eugene chung summer salt

They have one previous album called “Driving to Hawaii”. Was there a certain vibe or mood or texture you wanted to achieve? That song always feels right after a nice rain. We recently caught up with Terry over email about Summer Salt’s new EP, their old house on Avenue G, and their plans to record another full-length album next month. 30 September 2020. Out Now: Avenue G! Summer Salt’s latest offering is the four track EP entitled Avenue G.  With songs dedicated to the heart of Austin Texas to where the duo started, Avenue G is a revival EP featuring tracks written when the band was younger. Detailing how strength is more than a physical trait and more importantly emotional and mental, Summer Salt urges fans to embrace themselves and find some sort of peace in true acceptance.

“It was our first fledge from home so it was very exciting for the two of us to find our way in a new city, especially with playing music and discovering how that would fit into our new life here.”. Austin is a beautiful place, kind of an oasis in the middle of Texas. Even the EP’s sole instrumental track, “Morning Tea,” has a hazy, swaying quality to it: “If anything I think of an urban soundscape [during a] misty dusk or dawn intertwined with nature,” says Terry of the song.

The hill country has lots of beautiful nature and I feel the best way to describe it is a lush succulent garden. We would love to be touring and it feels like after a release, touring really makes the new songs feel new again if that makes sense. Seeing the fans sing new songs and enjoy them with you is special, so it’s sad to not be able to share that with them but its still definitely a special time to just have them out in the world. [Chorus] Mother, I haven't been well Come on, come on, laughin', I will be there with my sister and friends "Humor and sadness; joy and sorrow;... Indigo Girls’ Amy Ray Brings Activism To Song With Solo Project Song, “Tear It Down”, Soccer Mommy Working on New Full-Length, Says Music Can Fill Any Moment, Matthew West Reimagines the Live Music Experience with Latest EP, The Zen of John Prine (In Three Lines) by Jason Wilber. Does the cover art nod to a real place, a fantasy place, or something in between? The EP features fan favorites such as “Sweet to Me”, “Rockaway”, and of course their title track, “Driving to Hawaii”, which has iconically represented the basis of all Summer Salt lyrics: trying to slow down and enjoy the ride of chasing what appears to be an unattainable pipe dream. I've been going native for months since I've been missing you Avenue G is a landmark for us - the heart of Austin, TX where it all started. Love is the answer to most of my questions, you can't comprehend Self-proclaimed “coral reef rock”, Summer Salt consists of members Eugene Chung (drums), and Matt Terry (vocals). Their next release, Going Native (2015), was inspired by a trip abroad where Terry began diving into artists such as Joao Gilberto, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Gilberto Gil which lead to a new writing direction using Latin elements. It’s called “Morning Tea” because when Eugene was working on the tracks at his house he would always work early hours in the morning drinking tea. Sister, tell me what's new Based in Austin, TX, Summer Salt blends vibrant yet breezy vocal harmony and colorful elements of 1960s pop, Bossa Nova and jazz. Succeeding the energetic and live sounds of Going Native, So Polite (2017), was the perfect appetizer for the band's debut full-length album, the wildly colorful, Happy Camper (2018) which features a more polished production quality from Sub-Pop stalwart Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, The Shins).


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