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Were you trying to look good just for him? So when I go swimming that’s what I wear, even with my sisters. … From the viewers perspective, and Owais’, the way that you were dressed at times may have given him the wrong signal. The show's title is a play on the name of British rapper, Dizzee Rascal, and Desi, a term for people from the Indian subcontinent. Desi Rascals chronicled the lives of a multi-generational cast living within the British Asian … “It’s sad to hear from people who don’t understand this. So people often assume that I’m Muslim, but I’m not. “The way he teased my love handles or my weight … I didn’t take that to heart at all. “It’s not nice to see. In our exclusive gupshup, Rita discusses her racial background, body issues, and relationship with Owais. [2], The first series of Desi Rascals, with a total of twelve episodes, began showing on Tuesday 20 January 2015. You said that you were friends, but was there chemistry between you? “I appreciate everyone’s opinion on different clothes. But Rita is strong-minded, so she knows how to handle herself. I don’t own a one piece, and I’ve always thought they were quite ‘granny-ish’. Desi Rascals chronicled the lives of a multi-generational cast living within the British Asian community of London. … Catch the new series of Desi Rascals for more tension, awkwardness and sexual chemistry on Wednesdays at 8pm on Sky1. “I thought we had that banter and it was fine. The Negative Effects of a Birth Control Pill, Rapper Raja Kumari releases Debut Hindi Song ‘Shanti’, ‘Care Ni Karda’ by Yo Yo Honey Singh Most Viewed in 24 Hrs, Neha Kakkar Weds Rohanpreet Singh in Delhi, Guru Randhawa’s ‘Naach Meri Rani’ crosses 35M Views, Aryananda Babu wins Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs 2020, 6 Famous Indian Racing Drivers in the Fast Lane.

On 6 July 2015, it announced that former The Only Way Is Essex cast member Jasmine Walia, her boyfriend Ross Worswick (Ex on the Beach), The Apprentice star Solomon Akhtar and Farah Rai of Take Me Out will all be starring in the second series. I apologised straight away and it was just a joke. “I’ve been hurt before with Adam so I was apprehensive. “All I have for swimming are bikinis. [1] The show was created by former producer of The Only Way Is Essex, Tony Wood, and Bend It Like Beckham director, Gurinder Chadha. Desi Rascals is a structured-reality television series broadcast by Sky 1 and Sky Living in the United Kingdom. Yasmin Karimi 138,597 views. “I’m the biggest believer that if something feels right, go with it. Mon 19 Jan 2015 13.00 EST Last modified on Tue 19 Dec 2017 16.28 EST. A lot of people thought that you were demeaning towards him, how do you explain that? You mentioned that you were Pakistani and Italian, ‘Pakistalian’. Healthcare assistant and phlebotomist, wife to Manoj Shah and mother to Natalie and Jo, Assistant supermarket manager/supervisor, sister to Jo Shah, Performer and Bollywood dancer, sister to Natalie Shah, This page was last edited on 14 October 2020, at 17:30. Instead, the show will focus on the real issues faced by the community and the importance of family. The second, and last series, began on 22 July 2015 and lasted eight episodes. “I think it is evident with what was shown. But Rita is strong-minded, so she knows how to handle herself. Are the UK Covid-19 rules impacting Relationships & Sex? He does have playground tactics in that he likes to be the alpha male. What do you think about that? But when we became exclusive it gave me that stability which was needed. After a successful first series, a second was commissioned by Sky and began broadcasting on Sky 1 on 22 July 2015. “The clothes that I have are pencil skirts, bikinis and dresses. “He’s a great guy, his heart is in the right place. Keep watching to find out!”. • Desi Rascals begins on Tuesday 20 January at 8pm on Sky Living HD. Desi Rascals was cancelled on 15 October 2015 after disappointing ratings in the second series. “I’m thankful that we live in a democratic country where we can express ourselves through our clothes, and wear what we want without criticism. Boxer Amir Khan looking at a Move into Politics? “My father is Pakistani and I have his surname. “We are not all traditional and even if we are, we can be westernised at the same time.”. Images courtesy of Instagram and Twitter of Rita Siddiqui, Copyright © 2008-2020 DESIblitz. So how do you feel about the negative feedback that you have received online? “We’re hoping to bring Adam into the show more. Bold Indian Actress 'Sapna Bhabhi' to join Bigg Boss 14? What are the benefits of being mixed race? “All of that was in jest, I even said that I didn’t mean to be condescending.

Dazzling Desi Rascals star, Rita Siddiqui, meets with DESIblitz for an exclusive interview.

The second series trailer was released on 10 July 2015 and unlike the first series, will be broadcast on the main Sky channel Sky 1 rather than Sky Living. I love fashion, but I have a particular look which I wear around everyone.”. Sky Living director Antonia Hurford-Jones told Broadcast that the "way into" Desi Rascals would be through the eyes of a group of British Asian thirty-somethings. Rita Siddiqui’s scenes with Owais Khan have created brilliant television on Desi Rascals, from cringe-worthy moments to heated confrontations. Her motto: “Live and let live.”, "I think what we will show will be interesting to both Windows and XBOX gamers.


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