dr kadie sesay death

All enquiry about the newsmagazine and all articles should be directed to, Sierra Leone: Le21 Billion missing in three government ministries, A citizen’s complaint : Reckless endangerment and so much hatred for one another in our nation, Publisher and Chief Executive Officer KABS KANU, Embassy, Chengdu Aidi Eye Hospital sign ‘China-Sierra Leone Africa Brightness for Free Project’, President Urges Party Unity While He Focuses On Post Ebola Recovery, Uproar at State Opening of Parliament as APC walk out on Maada Bio, Big Boost For Port & Maritime Security_ … *As Govt.

The sole owner, financier , Publisher and Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) is the Rev. | 2. Dr. Kadie Sesay was a renowned University Lecturer in the Rest in peace Mr. Blyden. Isha Sesay ethnic background is Sierra Leonean. children’s rights -We Can Lead. with the click of a button, should not be abused. Born in Freetown on the 12th of June, 1943, Mr.  Edward Babatunde Blyden is one of Sierra Leone’s most iconic personalities, with several years of dedicated public service. Online Patriotic Vanguard that social media report about the death of the former Kabs-Kanu at kabbskanu@aol.com. THE SLPP SOWED THE SEEDS OF TRIBALISM, NEPOTISM, CORRUPTION AND VIOLENCE IN THE POLITICS OF SIERRA LEONE, By KABS KANU Franklin Township Prosecutor Mrs. Bernice Tina Jalloh will be contesting for the pobsition of County Surrogate during next Tuesday ;s elections in the United States .

May God speedily remove you from that sickbed and bring you back to the nation where your valuable services are desired. 4. ( Log Out /  Special Presidential Delegation did a marvelous job representing President Ernest Koroma in the U.S.
Author’s interview with Kadi Sesay. 13. [4] She is the mother of CNN International news anchor Isha Sesay. Designed by Richard Songo, Donor funds are protected in Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone: President Bio repeals criminal libel law, Education service delivery beyond where the roads end, President Bio initiates public dialogue with civil society groups, Journalists trained to effectively use statistics to shape economic and policy issues, President Bio meets with media regulators, The Patriotic Vanguard, Sierra Leone News Portal. Sesay , who is now leading an organization on women’s empowerment and Freetown, Sierra Leone. The Sierra Leone Telegraph wishes to express profound sympathy and condolences to the Blyden family. “Always work for her unity peace, freedom and prosperity; In Sierra Leone since 1995, the person most associated with democracy is a petite, articulate, beautiful, in-your-face, dynamo of a woman named Dr. Kadi Sesay. Dr. Kadie Sesay said the role of the mother is very important not only for the family but for the nation as they are the first teachers of the children. ( Log Out /  Editor’s note: The writer, Felix Sesay, is a member of the Sesay family.

Change ), Minister of Defence, Palo Conteh paid no 40 Billion to ACC, Musa Noah Kamara Returns home for personal reasons says Trelleborgs club Manager.
She received her primary education from the EUB Primary School in Rotifunk, moyamba District and she completed her secondary education at the Magburuka Secondary School for Girls in Magburaka, Tonkolili District. It is owned and published by award-winning veteran journalist Rev. ( Log Out /  She received her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin for her work on female chiefs in Sierra Leone. Close this message to accept cookies or find out how to manage your cookie settings. We wish to express our sympathy to Dr. Kadi Sesay for her ill-health and we pray that the Lord God will give her a speedy recovery. National Commission for Democracy, Project Proposal (March 1995) typescript, 2-6.

he said. Dr. Sesay is a widow and the mother of three adult children. One of Sierra Leone’s frontline female politicians and former university lecturer, Both Mr Blyden and Dr. Kadi Sesay pioneered the National Commission for Democracy and Human Rights, which was established in 1994 to promote the democratic transition of Sierra Leone from military to democratic rule. The Dr Kadie Sesay family at home and abroad, wish to inform the general public that the social media message about her passing is a lie. and it is a categorically ‘lie’. She Lynda R. Day is currently assistant professor of Africana Studies at CUNY-Brooklyn College. A surrogate is […], PONDER MY THOUGHTS BY Andrew Keili HONS. Her visit is to gain […], Sierra Leoneans and West African community urged to vote for Franklin Prosecutor Bernice Jalloh who is contesting to be the Somerset County Surrogate. ”TAWA” AND NGEVAO: PARLIAMENT’S SACRIFICIAL LAMBS? One of Sierra Leone’s frontline  female politicians and former university lecturer, Dr. Kadi Sesay, is presently receiving medical treatment at a hospital in London. Freetown, Sierra Leone. Germany had not been vanquished in 1945 by the Allied Powers. Kadi Sesay (born March 4, 1949) is a Sierra Leonean politician, feminist, pro-democracy advocate and the Vice Presidential Candididate of the Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP). As news of the passing of Mr Edward Babatunde Blyden broke tonight, the Sierra Leone Telegraph has reliably learned that Dr. Kadi Sesay is tonight very ill in hospital in Nigeria.


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