ge wabtec form 8937
Actual shares may not have been received by club until later, but entry needs to be made on merger effective date), TT spinoff of IR, 3/2/2020 .8824 IR/TT (TT originally IR), UTX merger with RTN, 2.3348 shares UTX per RTN for former RTN holders, UTX changed ticker to RTX, 4/3/2020, UTX (subsequently RTX) spinoff of CARR (enter 1), 4/3/2020 1 CARR per UTX, 81.3059% Remaining basis, UTX (subsequently RTX) spinoff of OTIS (enter second), 4/4/2020 .5 OTIS per UTX, 67.849% remaining basis, VSLR merger with RUN, .55 RUN/VSLR, 10/8/2020, AABA liquidation information.

Taxable $55.65 plus .2 shares CCMP per KMG. All Rights Reserved. Dividend then reclassified between dividend and non-dividend distribution, 3 possible choices for merger consideration,stock, stock plus cash, cash, Merger of RYL into CAA, 1.0191 CAA per RYL, 10/1/2015. 0001193125-20-280427.rtf.

Report of unscheduled material events or corporate event, Quarterly report which provides a continuing view of a company's financial position. Taxable dividend equal to $30.85 per QCP share received. Fax: 412-825-1019. Form Description Filing Group View; Oct 29, 2020: 8-K: Report of unscheduled material events or corporate event. If your club does not use AccountSync, it is up to you to make sure the correct adjustments are made. The links will take you to the SEC filing or, if it is available, the Form 8937. FMV of FTS shares $31.91 (Opening on 10/17). Initial filing by director officer or owner of more than ten percent.

However, if you'd like help, we'll be glad to make the entries you need. If your club uses AccountSync to import your brokerage transactions, we research what is needed to adjust your records and then make the adjustments for you. They send form 8937 to your broker so they can make the adjustments needed on their side and they usually post it on their website. At Wabtec, we help our customers overcome their toughest challenges by delivering rail and industrial solutions that improve safety, efficiency and productivity. FMV of BABA shares received was $177.5208 per share, Bayer acquisition of MON, $128/share, 6/7/2018, BH reorganize to BH/BHA. Old AA then changed ticker to ARNC, 73.14% basis allocated to ARNC, Broadcom/AVGO merger, 2/1/2016, SEC filing. Then Taxable re-domicile of MFGP, .13732611 MFGP per Spinco. OLN shares took exchanged shares cost basis, DHR - NTCT Exchange Offer, 7/14/2015, 2.4 shares NTCT per DHR share tendered, NTCT took cost basis of tendered shares, DRI Spinoff of FCPT, 1 for 3, 89.39% Remaining basis, 11/9/2015, DTV Purchase by T, 1.892 shares of T plus $28.50, 7/24/2015, FNFG merger with KEY, 8/1/2016, cash plus stock, .680 shares, $2.30 cash, HPE Spinoff from HPQ, 11/2/2015, 1 for 1, 47.15% Basis allocated to HPQ, JDSU spinoff of LITE and name change to VIAV, 8/4/2015, 1 LITE for 5 VIAV, 59.6% remaining basis, KRFT - KHC merger, 7/6/2015, 1/1 plus $16.50, FMV 72.645, MDT Redomicile and Acquisition of COV, 1/26/2015, Taxable, 1 for 1, $76.95 per share, MSGN spinoff of MSG, 10/1/2015, 1 for 3, 25.5% allocated to MSGN, OPK Acquisition of BRLI, 8/21/2015, 2.75 for 1, no fractional shares, PPL spinoff of TLN, .124906 for 1, 6/2/2015, RAI Taxable Acquisition of LO, 6/12/2015 Current Revision Form 8937 PDF Information about Form 8937, Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities, including recent updates, related forms, and instructions on how to file. Statement of changes in beneficial ownership of securities, Transportation solutions that move and improve the world. When a company goes through a reorganization such as a split, a spinoff or a merger, your cost basis in your shares needs to be adjusted. Fair Market value for recognizing gain $29.34, PIP Special Dividend, 2/3/2017, Preliminary 87.5% ROC, PIP Merger with ALT, 5/5/2017, 1 for 10 after ALT split pre-merger, SE Merger with ENB, 2/28/2017, .984 ENB per SE, SINA distribution of WB, 1 for 10, 7/10/2017, Taxable dividend distribution of $69.461 per WB share received, SHW Purchase of VAL, 6/1/2017 $113 per share, TDW Bankruptcy Settlement 8/1/2017

$72.12 FMV of SLB shares received, Dell buyout of EMC and issuance of DVMT tracking stock, 9/7/2016 Consideration Received, $24.05 per share plus .11146 shares DVMT, Taxes - This one is complex, adjust to brokers 1099 report, DHR spinoff of FTV, 7/5/2016, 1 for 2, 76.2705% Remaining basis, FCAU spinoff of RACE, 1/7/2016, 1 RACE per 10 FCAU, FCPT stock plus cash dividend, 3/2/2016, $2.16 plus $5.96 worth of shares (.3666) Entered as receipt of total value as dividend followed by purchase of shares received for $5.96 per share, FEMR merger with HBN, stock plus cash, 8/17/2016, 1.72 shares HBN and $5 per share of FEMR, $9.63 FMV HBN shares, FTS (Fortis), ITC merger, Taxable, 10/17/2016, $22.57 + .752 FTS shares per ITC. Under the agreement, which has been approved by the boards of directors of GE and Wabtec, GE will receive $2.9 billion in cash at closing, and the company and its shareholders will get a 50.1 percent stake in the combined company. YUM Spinoff of YUMC, 11/1/2016, 1 YUMC per YUM, 69.85% to YUM, ALB Acquisition of ROC, 1/12/2015, taxable cash plus stock, $50.65 +.4803 shares ALB/ROC, ALB share value, $59.7162, BHP Taxable Spinoff of SOUHY, 5/19/2015

Prospectus describing taxationFair market value of RAI shares received, STE Redomicile and Synergy merger, 11/02/2015, 1 for 1, $74.36 FMV, WIN Reverse Split (1 for 6 on 4/26/2015) and spinoff of CSAL(.2/1 on 4/24/2015), ZG Spinoff of Z shares, 2 for 1, 32.55% remaining basis 8/17/2015, ADP Spinoff of CDK, 10/1/2014, 87.36% Remaining Basis, 1 CDK/3 ADP, ENLC - CEI Dividend reclassification information, DISCA, DISCB spinoff (stock dividend) of DISCK, EGOV(NIC) Dividend Reclassification, 32.59% Return of Capital, HZNP Redomicile/mergerNew Cost basis of HZNP shares, OXY Spinoff of CRC, .4 CRC per OXY, 12/1/2014, 96.515%, QCOR Purchase By MNK Description of tax issues, AAMRQ Bankruptcy Merger into AAL (Bankruptcy disclosure of Tax Implications of Payout on Page 165), ABT Spinoff of ABBV, 1 ABBV/ABT, 47.9751% Remaining Basis, 1/2/2013, SHFL aquired by Bally (BYI) (news release), SI Spinoff of OSRAM (shares liquidated for US ADR Holders), TWO Spinoff of SBY and TWO Dividend Classifications, CHSI Merger to SXCI, then Ticker Change to CTRX, Cost Basis Adjustments - Form 8937 and SEC Documentation, KMI Dividend Reclassification, 8/15 - 20% ROC, 11/15 -100% ROC, CBI merger with MDR, 5/11/2018, non-taxable (potentially taxable at $20.70 per share), .82407 MDR/CBI (if shares were tendered), .771059 MDR/CBI (if shares were not tendered), VLKAY, VWAGY, VLKAF information, 8/13/2018 Delisting, VLKAY, VWAGY, VLKAF other information, 8/13/2018 Delisting, 1 new TDW for 31.4143 old TDW, 78.18% of original basis, .0516 Class A warrants per old share, 11.56% of original basis, .0558 Class B warrants per old share, 10.31% of original basis, AA spinoff and reorganization into ARNC, 11/1/2016, 1 share new AA per 3 shares old AA. FMV $4.95, SPWR spinoff of MAXN, 1 MAXN/8 SPWR, 8/27/2020, SWBI spinoff of AOUT, 1 share AOUT/4 shares SWBI, 8/25/2020, 79.5208% remaining basis, TLRA merger with RUBI, 4/1/2020, 1.082 RUBI/TLRA share, TSG merger with PDYPF, 5/6/2020, .2253 PDYPF per TSG non-taxable (Overseas companies. FMV CCMG $102.27, MTCH Special Dividend, $1.99 ROC and $.01 Qualified per share, PNR spinoff of NVT, 1/1, 66.3607% remaining basis, 5/1/2018, PX Merger with LIN, 10/31/2018. Old AA then changed ticker to ARNC, 73.14% basis allocated to ARNCPress release, ACE purchase of CB, Taxable, 1/15/2016, .6019 shares and $62.93 cash per Chubb shares owned before purchase, AMPE distribution of AYTU, 1/6/2016, 1 for 5, .154 Return of capital per AMPE share becomes AYTU Cost Basis, ARG Sale to Air Liquide.

GE said that it would merge the division with Wabtec Corporation, based in Wilmerding, Pennsylvania, in a deal valued at approximately $11.1 billion. DHR/NVST Exchange, optional, 5.5784 NVST/DHR, 12/18/2019, Non-taxable, basis and holding period of DHR shares transferred to NVST shares Issuers of a specified security that take an organizational action that affect the basis of that security file Form 8937. 9/19/2016, XLF Distribution of XLRE, Special Dividend and ROC, .139146 shares, total Div value $4.44356, Prelim 74% ROC, 26% Ordinary Div. Taxable. Spinoff of Seattle spinco from HPE 1/1, Remaining basis 77.92%. First payout 9/24/2019, ROC, Page 64 in Proposal 1, ALDR Buyout by Lundbeck, $18 and 1 CVR per share, Taxable, CVR 0 value, 0 cost basis, 10/22/2019, BHBK merger with INDB, 4/2/2019, Cash plus Stock, $5.25 plus .2308 shares INDB per share of BHBK, BX Conversion from Partnership to Corporation 7/1/2019, Merger with BMY 11/21/2019, Taxable, 1 share BMY, 1 CVR with ticker BMYRT and $50 per share CELG, FMV: BMY $56.41, BMYRT, $2.30, CHFC merger with TFC, 1/1 TCF/CHFC, .5081 New TCF/Old TCF, 8/1/2019, CTVA Spinoff from DWDP (subsequently renamed DD), 1 for 3, 6/2/2019, form 8937 Remaining basis 74.13195%, DHR/NVST Exchange, optional, 5.5784 NVST/DHR, 12/18/2019, Non-taxable, basis and holding period of DHR shares transferred to NVST shares, DOW Spinoff from DWDP (subsequently renamed DD), 1 for 3, 4/2/2019, Remaining basis 66.438%, EMMBF merger with ALEAF, 3/21/2019, .8377 shares ALEAF/EMBFF, ENSG spinoff of PNTG, 1 PNTG/2 ENSG, 10/2/2019, 83.718% Remaining Basis, FMC Spinoff of LTHM, 3/2/2019, 0.935301 LTHM/FMC, 86.523% remaining basis, FNSR merger with IIVI, 9/25/2019 Taxable, .2218 shares IIVI and $15.60 cash per share FNSR, FMV IIVI per E.Jones $37.15, GE Divestiture of WAB, .005371 WAB/GE, GE dividend for $78.06 times number of WAB shares, then purchase of number of WAB shares, 2/26/2019, JLL Acquisition of HF, 7/2/2019, Cash plus stock, $24.63 plus .1505 shares JLL/HF, KAR spinoff of IAA, 6/28/2019, 1 IAA/KAR, 39.197% remaining basis, RHT buyout by IBM, $190 per share, 7/9/2019, SHPG merger with TAK, 1/10/2019, Taxable, $90.99 and 5.034 shares TAK per share SHPG. FMV BDX $214.32, BEAV merger with COL, taxable, 4/13/2017.

You need to make sure the correct adjustments are also made in bivio so when you sell your stock, the correct capital gain or loss will be calculated. 0001193125-20-280427.xls. EX-101.SCH - XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION SCHEMA: Oct 29, 2020: 10-Q: Quarterly report which provides a continuing view of a company's financial position. In the transaction, GE … Current Reports. Taxable dividend equal to $30.85 per QCP share received. Merger taxation detailsFair market values, BKS spinoff of BNED, 8/4/2015, .632 BNED per BKS, BWA Acquisition of REMY, 11/10/2015, $29.50 per share, CAA - Merger of SPF and RYL to Create, 10/1/2015 Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 19-Sep-2020, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and Certification, Employers engaged in a trade or business who pay compensation, Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS), Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, About Form 8937, Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities. File Form 8937 if you are an issuer of a specified security that takes an organizational action that affects the basis of that security. In connection with the proposed transaction between GE and Wabtec, Wabtec has filed with the SEC a registration statement on Form S-4 and a definitive proxy statement on Schedule 14A. Stated another way, for each approximately 186 shares of GE common stock held, a GE shareholder will receive one share of Wabtec common stock. .35 shares BABA plus $8.93 per share AABA. Companies report the adjustments that are needed first in the prospectus they file with the SEC and then on IRS Form 8937. DD Reverse split, 1 for 3, 6/3/2019. Phone: 412-825-1000 $143 per share, 5/23/2016, AYTU Reverse Split, 7/1/2012, 1 for 12, fractional shares rounded up, BRCM/AVGO merger, Form 8937Broadcom/AVGO merger, 2/1/2016, SEC filing, Berkshire Hathaway acquisition of PCP, 1/29/2016, $235/share, BXLT merger with SHPG, 6/3/2016, taxable, $18 cash plus .1482 shares SHPG, $190.04 FMV, CAG Spinoff of LW, 1 for 3, 11/10/2016, 77.23%, CAM merger with SLB, Taxable, $14.44 and .716 SLB per CAM.


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