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We are a company specializing in high THCV products. The hairs also give the trichome frosting an amber tint. Potentially, it may cause some people to cough a little. Our vape pens are 25%-30% THCV, and are cultivated with Soil & Sun. We don’t currently sell Doug’s Varin seeds. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Studies and research may be at its infancy stage, but there are reasons to believe it can help relieve tremors and panic attacks as well as stimulate the brain and promote bone growth. His articles include tutorials on growing... [read more].

After all, its name does sound like it came straight out of a video game. Most users should be familiar with CBD and THC, but THCV until this day remains somewhat obscure. Immediately upon the onset you’ll feel a rush of Uplifted creative energy that leaves you motivated, focused, and ready for anything that comes your way. Most people regard marijuana as an appetite booster, and that is technically accurate. Darn! Mistaking Doug’s Varin for a fictional character is easy.

However, it should not deviate too much from typical Sativa plants.

THCV is a cannabinoid that is extremely rare and believed to have many medicinal qualities. There are no dispensaries, in our database, that sell this strain in Portland, OR. You’ll be clear-headed and rejuvenated with a sense of purpose that is not overwhelming. Doug’s Varin has super frosty medium-sized neon green lumpy nugs with gold hairs and undertones and a layer of amber hued milky trichomes. There are no reviews yet.

To many users, Doug’s Varin is like a breath of fresh air. About Doug’s Varin™ and California Cannabinoids, Inc.

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The Doug's Varin strain is a pure sativa strain with a level of 19 percent THC. While the hybrid can keep users on the go, it can also be debilitating. We're filling in this page with lab-sourced data and expert information.

It is a fast-acting hybrid that sends an energizing cerebral stimulation. A great analgesic, Doug’s Varin provides a reprieve for users suffering different kinds of aches and pain.

People reply on consumer reviews and posting reviews is a way of giving back.

Doug’s Varin is a rare and mysterious strain, and all we know is that it originated in California.

Doug’s Varin is a rare sativa that was specially crafted to contain high amounts of the psychoactive cannabinoid THCV.

Doug’s Varin Experience.

As the psychedelic high builds up, a keen sense of happiness sets in and soon soars to euphoric heights. It may result in visual distortions.

Three main compounds that contribute to Doug Varin’s medical value – CBD, THC, and THCV. Surprisingly, the Doug’s Varin high works to suppress hunger rather than increase it, making it great for patients who suffer from binge eating disorder. This strain has CBD levels which are pretty low. A big part of the reason why Doug’s Varin provides energy is due to the high amount of Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) it contains. Formed in 2017, California Cannabinoids, Inc. is a California Corporation based in Berkeley, CA, …

Doug’s Varin is an extremely rare 100% pure sativa strain with unknown genetics due to breeder secrecy.

Humidity level needs regular monitoring especially when growers top it, and it grows more lateral branches.

I am actually looking for this strain to come out with an entire line related to it and also some isolates.

Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below. Freed of psychological or emotional burden, it can also cause some people to feel highly aroused.

Grow Doug's Varin seeds and it will result into a stunning cannabis plant with a great yield. And, as mentioned earlier, one of the most exciting probable use of Doug’s Varin is to curb the appetite. For those who don't know, THCV is a cannabinoid that has been described as "skinny pot" or "the sports car of cannabinoids".

We consider it imperative for the cannabis industry and Leafly to invest in restorative justice.

In reality, though, it is an elusive strain and finding it in dispensaries is an adventure in itself.

10 – 12 weeks indoors, mid to late October outdoors. Learn more about our partnership with Last Prisoner Project. Your email address will not be published. Some adverse effects are tradeoffs for the benefits marijuana provides. We’ll email you updates on local dispensary deals, new products, and industry news. Doug’s Varin is a rare sativa that was specially crafted to contain high amounts of the psychoactive cannabinoid THCV. Outdoors, Doug’s Varin can yield more than 12 ounces of buds per plant by late October. A great review should include flavor, aroma, effect, and helpful health ailments. Doug’s Varin, with a sweet lemony and pine-like flavor, tastes like how it smells.

the Terms of Use It tastes like pine and lemons with earthy herbs, whereas the aroma is of earthy citrus and pine trees.

By providing us with your email address, you agree to Leafly’s privacy policy and terms & conditions. Deemed as one of only a handful of hybrids with high THCV and arguably the highest in the world, sometimes people forget that Doug’s Varin is also a potent Sativa.

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Its smoke, though, can be a tad bit harsh. For users, it potentially has one benefit that puts it a cut above the tens of thousands of hybrids ever developed – an appetite suppressor. Buy 10 and get 10 seeds for free!

Although not much is known about the background of this bud, it is infamous among the cannabis community for its potency – it offers a THCA level of 19%, a THCVA level of 15%, and a high THC level that ranges from 22-24%.

Such narcotic-like effects do not harm the users, but it can also stop one from focusing and completing tasks.

Although not much is known about the background of this bud, it is infamous among the cannabis community for its potency – it offers a THCA level of 19%, a THCVA level of 15%, and a high THC level that ranges from 22-24%. Doug’s Varin, on the other hand, has an unheard of 5:4 THC to THCV ratio.

Doug’s Varin is an extremely rare 100% pure sativa strain with unknown genetics due to breeder secrecy.

Doug’s Varin is also an excellent mood-enhancer. Enter your location to see results closest to you. We do not share your location with anyone. There are no products, in our database, that contain this strain in Portland, OR.

Doug's Varin Marijuana Strain near Portland, OR Products Containing Doug's Varin Strain. Help other patients find trustworthy strains and get a sense of how a particular strain might help them.

A great way to share information, contribute to collective knowledge and giving back to the cannabis community.

Alternatively, it can also be used as an anti-depressant. And if one were to get ahold of it, then be prepared for the energizing high it induces.

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For instance, overindulgence may cause the mental buzz to be too intense. Ironic, though, as it is this compound that has such immense potential as medicine to different ailments. The combination of these three powerful forces makes Doug’s Varin a truly memorable smoke. It is also possible that some people may experience momentary dizziness or have a slight headache. Its uplifting effects can positively influence the attitudes of those with depression or PTSD. A way to make the smoking experience as pleasant as it can be is to use water pipes or perc bongs. To better understand, the THCV found in other hybrids comprises less than 2% of all the psychoactive compounds. In reality, though, it is an elusive strain and finding it in dispensaries is an adventure in itself.

About Doug's Varin seeds.

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Doug’s Varin is likely to induce varying degrees of dry mouth and eyes. Download my free Grow Bible and start growing your own Doug’s Varin! The Many Great Advantages of Growing Marijuana. With an aroma of earthy pine and sweet citrus, Doug’s Varin delivers a clear-headed burst of mental stimulation that doesn’t last long, making this strain a perfect choice for anyone seeking short-term effects.

Doug’s Varin is a pure Sativa with some of the highest THCV content around. Once mature, Doug’s Varin produces thick, medium-sized nugs that are neon green in color. Check out other sativa dominant seeds in our marijuana seed shop. Around it is tiny golen pistils that radiate when shined on. information about AllBud and the Cannabis industry. Doug's Varin cannabis strain is a pure Sativa with rather unknown genetics and a THC average of 19% and a high THCV content. These include fatigue, muscle tension, nausea, and cramps. In turn, this leads to having the ability to locked in on tasks.

To help companies make improvements in their products and services. Doug’s Varin flowers between 8 to 9 weeks and produces 10 to 12 ounces of buds per square meter. We use cookies to enable essential features of our site and to help personalize your experience. Nugs are very frosty with neon bodies, gold hairs, and amber trichomes. There is no data on the growth patterns of Doug’s Varin.

Not to mention, there is less risk of pests and other diseases. Learn more about our partnership with Last Prisoner Project. THCV is All-Natural and 100% Plant Based THCV is a natural compound found... Read more » In fact, tested to have as much as 24%, its psychedelic effects can quickly overwhelm those who underestimate it. Doug’s Varin yields 10 to 12 ounces per square meter indoors and 12 ounces or more per plant outdoors.

Here are some amazing seed deals. Although there have been no reports on its capacity to cause people to feel paranoid or anxious, it is best to be mindful of the amount of usage.

After all, its name does sound like it came straight out of a video game. He combines years of experience, ranging from small-scale grows to massive operations, with a passion for growing. The founder of I Love Growing Marijuana, Robert Bergman, is a marijuana growing expert that enjoys sharing his knowledge with the world. This bud produces a very strong, energetic, and cerebral high with a fast onset. And, that makes it the perfect wake-and-bake strain. Doug’s Varin is also a great treatment option for patients suffering from PTSD, Parkinson’s Disease, chronic pain, stress, and panic attacks, among other conditions. Used in moderation, it helps users by not only promoting mental clarity but also amplifying the senses.

Be the first one to write one. But not for this one as this unique trait makes it a potential aid for weight loss. The happy high induced by Doug’s Varin is excellent at enhancing moods and getting rid of negativity. You're not old enough to use Leafly.

Upon exhaling, it leaves a woody aftertaste. Help other customers find trustworthy businesses and make good decisions. Get exclusive information about new strains, latest articles, nearby dispensaries and discount deals! As such, it is perfect for relieving accumulated stress. Besides THCV, the other two compounds also provide significant benefits – directly and indirectly through its psychoactive traits.

People with anorexia and appetite loss might want to steer clear of Doug’s Varin, as THCV may suppress hunger. Required fields are marked *.

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Giving public feedback is the best way to get companies to listen. It has a rousing pine scent mixed with the smell of damp earth.

When crushed or in large amounts, its sweet note becomes evident.

and Privacy Policy. It should thrive well in a dry and warm climate.

These nugs have an aroma of earthy pine with a hint of citrus and a taste of sweet citrus pine with earthy herbs.

Meanwhile, its anti-inflammatory properties can effectively ease swelling and redness.

Doug's Varin is also known as Dva abbreviated.


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