creswell colliery mining disaster 1950

James Arthur Harrison aged 60 years, cutterman. And others could have made the grade, but stopped to finish off It's the history of the coal mines, and this little mining town In our region, the Bolsover Colliery Co. Ltd was formed in 1889 by Emerson Muschamp Bainbridge, who then secured a lease from the Duke of Portland to erect a colliery in Creswell. Twilight over Cresswell pit, Derbyshire, near the Notts border. 5 Heading could not be reached. Its price is far beyond our ken, away from mortal eyes by David Amos | Sep 28, 2020 | Anniversaries, Blog, Event, News, Uncategorised.

A telephone line to the surface remained intact, allowing the trapped miners to provide details of their location to their rescuers. Full eighty gallant human souls have gone to meet the cost August 1951. Most were eventually rescued three days later, but 13 died. Beyond all doubt at last they knew, the issue lay with Him Relatives Await News At The Pithead: An official statement says that it is impossible to rescue eighty of the men trapped by a wall of flame at Creswell Colliery, Dorbyshire. Towards this little village our sympathies are sent The mine again has taken toll, and claimed its savage rent Full eighty gallant human souls have gone to meet the cost "The Price of Coal" have gone to join "The Legion of the Lost" In Creswell Village, vale of tears, with every home bereaved When the district was later reopened and explored to assess its safety in 1951, the remaining bodies were located and recovered at last. Creswell Colliery mining disaster, 1950. 1950 is recent enough for the day of the event and its immediate aftermath to exist in the memories of some of the older residents, while the scars run deep through each preceding generation.

William Ernest Stonach aged 36 years, ripper. Most were eventually rescued three days later, but 13 died. Roberyt Idris Price aged 34 years, packer. Friends, families, and co-workers found their relationships strained by conflicting stances with many still harbouring the strain to this day.

C. Hemmingray aged 25 years, conveyor erector. The old, old tale of British grit, that never lets us down The rescue teams who risked their lives, all miners, picked and fit In the darker moments we grieve for the 13 men that lost their lives after moss, peat and water engulfed Knockshinnoch Castle… Fig 1. The inrush occurred at the point where the No. George William Gillert aged 38 years, ripper. William Henry Orvice aged 49 years, conveyor erector. Sadly, like many before and after it, Creswell Colliery was forced to close in 1991. But as the weary hours dragged by, and as their hopes grew dim ... On 26th September 1950 a disaster occurred when a conveyor fire caused the deaths of 82 men from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. For the first time in years, the Top Hard pump that supplied the water failed to commence at the start of the night shift, but unfortunately no action was taken to repair this problem. Coal production was in the region of 4.5–5000 tons per week. Black diamonds dug by sweat and blood embowelled in the earth Last Saturday (September 26) marked the seventieth anniversary of the Creswell Colliery disaster; a tragedy that claimed the lives of eighty local miners. In pictures: Knockshinnoch Colliery mining disaster at BBC,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 July 2020, at 22:48. British Pathe News described this as "a truly remarkable story of how ordinary men worked tirelessly in a race against time and the forces of nature to achieve one of the most dramatic and remarkable rescues ever attempted."[1]. Creswell Colliery Another old picture, from the end of 1992. Thomas Arthur Severn aged 46 years, datal. Kenneth F. Robinson aged 25 years, packer. Last Saturday (September 26) marked the seventieth anniversary of the Creswell Colliery disaster; a tragedy that claimed the lives of eighty local miners. As some of you will remember, the Miner’s Strikes of 1972/4 and 1984-5 saw our region divided.

A glaciated lake filled with liquid peat and moss flooded pit workings trapping more than a hundred miners underground. It was mostly extracted from two seams known locally as the ‘Main Coal’ and the ‘Turf Coal’.

After retrieving forty-seven bodies, it quickly became apparent that the atmosphere was too deadly for there to be any survivors and the rescue mission was subsequently called off. Charles Foulkes aged 49 years, cutterman. Despite the efforts of striking miners, the 1980s and early 1990s saw deindustrialisation claim hundreds of pits across North England and Wales, leaving thousands of skilled men unemployed. Featured image credit: The Derby Telegraph. The event has been referred to as one of the worst post-nationalisation mining disasters in England. As any Creswell native will tell you, if you read the list of the deceased, you may recognise some of the surnames as many survive in the village to this day. John William Hunphreys aged 50 years, ripper. William Mellish aged 55 years, steel supervisor. The pit's owners employed a policy of advanced mechanisation making the ‘Castle’ one of the best equipped and most productive collieries in the Ayrshire coalfield. And as before, these tales are told - The Annals of the Mine Six working close to the pit bottom managed to escape before they were sealed in by the sludge. Kenneth Amos Goucher aged 42 years, conveyor erector. John William Brocklehurst aged 44 years, packer. But broken hearts they leave behind, when in the churchyard laid

The weekly output of the colliery in 1950 was just over 14,000 tons. Joseph Taylor aged 42 years, face timberman. In order to extinguish the fire and avoid a possible firedamp explosion, it was agreed by the National Coal Board, the work men’s unions, and the Inspectorate to seal off the district where the fire had taken place. The new pit attracted many miners from Lanarkshire. Their women waited up above, and as they hoped and prayed Lee John Buxton aged 59 years, steel supervisor. The Knockshinnoch disaster was a mining accident that occurred in September 1950 in the village of New Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. With heavy heart, at last they left the pals they loved behind Plans had been made for Hindley to stay overtime and repair the belt, but were cancelled by the overman (H. Godfrey) who gave instructions for the belt to continue running until all the coal was cleared. Of one who could have saved himself, but turning back to find 1952 LONDON However, a further 13 men were unaccounted for. An inquiry into the causes and circumstances of the events that night was held by Sir Andrew Bryan at the Miners’ Institute in Creswell on October 17, 1951. The job that they had set themselves, twas honesty enough And once again, as in a flash, the price of coal is paid 5 Heading section of the 'Main coal' seam in the South Boig district of the mine. If you are experiencing problems whilst listening to our show please let us know by emailing us at So once again the bell was tolled, at what a tragic cost Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Horace Attenborough aged 45 years, packer. Creswell Colliery on the day of the disaster – 26th September 1950. The pit brought prosperity back to a local mining community that had been in decline. also include a photograph of the deceased. The liquid matter had come from a glaciated lake just below the surface.

Creswell Colliery DisasterBy Walter Oxley, J.P. It is agreed that the fire started at 03:45 while 232 workers were still underground. CRESWELL COLLIERY, DERBYSHIRE REPORT On the causes of, and the circumstances attending, the accident which occurred at Creswell Colliery, Derbyshire, on the 26th September, 1950 BY SIR ANDREW BRYAN, D.Sc., F.R.S.E. Photo Credit – MuBu Miner collection.

On Thursday, 7 September 1950 at approximately 7.30 pm – during the afternoon shift – a large volume of liquefied peat or moss broke down into the No. Bodies recovered on the 25th March, 1951. next to the name to see the web page.

Attempts were made by trained firefighters to extinguish the flames, but due to unfortunate coincidence, the water supply was insufficient. Those names marked with , Alfred Edgar Bryan aged 56 years, packer.

As the men remained trapped underground, rescue teams began to try and reach them before they were engulfed by the encroaching sludge or they were overcome by the rapidly deteriorating air quality and gas. Pr stnltd by the Ministtr of Fuel and Powlr to Parliament by Command of Her Majesty June. James Lewis Sadler aged 41 years, ripper. Fifty-one employees managed to escape via the return airway, while the remaining eighty sadly succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning. The mine again has taken toll, and claimed its savage rent In 1952, the film The Brave Don't Cry was made about the disaster. The colliery also boasted a great welfare programme for its employees including a new canteen and pithead baths (which had opened during the first week of September 1950). For several days rescue teams worked non-stop to reach the trapped men. A groove was detected in the belt, though the cause could not be identified, so the conveyor was started and checked at regular intervals throughout the shift, with the final inspection occurring at 20:30. Creswell is in Derbyshire but close to the borders of Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire. The disaster was an international media event. The inrush of liquid rushed back down the incline filling miles of underground workings and sealing off all escape routes to the surface. Ernest Leslie Needham aged 44 years, stone contractor. Creswell Colliery Disaster By Walter Oxley, J.P. If you would like to become a part of our station please email us at or CLICK HERE to fill in our online form. Knockshinnoch conjures up mixed emotions. In Creswell Village, vale of tears, with every home bereaved After three days, the men were eventually rescued by being led through the old disused gas-filled Bank No.


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