cry baby bridge illinois
In Kirkland, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland, there was once an orphanage operated by a mysterious man known as Dr. Crow.

Love Ford Bridge is believed to be haunted by the ghost of an inebriated young man who jumped into the Embarras River and drowned. He refused.

Moreover, a group of Satanists are said to sacrifice animals and children at the location. In one gruesome story, a van full of children coming back from a birthday party spun out of control and plummeted off the side of the bridge. The woman was the mother of young triplets, and the three children were in the car with her. According to these believers, the woods near the bridge have long been the site of occult satanic rituals, which have led the evil Goatman to make his home there.

Visitors occasionally hear whispering, talking, rattling chains, and screams as if the lynchings were being repeated over and over again. All of them are heavily coated in graffiti—a testament to their popularity for nighttime excursions.

The cabin has since been relocated to Rochester, Illinois near a city park.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'mysteriousheartland_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',106,'0','0'])); The area around Love Ford Bridge is home to several notorious places, not the least of which is Happy Holler, a bar and sound stage popular with bikers, truckers, and hunters. One eyewitness who spoke to authors Chad Lewis and Terry Fisk claimed that he heard the sound of splashing and laughing coming from the river near the bridge. One concerns a young mother who drowned her unwanted child in the river under the bridge, and the infant’s cries can still be heard. However, others claim that the woman was terrified of her husband and was rushing home to avoid displeasing him and becoming the target of his nasty temper. When she rejected his advances, he murdered her by cutting off her head in her own home. We have 14 images about Cry Baby Bridge including images, pictures, photos, wallpapers, and more. There, she dropped the baby in to the water and drown it. The driver, who was wearing a clown suit, can still sometimes be seen clawing his way back onto the road. Legend is the man killed his family then hung himself on the bridge nearby.

However, those crossing at night have a completely different experience when the cries of long-dead infants shatter the tranquil night.

Now, if you put your car in neutral while on the bridge, invisible hands will push you safely to the other side. People have visited some out of the way bridge and heard unusual sounds that resemble a baby crying. At first glance, Van Sant (Crybaby) Bridge in New Hope simply looks like an enchanting covered bridge, a calming piece of PA's past in the midst of a turbulent 21st century.


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