cry baby bridge kirtland, ohio

The bridge spans Silver Creek. We parked on the bridge and heard weird noises but I think it was the water rushing.".

It is said that honking the horn three times will elicit a response from the ghostly children. You can find Cry Baby Bridge Alabama on Kali Oka Road – just pass dead man’s bend – in Saraland. According to Glass, nearly identical stories of crybaby bridges in Maryland and Ohio began to appear online in 1999, but they could not be confirmed through local oral history or the media. While the details of the legend are unclear, the screams of a baby late into the night aren’t.

[8], "Crybaby Bridge", or "Spook Bridge", located about 25 miles west of Texarkana, runs across county road 4130, located 4 miles south of De Kalb, Texas. Map: 40°55′47″N 80°49′48″W / 40.929744°N 80.829978°W / 40.929744; -80.829978, This crybaby bridge is in the area of the melon heads. All around Wisner road there are supposed to be these melon head people running around.

Others also claim that the headless ghost of the murdered mother can be spotted roaming the nearby woods with a lantern in her hand as she searches for her lost baby. It is also alleged that if a car is stopped on the bridge and baby powder is poured on the hood, baby footprints may appear in the powder. This crybaby bridge is in the area of the melon heads. Legend says that a mother driving a car plunged into the creek and the baby drowned in the near-freezing waters. It's located specifically on Rockland Road, just off of Uniontown Road outside of Westminster's city limits past Rt. [3], One of many purported crybaby bridges is located near Doylestown, Ohio, in an area known as Rogue's Hollow.

The bridge is on Wisner Road in Chardon Township, Geauga County, Ohio, just north of Kirtland Chardon Rd. Wisner Road Crybaby Bridge, Kirtland Hills, Ohio "Ok, so this is the version I heard of crybaby bridge in Kirtland. The bridge is one of several rumors about locations along Sleepy Hollow Road. [6] Among Glass' examples was the story of a bridge located in Westminster, Maryland, which concerned the murder of escaped slaves and African American children. There are many different crybaby bridges in Ohio.

There are several of these supposed bridges across the state But at this one, the most popular legend goes from the hours of 11pm and 1am (yes it depends on daylight savings time, "i guess") if you sit on the bridge, you will hear a baby cry.

Annette Sawyer of Lufkin said visitors who come to the site at night claim they have heard sounds resembling a baby crying. Ghostly figures, mists, and lights have been reported, as well as black hooded figures and a phantom train.

The bridge is on Wisner Road in Chardon Township, Geauga County, Ohio, just north of Kirtland Chardon Rd. Railroad tracks lie 25 feet below the bridge, and at least 36 people are said to have been reported dead on or around the Maud Hughes Road Bridge. Those who believe in this version of the story insist that on hot summer nights, those standing on the bridge can hear the baby’s tragic cries. There is a bridge down Wisner and if you go there, park your car and turn it off you are supposed to hear sounds of babies crying. [4], In Weird Maryland: Your Travel Guide to Maryland's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets, authors Matt Lake, Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman include three first-person narratives of crybaby bridge experiences in Maryland.

Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The man then supposedly perished with unexplained causes. [11][12], Locals from the small town of Bear River City, Utah claim that many years ago a mother drove off the bridge with her two children in the car, killing all three of them. While the details of the legend are unclear, the screams of a baby late into the night aren’t. One visitor supposedly found the imprint of a baby’s hand on her auto window after returning from the bridge. [7] The closed road remains as an access way to high-voltage utility lines. It's said if you drive around you will see one. from October to May, as the steeper portion of the road is seasonally closed to prevent accidents. The bridge is only approachable from Hametown Rd. All around Wisner road there are supposed to be these melon head people running around. The bridge is property of the Rogue's Hollow historical society, which also owns the adjacent Chidester Mill.

The story claims that a ghost mom continues to look for her ghost baby near the bridge. A large section of the road is permanently closed; the bridge lies just before the south end of the closed section. Many are also accompanied by an urban legend relating to a baby or young child/children, There is an alleged "Crybaby" bridge in Blackstone, Virginia.

[4] The "baby cries" have been said to be heard at night or during the day.

Some claim to have heard a child's voice saying "Don't do it, Mother! To this day, many people have reported hearing the ghosts' conversations, then a woman's scream followed by a man's scream. In 2010, there was a murder of an elderly woman that was found, strangled to death and burned just off the bridge. Maybe we should have.

It's said if you drive around you will see one.

Map: 39°23′40″N 84°24′38″W / 39.394551°N 84.410427°W / 39.394551; -84.410427. The legend says that a car carrying a man and a woman stalled on top of the bridge. Regional newspapers, such as the American Sentinel and the Democratic Advocate, which usually covered racially motivated murders of the period, make no mention of the events described online. It is reputed to have been the site of many terrible accidents and suicides.

The legendary Sarah Jane is Sarah Jane Block, who lost no children and lived to the age of 99. Reportedly, mothers would drop their unwanted, sick, or deformed babies off the bridge to drown in the water, and their crying can still be heard there. We went there and while trying to find the road we were pulled over. … There's two different reasons, one is they are the sounds of children who drowned and two is it is the sounds of the melon head children who were burned alive in an orphanage fire nearby. 31.

The Crybaby Bridge is located on Whitesville Road in Columbus and is a very popular place for young teens to hang out on the weekends. There is also a rumor that there is a cult of some sort in the woods surrounding the bridge. Supposedly, If you stop your car on the bridge and shut it off, you will hear the mom or the baby trying to find each other.

The original bridge has been replaced by a newer one made of steel and concrete. This bridge is located on Galehouse Road, between Rogue Hollow Road and Hametown Road.


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