funny happy 50th birthday wishes
Funny 50th birthday sayings, short clean jokes, and funny quotations that’ll help you slide into the fifties with a smile. On your birthday, don’t count the candles on your cake or wrinkles on the face. As someone once said, “I just ferment my food now.” – Henry Green, When I was young, people used to say to me: Wait until you’re fifty, you’ll see. Obviously they don’t know me very well. A scientist has proved that people start losing memory after the age of 41, but we can only hope for you. Keep the chin up. Let me guide you on this journey of early bedtimes, more pain medicines, and bifocals. I had the opportunity to see you and from all the sides I can say you are the most down to earth hardworking and best colleague I ever had. 50 years old: In Led Zeppelin terms, that’s halfway up the stairway to heaven.

Happy Fun and humor on Birthday. Looking fifty is great, of course if you are sixty! – Melanie White, 50 is a nice, round number – it pretty much matches my body. Happy Birthday and this be the best Birthday you ever had! Happy birthday, new friend! Happy 50th birthday. Don’t feel sad that you become one year older. As Victor Hugo once said, “Forty is the old age of youth; fifty the youth of old age.” A surprisingly optimistic sentiment from the man who wrote Les Miserables and the Hunchback of Notre Dame, but grab it with both hands and run with it anyway. And at dinner, squeeze a little more lime into that Margarita. You have held my hand in sadness and danced with me in joy. Happy Birthday my friend. – Melanie White, At 50, when you sneeze, “water under the bridge” has a completely different meaning. Happy Birthday, dad! So, I am celebrating and sharing your Birthday like, it’s my own birthday. below you will find happy birthday funny wishes for male or men best friend. Just be glad you have hair. If I place, I have to call Fire department immediately to extinguish this huge firehouse. Your 40’s are behind you now, so you should have your midlife crisis out of your system. Once in a while, someone comes along who makes 50 look good. Happy Birthday and have some fun, you will need it! You made it to 50, didn’t you? Today you turn 18 with 32 years of experience! Let’s go another five and enjoy our life. It’s your day; celebrate it in your way. Happy 50th birthday! it can be use for male of female. Happy Birthday, Brother! This year I start with Funny wishes for the birthday to start the day with fun. Today I found a clown inside you! Today is your Birthday Bro; tell me how old you grow! I’m just kidding! These Happy Birthday wishes are funny which you can attach with your bday greeting card. The most important thing is that you remember my birthday. – Melanie White. These are all the things which are free of cost. Remember last year when we… Oh, wait. In kitchen? May god bless you with a brand new disease and I come to take care of you! Happy Birthday to my best friend who is everything in my life. Happy birthday, old guy! Happy 50th Birthday! Wooo! Congrats! You can still go for facelifts to wipe out the wrinkles.

Whether you want to go to a dinner with your family or celebrate it like you are turning 21 again, you won’t make a mistake with either of the two choices. But then, I don’t see as well as I used to. – Melanie White, At 50, you’ve entered the stone age: gall, kidney, and bladder. Take out time and enjoy the day. In Toilet? As we grow older, we become more open-minded and understanding. In your 50s: Just happy if your socks match. she will enjoy are laugh hilariously. Smile while all your teeth are present! But I always want to be the first to come at the end of the film. Whenever I have needed a shoulder to cry on or hand to hold, you have been by my side, not to mention the joyous moments as well. You will be shocked. My first choice was 1978, but the time machine was booked. At 50, there is no turning back even with a secret potion. Time sure flies when you’re getting old! Just have fun and eat my position of cake too. The 50th birthday of a person is a very special moment in his or her life.

You’ve got four sizes of clothes in your closet, three of which will never be worn again by you. Make your Birthday special. Wishing you a very happy Birthday. It’s your day! You bring so much of happiness in my life and you are the most special person in my life. Another year has passed and anther year which didn’t suck. The first is your memory goes, and I can’t remember the other two.

So, here we present some of the most Hilarious and Funny Birthday Wishes which make your friend’s, brother, sister, Boyfriend, Female friends beginning of special day full of humor.


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