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One of the rare times big feet are advantageous. The burden of proof is on them since I've already showed plenty of evidence to back up my claims, especially since I showed that the SKU is also used on fake shoes, with photos from the actual factory. This is gonna be a long ride, so I'll first show you a flow chart for legit checking Mars Yards. This is why I flat out don’t buy resale. The original buyer received a new reply from GOAT (despite them shutting the case earlier. I'm just in shock. "$1,690" — The cheapest size 10 Mars Yards I've seen this year was a pretty beat pair for $2,300. What do I do? Chat log from buyer: https://i.imgur.com/bw6i8pq.png. Shit, it looks like someone bought it while I was typing this up. They could probably offer u better help. Online. It's a scary vicious cycle.

trust me i was, and still am. Get on social media. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Where do you recommend I buy from if I'm in europe? Guess not, which is great. Same as a size 14, biggest reps I've ever seen are 13. Heel cup is too long, while heel counter on midsoles are shorter than retails: https://i.imgur.com/xYDTXi1.jpg, Legit Mars Yard laces are slightly longer than normal which allows for double-knotting. The $600 price difference, especially on a site like GOAT where the seller has to forego a fee is really too good to be true. I haven't heard back from them, but I'm not holding my breath for a response either. Really? I stand by my comment below about not "vilifying" the buyer for putting the shoes back on sale in the first place.

— No (possibly real), Is the swoosh long and skinny? It's always a cat and mouse game whenever I reveal new flaws or details about how to legit check shoes. Is there a story behind this shoe, why is it going for 2k? Personally I find stock x better as a seller. If you can find a friend of a friend or know someone who’s a lawyer maybe it would help to have them write a letter that you can send them. Wonder how many people are walking around with reps on, unaware, after paying 500+ for them. Before I start here, this is not a matter of "he said, she said". GOAT replied and is refunding my money. We'll first test the effectiveness of the flow chart I created earlier, and I'll add other observations below: Is the trapezoid crisp and sharp? LMAO I almost bought them yesterday, but Mars-Yard told me they are fake before i pulled the trigger. You can't double-knot them, much less DS-knot, without the laces looking stubby: https://i.imgur.com/sLq5LVv.jpg, The production date of the shoes matches the dates used by replica factories (they always start with 12/01/16 or 01/04/17): https://i.imgur.com/02ZcqTJ.jpg, Fake insoles are molded with sharp edges while real ones have rounded edges: https://i.imgur.com/ubAMEjO.jpg, Back of insoles should have a gun-metal texture with dark speckles but the fake insoles are a flat grey (confirmed by the buyer upon closer inspection): https://i.imgur.com/6Cl5rcP.jpg, The reason the scammer sold it without the box is also quite clear. You may remember him from his "Make-a-wish" Jordan 4 and his trip to Nike HQ that he documented on this sub. Honestly I’m surprised how calm you are about this. I hope you get shit sorted out man. Hey all, My name is Zack, many of you may remember Peyton also known as "psmi2002" on Reddit. the shoes are new with tag on them in an obviously fake box.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I don't have to worry about buying fakes because they don't make them in my size lmao. Nothing against resell or the fake industry but i have a motto. When you do this, post the tweet in here or something so that some of the other sneakerheads on here can maybe retweet it or something. I was actually about to ask that as I was scrolling through this thread.

That sucks ass. The laces on the fake shoes are significantly shorter than normal laces. This is a PSA about buying big ticket items from GOAT (and anywhere else for that matter): always legit check before buying, especially if the price is too good to be true. I received a fake Supreme x North Face baltoro mountain jacket from Stockx earlier this year. some scammers are more transparent than others. Edit: The seller came through and cancelled for me. There are a lot of obvious signs especially if you've got legit shoes to compare them with.

This just happened with a copper stripe yeezy, if this would have happened with a more expensive shoe I would have been devastated... i mean still i lost just around 500$ total on this one sale after fees and shipping and GOAT could care less. Blow them up on social media and post as many pics as you can. Can confirm they're legit but I don't recommend buying from them if you're in Europe. Dude have u tried posting this on r/LegalAdvice? You’d hope it they’d be more careful when authenticating a 2k+ shoe. I mean i get they probably get people trying to send in fakes all the time, but its as easy as looking at their pics of my sale and then seeing the pair they sent back. The proportions of a size 9 are not the same as a size 13. r/sneakers and r/repsneakers really need to find out who the scammers are and ban them. I’m sure they wouldn’t brush that off. It's not an admission of fault, they're just "extending a courtesy" and saying they'll take another look at the shoes—and the buyer will only receive GOAT credit if they determine that it's fake, if not, it will be put back on the marketplace for sale. TLDR; Sent pair to goat said my real pair was fake, paid to get shoes back, someone swapped them for a brand new fake pair, even though mine were used.

— Yes (It's fake.). Filter by flair listed it back on GOAT for sale (at a profit?!). It's easy to take the moral high ground when it's not our $1.7k at stake—GOAT forced them in that position, where it seemed like it was the only way to get their money back. Users subscribed. Lol not quite as safe in my area to be making a trade and walking away with hard cash.


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