum" deals with Earl Sweatshirt's feelings and thoughts after a week since his return from Samoa in 2012.

We've got more than 1,8 million followers on Facebook. It might be hard for some to imagine a world in which Vitas is taken as a serious musician but this was early 2000’s Russia, where Vitas was a star for all the right reasons. ", and a sample of Chad Hugo laughing.[6]. December 2005. "Chum Drum Bedrum" Track Info. Get the chum drum bedrum neck gaiter and mug. According to a member of the duo Kehinde Hassan, "he was going nuts in the studio like, “Wow, okay listen, you guys got to do this project with me.”"[5] Sweatshirt's first album Doris was produced over the course of about four or five months, and "Chum" was created on its first three days of making the LP.

Russian pop singer Vitas performs during a vocal concert, the third leg of his 2007 China Concert Tour on June 19, 2007 in Chongqing Municipality, China. "[8] The song's instrumentation consists of a tumbling piano loop, a low-octave, fuzzy bass, drums, vocals, and other sampled sounds. And, with the official song of the 2018 World Cup in Russia undecided, could the man himself be rolled out for one final comeback?

Sweatshirt had heard of the two before, and the duo met with Sony's A&R staff for Sweatshirt to hear their beats. Click here to find out more. The most recent pre-viral publicity Vitas received came in a bizarre confrontation with a man falsely claiming to be his father on Let Them Talk, the Russian TV equivalent of the Jerry Springer Show. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.

Vitaly Vladasovich Grachev (Russian: Виталий Владасович Грачёв; born 19 February 1979), known professionally as Vitas (Russian: Витас, IPA: ), is a Russian language singer and actor. He also made headlines in 2013 when he hit a cyclist while driving. In a world tiring of reality TV, our sense of humor has grown stranger, and figures like Vitas once labeled as nothing more than eccentric outcasts are being revived for trolling purposes. [3][6] Christian Rich originally considered Thom Yorke to perform the hook to make it sound bigger, but Sweatshirt refused, as he didn't want to go for that sound. Originally from Odessa in Ukraine, the Russian-speaking singer first came to the fore in 2001 with his hit Opera #2. [6][7] The song was recorded by Julian Prindle at Paramount Recording Studios in Hollywood, California. ming, chums 1. a.

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For many, Vitas’ flamboyant hit 7th Element represents a kind of unofficial national anthem of the internet.

Vitas may have viral fame to thank for his success in the West, but he achieved stardom in Russia long before. [3][4] These would include his absent father, his relationship with his mom, and being raised with problems about his identity. b. Perhaps it’s surprising the video from 2001 didn’t catch on sooner. Wrap all these oddities in an outrageous silver jumpsuit and a black star-shaped crown, and there you have it: One of the internet’s most confusing spectacles. A Russian man wearing a jumpsuit made of wool. Finally, the singer’s magical meme potential was given the recognition it deserved. [6] The sampled sounds used in the track includes a scream sound effect played at the beginning, which was from a Wu-Tang Clan song the duo listened to years before and wanted to use, a looped recording of Taiwo Hassan saying to the song's engineer "Can you turn that up? Vitas’ bizarre abilities continued to gain traction in 2016 and 2017, when 7th Element was re-spun by almost every content creator under the sun. Among the most memorable remixes are an (intentionally) low-quality flute cover, a mash-up with comic viral rapper Big Shaq, a 10-hour version of the song, and a trap remix by DJ Ariel (actually more bearable than it sounds). He also landed a part in the Chinese version of the film Mulan. For many, Vitas’ flamboyant hit 7th Element represents a kind of unofficial national anthem of the internet. Naomi Zeichner, Duncan Cooper (May 7, 2013). At the same time, Thebe had his own plans and he was kinda scared, cause he didn’t want to disappoint anyone. He is known for his unique falsetto which he displays when performing his … Wroten&siging by the Vitas. [5] The song was produced using Logic Pro,[6] and the beat was the quickest and rawest made on the album. If using any of Russia Beyond's content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material. [6], Sweatshirt came up with the piano and bass line,[6] and recorded his vocals in one take,[8] while Christian Rich made the drums. Is he not perfect “tag a friend and say nothing” material? [3] According to Syd tha Kyd, "Everybody had missed him so much and nobody really knew what to say.

Whatever it is, Vitas doesn’t seem too put out about it. Perhaps most impressively, he acquired an enormous fanbase in China around the same time, boasting two sold-out tours there. To display good-natured friendliness: chummed around with the other teammates. Bait usually consisting of oily fish ground up and scattered on the water. [6][8] Kehinde Hassan said in an interview with MTV News that "Most of the sessions were about five hours of talking crap — what artists you like and you don't like, having fun — and then he'll just black out and be like, 'OK I got a verse.' [2], Taiwo Hassan wrote the chorus for "Chum", and Sweatshirt came up with the verses. He totally looked like chum drum bedrum.

by Definition creator September 16, 2017. Jaycen Joshua mixed the track at Larrabee Sound Studios in North Hollywood, and it was later mastered by Dave Kutch at the Mastering Palace in New York City. Singer, composer and artist Vitas (Vitaly Grachev). Hey , have you seen that dude. This website uses cookies. The 7th element is a musical and lyrical masterpiece blessed to planet earth for the people to listen to and enjoy. As a result of the song’s success, a similar tongue-moving rollercoaster of his song Soul also went viral on Facebook, under the caption, “Weird tongue man is back!”. But the Vitas cult is undoubtedly curious as he’s more than the mere meme he appears to be at first glance. Eyeing Vitas (real name Vitaly Grachov) in action, you probably felt deeply unnerved at his suspicious expertise in tongue-rolling and the cheeky “ooh, caught you looking” eye contact he makes with the camera. Translation of '7 элемент (7 element)' by Vitas (Витас) from Russian to English Two full-length albums followed the success of Opera #2 and Vitas was invited to the Kremlin in 2003 to perform in front of President Vladimir Putin, alongside Italian composer Lucio Dalla.


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