deathwatch book ending

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So they're in this desert then madec offers Ben a deal. Book Summary on Deathwatch by Robb White. In all the deals someone gets cheated. Once Madec has scaled most of the way up the wall of the rock, Ben attempts to leave in the jeep but the rotor has been removed. The Deathwatch stand apart. The review of this Book prepared by David Fletcher. So they get in a Debate. Madec is certain Ben cannot survive, as they are in a hot desert 45 miles from the nearest highway, but just to make sure, he watches Ben from a distance, using the scope on his rifle. Ben is able to locate a cache of dirty water and shoot birds for food. However, Ben finds enough water to survive, and also finds a wrist-brace slingshot and some buckshot that had belonged to the prospector. Click on a plot link to find similar books.


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