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There’s no record of her early life, but she and Craig have been together for many years. There’s not much known about Kim Carton. He detailed an omitted chapter from his book, “Loudmouth: Tales (and Fantasies) of Sports, Sex, and Salvation from Behind the Microphone,” that he said his publisher, Simon & Schuster, thought didn’t fit in the otherwise wise-cracking stories. Esiason and his new partner, Gregg Giannotti, have had success. “I walked out with nothing,” Carton said. Carton was released from prison this summer after serving a bit more than a year of his 3 1/2-year sentence. Though WFAN is not in a rush to make a deal, the expectation is still that it will make the time slot available to Carton if he wants it. The Comeback: The documentary ends with these words that potentially could be updated by the actual air date: “Craig has negotiated a radio comeback. Tribeca was not considered a shopping hub unlike, say, SoHo. The 43-year-old is from Huntington Valley in Pennsylvania. Former WFAN radio personality Craig Carton sentenced to prison. Carton begged the judge for no prison time during the sentencing hearing, but McMahon said it was necessary. Here’s what you need to know about Kim Carton. Former CBS radio executive Chris Oliviero was also in attendance. He ran a Ponzi-like ticket-selling scheme duping over $5.0 million from investors. Carton maintained complete innocence leading into his trial, but his defense team admitted in closing arguments he had lied to investors about how their money would be used, arguing that was not a crime as long as he intended to eventually refund all money to investors - an assertion McMahon railed against while delivering her sentence. “There he was in my bed, on top of me, doing things I knew were so hurtful to me to my core, things that would forever change me in the course of my life, things that should never be done to any human being.”. NEW YORK -- Craig Carton’s former radio partner was not in the courtroom, but his old boss and producer were. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. If not, Carton already has a firm offer to work mornings at Philadelphia’s 97.5 The Fanatic, sources have told The Post. He said his initial success at the tables led to investors giving him money to try to win more. James Kratch may be reached at But the cheating rumors are unproved and should be taken with a grain of salt. But the latest one takes the cake! It carries clothes and accessories from famous brands and even up-and-coming labels. Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify, Gang's All Here: A NY Jets Podcast The Gambling Problem: In the documentary, Carton said he lived two lives. Your California Privacy Rights The two grew close over their 10-year on-air marriage. I got very upset and started crying. “I woke up and it was happening and it was surreal,” Carton said during the documentary. Chris Christie, Carton’s longtime friend. Childhood Trauma: It is a small section of the documentary, but probably the most poignant. He had been convicted for misappropriation of funds to cover debts from gambling. People are curious to know about Kim Carton and how she’s coping with her husband’s arrest. It was alleged that Craig had an affair with Aro and Kim found out about it through a private investigator she hired. Carton called his former New Jersey producer, Charod Williams. If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts or are experiencing a mental health crisis, call the 24/7 National Suicide Prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or go to The place needed a makeover into a fashion destination. Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Your California Privacy Rights Ex-WFAN host Craig Carton’s mansion to sell for $1M, less than half original price Updated Dec 20, 2018; Posted Dec 20, 2018 Ex-WFAN host Craig Carton … One on the air and with his family and one as a gambler who was addicted to blackjack. Radio host, Craig Carton has had a few scandals in his day. You are not jumping.’, “As I’m telling myself not to do it, I’m inching closer and closer to the edge of the seat because I’m going, there is no doubt in my mind that I’m jumping off this chair lift, it is just a matter of when.”. Chris Christie and Esiason, among others. Carton’s attorneys asked for leniency before sentencing, citing Carton’s compulsive gambling addiction and sexual abuse he suffered as a child as mitigating factors, as well as letters of support from former Gov. Sitemap In the documentary, he said he borrowed $30 million to bet mostly on blackjack. Get the latest odds on all the top sports. Radio host, Craig Carton has had a few scandals in his day. Follow him on Twitter @JamesKratch. Since opening Valley, Carton and Brookstein have seen commerce develop in Tribeca with more restaurants and malls opening there. Esiason said he was a foxhole guy, but not if you bring a “grenade” into the foxhole. September 23, 2020 | 6:55pm | Updated September 23, 2020 | 10:29pm. The Post has previously reported that WFAN is figuring out if it will make an offer to Carton to do an afternoon-drive show. Carton and Brookstein launched their boutique, Valley at New York’s Tribeca in 2013. Don’t do it! Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify, © 2020 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved Craig Carton Used Gambling To Cope With Childhood Sexual Assault - Ridgewood-Glen Rock, NJ - 'My family knew I liked to gamble, but they had no idea of the extent I would gamble,' said Carton… Please support the journalism you trust. “And the crazy part about it, was just as he was getting off the ski lift, he said, ‘Go F yourself, I’ll talk to you about this later.’”. We've received your submission. Craig Carton said he nearly committed suicide in 2017 a month before he was arrested on four counts of fraud by the FBI. Craig Carton’s wife, Kim Carton, tends to stay out of the spotlight unlike her husband. Carton, who hosted an afternoon show on New Jersey 101.5 prior to his time at WFAN, was arrested Sept. 6, 2017 at his Manhattan apartment and charged with helping to run a multi-million-dollar Ponzi scheme in order to pay off gambling debts. Kim not only gave her a place to stay, she helped Brookstein get back on her feet by collaborating on a business with her. Besides, Aro is married to a man named Kraig. Carton said he was making $2 million a year at the height of his morning-show success. They decorated Valley with fixtures from Urban Chandy, which uses recyclable materials and low-wattage bulbs. Carton’s attorney asked to be allowed until Monday, April 8 to request the prison site Carton will be sent to, asking that his family’s ability to visit him be considered. Perhaps the often-times scandalous attention on her husband is what prompts Kim Carton to stay out of it. He was diagnosed with Tourettes when he was in his teens. He will need to surrender to the federal government on July 15. So they decided to open their first store in Tribeca. “There were times when I met a buddy on a street corner in New York City and he would hand me a knapsack and inside that knapsack was a million dollars,” Carton said. Consequently, the FBI came knocking on his door on Wednesday and arrested him. The two have made up and now are on good footing. Carton has a wife and four children. In next month’s HBO documentary, “Wild Card: The Downfall of a Radio Loudmouth,” Carton said that, while on vacation with his wife in Whistler, British Columbia, he was riding on a ski lift chair by himself.


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