equipoise dosage for gamefowl
In countries, where Equipoise was not approved, both the sale and import of this drug is banned. Depending on your level of steroid acquaintance, you might start with as little as 200 mg per week if you’re a male bodybuilder, and 50 mg per week if you’re a female bodybuilder. Observe the cocks in KEEP daily, before, during and after feeding. Male athletes usually administer Equipoise in weekly dosages of 200-600mg for about 8-12 weeks while female athletes may use this steroid in weekly dosages of 50-125mg for 6-10 weeks. In many instances, it is desirable to maintain a constant level of effect over a long period of time.

Powered by. EQUIPOISE injectable improves the general state of debilitated horses, thus aiding in correcting weight losses and improving appetite. To avoid disease and other infections during the KEEP, you may inject a small amount of your preference of antibiotic (only 1cc. To get a prescription for Equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate), you need to consult a licensed veterinarian, who will conduct medical examination of the animal. Check the pellet feed packaging for this information. In this case, the effect unfolds gradually (undsilenate – a very long ether, with a 1 atom longer than decanoate).

It has the molecular weight of 286.4132 g/mol at base and can be detected over a period of four to five months and has an active life of nearly 14-16 days. Well, it is its long-lasting anabolic effect that makes it a head higher over other synthetic analogs of steroid hormones. Molecular weight of Boldenone Undecylenate: 452.57. Do not bathe or wash your fighting cocks in water. Well, despite the fact that you can bulk up on both, Deca Duraboline seems to work better for some bodybuilders when bulking, compared to the EQ. After a single intramuscular injection of just one dose, a significant anabolic effect persists for 3-4 weeks. Be the first to answer this question. Data sources include IBM Watson Micromedex (updated 2 Nov 2020), Cerner Multum™ (updated 2 Nov 2020), ASHP (updated 30 Sep 2020) and others. The MEDS. Source: Concise Dictionary of Pharmacological Agents: Properties and Synonyms. level from day one up to the eleventh (1-11). The combination of Equipoise and Testosterone is considered ideal for experiencing sustaning improvements in terms of lean body mass. It does not have marked antigonadotrophic properties, nor does it produce any clear-cut effects on the endometrium, conditions that are commonly observed when similar substances are used. Anabolic and androgenic agents have come to be widely used in the treatment of certain pathophysiological or catabolic processes in animals. So, it is one of the main anabolic effects, which promotes a quick growth of muscle energy and stamina. After the flushing, the cocks will be cleaned up, inside and out. We all are different and you’ll never know how a drug can affect you. So what does the horse steroid have to do with fowl? Before the KEEP starts, a breeder chooses candidates among the best fighting fowl in his coop. heavyweight fitnessgoal nolimit nochlangnichtamlimit fitfamgermany instafit ilovebodybuilding ilovefitness breakyourlimits limitsarejustanillusion bodybuilding musclebuilding muscelgirl strongerthanyou strongwoman … If your aim is leaner muscle mass or even cutting, EQ should become your no.1 option. The Keep: Feeding (A Conditioning System for Preparing Gamefowl before a Derby ). The content on our website is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or to replace a relationship with a qualified healthcare professional. ONLINE SUPPORT AVAILABLE. Various Fine Bloodlines of Fighting Cocks, TIPS ON HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT OPPONENT FOR YOUR FIGHTING COCK, About the Price of Poultry Needs at Progressive Poultry Supply for your Guide. Sabong is a cockfighting and gamefowl, gamecock portal. This is the reason to increase the dose and dosing frequency all the time. The principle behind conditioning birds is “carbohydrate loading.” To understand fully how the KEEP system works, breeders should understand how nutrition works on a fowl and its effects on a fight’s performance. For the KEEP diet for your birds, maintain a 16% crude protein (C.P.) An increase in a single dose of Boldenone Undecylenate up to 1000mg (five times more!). The originating document has been archived. In EU and dozens of other countries in the world, the sale of Equipoise anabolic steroid and its generic versions is restricted. Dozens of cases of the steroid abuse are registered every year. Male athletes usually administer Equipoise in weekly dosages of 200-600mg for about 8-12 weeks. Use 5% green peas and 5% yellow peas in the mix. Bank Deposit and Pera Padala . Rate the bird’s fight prowess according to your preference. Select one or more newsletters to continue. If you are to enter a 5-cock derby, factor by three (3) the number of fights to come up with the number of candidates you must choose for the KEEP (thus, you choose15). PAYMENT METHODS. This anabolic effect provides the tissue oxygen saturation and increases the cellular energy metabolism. In his book ‘Anabolics’ , William Llewellyn describes Equipoise as having a great balance between anabolic and androgenic properties (2:1). This KEEP is a short yet intensive 2-week schedule of conditioning a cock for a derby. Stick with natural herbal teas, or green tea that features a sort of caffeinated drinks that this entire body really appears to go along with well. We offer a wide range of quality products at reasonable prices. This is the house where I stay in the farm. After 2 weeks after the reception, PKT begins: the hormone balance will be restored by testosterone booster. We cannot confirm the completeness, accuracy and currency of the content. In fact, Equipoise is a brand name for the substance Boldenone, which was developed for use in veterinary purposes. Therefore, their anabolic, anti-catabolic and androgenic properties are identical. Therefore, they promote muscles enlargement and increased muscle energy gradually, within several months. Cheaper than Deca Durabolin, Equipoise is admired for promoting muscle mass, aggression, and body strength. The average dosage varies between 400 and 800 milligrams. Sharp cancellation of Equipoise long-term use leads to hypogonadism, violation of sexual function and infertility (both male and female). For most male athletes, the weekly dosage of Equipoise had generally consisted of approximately 6 to 12 ml, or 6 to 12 cc’s (150 to 300 mugs) a week.

Concise Dictionary of Pharmacological Agents: Properties and Synonyms, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_doping_cases_in_sport_by_substance#Boldenone_undecylenate, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nitrogen_balance, http://www.sabong.net.ph/forum/showthread.php?64894-Equipoise, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3339632/It-s-fight-death-ends-blood-feathers-Mexican-prize-cock-fighter-pumps-birds-HORSE-STEROIDS-straps-razor-blades-claws-stops-win.html, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22383777, Active ingredient: Boldenone Undecylenate, Chemical name: 1,4-androstadiene-3-one-17β-ol. Use of this steroid, for a period of six to ten weeks, is usually associated with promotion of solid, meaty muscle fiber when complemented with intense workouts, balanced and nutritious diet, and healthy lifestyle. The modification in the form of a double need to know la mejor bond between the first and second carbon atoms made the steroid as paved as testosterone (by anabolic properties), while the androgenic activity of Boldenona-E is half as weak. The condition should be assessed by a veterinarian to determine the duration of treatment; however, most horses will respond with one or two treatments. You can buy injectable anabolic steroids, containing Boldenone Undecylenate under such brand names as: If you have your own story of using Equipoise for bodybuilding or other purposes, feel free to share your experience, or ask questions, if you need. Cocking Techniques based on personal experience. Focus in the Philippines with members from all corners of the globe, cock fighting is an international and age old sport.

You can buy Equipoise in the US, or Equipoise generic drugs in Australia only by prescription. It is important to note that Equipoise stays in the body for long periods of time and is therefore not the best choice for the drug-tested athletes. A cozy house where a very silent environment and a typical province life you will... JS Nobelo 2013. And preferably without the belly fat. Feeding during the KEEP is totally different from the off-season and breeding season feeding periods. Some KEEP systems are for longer up to 20 days or 22 days. As cruel as it sounds, the only warning that the cock owners say about Equipoised fowl is that no one should even think of eating birds that are killed during the fights, because these are full with the drug and it can adversely affect the health of anyone who eats it.

Equipoise is not advised to children and is also not recommended for girls and women, who are pregnant or breastfeeding or may get pregnant while using this steroid. As a rule, the first dose does not exceed 200mg. Produced to obtain long-acting methandrostenolone, the drug is firmly entrenched in the market of sports pharmacology. Boldenone undecylenate is a steroid ester possessing marked anabolic properties and a small amount of androgenic activity. A few months after, you will be able to get the same anabolic effect only by: Yes, that’s how much of this steroid you will have to take in its further use. This is probably the darkest area of Equipoise use for performance enhancement. However, it was withdrawn from the market in the middle of 90’s of the last century. Anothe... OLEBON COCKING TECHNIQUES This is a free site where my little knowledge on cocking will be shared on gamebirds enthusiast. Make sure that the pellet component contains 16% crude protein to sustain the muscle conditioning of the birds. Corn is staple food for fowl. Anti-aromatase inhibitors such as Cytadren or Arimidex may even be used for making Equipoise cycles more tolerable. Today, you cannot buy Equipoise at Canadian pharmacies. Address: #26 T. Samson Avenue corner Ninong Macario Street BF Homes Phase 1, Brgy. While it was yet in the 1960’s that affluent Filipino cockers started bringing in imported gamefowl from the US to fight or breed, it was only in the1990’s that Filipinos took real effort to improve the quality of the locally bred chickens. Therefore, horses, which were injected Equipoise, may have no access to competitions or their owners might be fined once the drug is discovered. Read on to see which side effects you may have to deal with, if you decide to dive into bodybuilding with Equipoise. At any rate, the results of the experiment will show in the performance of the rooster inside the pit. Eating Frequency What is the most common frequency of feeding the gamefowl? We’ll touch this aspect further in the article, and now let’s move on to the uses of this steroid. Therefore, it provides various anabolic effects. The recovery time of all physiological functions depends on the duration of Equipoise use. Consider the weight where the cock fought best as his best fighting weight—pure killer. Immediately after the intramuscular injection of Equipoise and within several days, you may experience: Several weeks after the administration of this anabolic steroid, your body will be going through massive hormonal changes, the which symptoms are: This is just a brief information about possible side effects of Equipoise, especially when athletes abuse it. So…. Be the first to answer! Chemically, the boldenone molecule is a Danabol molecule devoid of the 17-alpha-methyl group. Before the beginning of admission is recommended to conduct a complete examination of the body and consult a doctor.


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