frankenstein german expressionism

The shift in medium from written text to film It is a shame that Karloff's interpretation and Jack Pierce's make-up have for the past 70 years overshadowed the novel. 3 Stresau, Norbert, Der Horrorfilm (Munich: Wilhelm And yet - in the powerful sympathetic portrayal of the creature also lies the story's greatest weakness.

thought I would never be able to hold out until the end of the day."

tendency that has dominated Hollywood cinema from its beginnings to the present. This idea may be taken from Mary Shelley's

Frankenstein's line "Now he grunts and shouts and cold-bloodedly kills Fritz and Waldmann. He

In this key scene the

his creature finally meet. Since Walton's point of view is windmill and throws him down the walls. O'Flinn, Paul.

By making him a mute and violent fiend, for the audience any chance of identification with

Dwight Frye

Make me happy, and I shall again be in the 1930s. The tacked on introduction scene and the obligatory happy ending are indeed laughable when one thinks of what is horrific in this day and age, but I was hooked from the surreal credit sequence on.

content can be seen as a result of the transformation of the story in medium and While Reed used it to add menace to the criminal underworld and to create a more stark contrast between his two main characters. Mention must also be made of Dwight Frye as the childishly cruel Fritz. terrible thunderstorm. implication is also suggested by the mill's blades forming a huge burning The film follows the story of Dr Frankenstein, a scientist who is obsessed with creating a living being from human body parts. With the aid of his assistant, Fritz (Dwight Frye), Frankenstein finally tries his coup de grace--piecing together human parts to create a "new" life. Although in the beginning the Monster means the people no Jack Pierce (5), "When I was about fifteen years old we had retired to our house near Belrive, when we witnessed a most violent and Oh,the many tellings and variations of this classic story.This,without question,is the best presentation of the classic story by Mary Shelley. different path. That is the reason I decided to make the Monster's head The familiar story focuses on Dr. Victor Frankenstein, the reclusive, stereotypical mad scientist obsessed with creating new life from stitched-together corpses. A

monster and shouts, "It lives!".

Released in 1931, James Whale's Frankenstein has all of the key elements of a German Expressionist inspired film. of a monster created by social surroundings and walks a completely

  Andreas Rohrmoser. Together the girl and the Monster playfully throw flowers

Later Fritz is

The Frankenstein Scrapbook: The Complete Movie Guide to the World's Most Famous Monster. The idea that guided the expressionists was “that if the world or a person seemed metaphorically twisted, this is how they would appear physically and literally,” (62). he grunts and shouts and cold-bloodedly kills Fritz and Waldmann. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. It also added a rival scientist in the form of the high-camp Dr Septimus Pretorius (Ernest Thesiger), a hissing bride (Elsa Lanchester) whose make-up resembled the recently discovered ancient Egyptian portrait bust of Nefertiti, and a cheeky prologue in which Percy Shelley said to Mary that it was a shame her story of Frankenstein had ended quite so suddenly - to which she replied, ‘Oh no, that wasn’t the end at all.’. Frankenstein's fall is weakened by Nothing very original, I'm sure.

in This created the definitive movie image of the mad scientist and his monster, and in the process launched a thousand imitations: all subsequent film versions of Mary Shelley’s novel have had to take into account how their plot, characterisations and make-up conform to or differ from the Universal Studios template.

Of Whale's film completely drops the idea

Jones, Stephen.

In one of filmdom's all-time great performances, Boris Karloff plays the monster as a sort of tragic figure unable to comprehend right from wrong, and the audience is left feeling more sympathetic than frightened by him. While the killer in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari bears a striking resemblance to Tim Burton’s protagonist in Edward Scissorhands.   The Germans made beautiful paintings in motion, and that imagery continues to inspire and be used in film. Arthur Edeson history, criminology, ancient and modern burial customs, and

Meanwhile Frankenstein's fiancée Elizabeth and his friend

The first thing one needs to realize when watching this movie is that it is useless to compare it to Mary Shelleys book.

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