ebay negative feedback examples
Power indication (White 100-60%, Blue 60-30%, Orange 30-0%) *Very Important To Know: The Vision II Spinner battery has a battery power protection system. I believe it is fraudulent. Packaging was matchless.

", "Exceptionally quick payment. An immensely first-class buyer. There are sections related to ebay, aliexpress and other internet shops. If a third battery is purchased I will include a free USB charger. Authentication stickers. Excellent correspondence. I shop on Ebay for more than 10 years and i can hardly recall any cases when i was unsatisfied. A 2019 consumer survey revealed that the average consumer spends 13 minutes and 45 seconds checking reviews before making a purchase. You can Reply to Feedback received. Negative feedback left by a buyer with unpaid items Feedback which violates eBay policies, for example if it is threatening, offensive, vulgar or includes personal details of the seller Attempted feedback extortion by a buyer eBay is pretty quick to investigate reports and … But from my point of view - the prices are higher then on aliexpress or dealextreme. And leaves a link to another seller or website. For example, a buyer leaves negative feedback and the message – bad seller, better buy here! If you request a certain color please put that in the notes of your order and I will try to accommodate you. Correspondence was good. Delivery was superb. Item was of superb quality. It takes a year for things to go back to normal. ", "Immensely speedy payment! Show proof or quit selling it.

Notably excellent packaging. Newbie buyer or Buyer who fails to read past price and free shipping. From what we have seen after getting a neg your sales go away for a few days or hours. ", "Ever so speedy payment! Packaging was good. Negative feedback left by a buyer with unpaid items, Feedback which violates eBay policies, for example if it is threatening, offensive, vulgar or includes personal details of the seller. Don't raise expectations you cannot fulfill. Recommended. Excellent seller. as the trike cost 1200$ this was ridiculous. Immensely pleased. Quick delivery. But there are other actions you can take to improve your situation. Delivery was high-standard. Once you buy or sell something on eBay, you are expected to give feedback to the other party involved in the transaction. But if they don’t respond, the old feedback will remain and no more requests can be sent regarding this transaction. 2 buyers have said this item is not authentic. ", "Very, very striking quality! When buyers have a problem with a purchase, eBay encourages them to contact the seller before leaving negative feedback. Are they from a reputable manufacturer or are they from china? eBay feedback should get more attention than it does. Many people never look at the feedbacks these days (check out some of the sellers who have tons of negs and neutrals and go merrily on). I tried everything to get it removed even asking the buyer and they denied my request .

http://pages.ebay.ca/help/policies/tobacco.html, http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/tobacco.html#what. Excellent delivery. Correspondence was good. Thanks. Vision Spinner 2 Specifications..Product name: Vision Spinner II, Thread 510 & eGo, Typical vape time is 3-5 hrs fully charged. Fab packaging. Item is of superior quality. The camel will be added to a Nativity set I just purchased. Good delivery. They don’t care about selling at all , they don’t have any protection for sellers who is dealing with dishonest buyers. ", "Delivery was exceptionally speedy. If you’ve replacing a faulty product, for example. You need to conduct classes on how to properly wrap items for shipment. Your sales are down because the neg (and other things, too) can make your placement much lower in the searches. ", "The item was splendid! I have been told numerous times I will be getting an instant refund. ", "Quality of the wrapping was high-standard.


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