essay for police application

As a police officer, you'll write reports about incidents and investigations. CJA/214

Business, math, accounting, IT, science and behavioral science courses are important for those who plan on pursuing a career in the police force. Well when you apply for the job a rigorous testing and screening process will undergo.

Some choose to join the military service for a year or two before joining the police force, as this prepares them physically and mentally for the duties of a cop. Prospective police officers can submit applications to the police agency or department of their choice, after which they will be required to sit a written civil service examination. ... All papers are for research and reference purposes only! They patrol the streets of your town to make the people of that town as safe as possible. ... Police officers are very important to us all.

Doing justice the right way and making sure that people obey government laws the right way is the kind of job I would like to pursue. In this essay I am going to write about three main aspects of becoming a police officer: the job description and responsibilities, the candidate requirements, and the salary, benefits and promotional opportunities. They also need to be prepared for the risks associated with pursuing speeding motorists, apprehending criminals and dealing with public disorders. Or, upon additional qualification, work as a member of special weapons and... ... Pre-Law Selection Course In addition to the physical fitness demands of the military compared to those in the state of Illinois police departments, which are less rigorous.

The vast majority of police officers may be caring people who just want to serve the community. The police are tasked with the duty of protecting the citizens and promoting peaceful co-existence in the society. Here I found three situations to analyze.

James Roberts If I worked at my future job as police officer for thirty years, I would make $1,568,040.I would work about 2090.72 hours and make $25 an hour. Police officers must also be able to possess a... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes, Of Mice and Men: My Impression of Curley's Wife. Police departments are around the entire globe and people have different views about the police and their organization. 6. ... Police officers are often viewed as some sort of superheroes. This source makes it clear that force should be used in only the minimum amount needed to achieve a legitimate purpose. Most law enforcement agencies require applicants to have an Associate’s or a Bachelor’s degree. They make everything safer because that is their job and that is what there trained to do. The law enforcement field is no different; technology has radically changed how police work is done. The purpose of the reports is basically to record the incidents just in case the police need to bring up the case again. First, you have to take a series of tests to be admitted into the academy. The development of a social media order among officials can prove to be quite challenging. dealers, rowdy teenagers, soliciting prostitutes, predatory criminals, ... Society assumes police officers are strong and tough, and the same stigma is found within the walls of any police station. Most important is that I think it will be a challenging and rewarding career, and I think with my natural curiosity and desire to solve problems that I will be good at this.

Local... ...Education In response a suspect began firing and the policemen shoot a woman accidentally.

Therefore it is important to participate in college sports to ensure strength and fitness. Because of the range of duties, officers should possess certain traits: physically agility, the ability to cope with difficult situations, well-developed writing skills, good communication skills, sound judgment, compassion, strong powers of observation, and the ability to both exert and respect commands of authority. It is a good job even though it’s a risky job depending on where you are working, but it is worth it.

Police officers have played a major role in society by protecting us from crime.

And finally, how might these issues impact the various concerns facing law enforcement today? In an article entitled “Police embrace Social Media” it was stated that a 2013 study conducted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police showed 81 percent of 728 departments surveyed said they used social media (wagley, 2014). ... People no longer ask or go to police officer for help.

Also, local, the past thirty to forty years due to advancements in technology.


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