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He received the Golden Plate Award from the American Academy of Achievement in 1975, and in 1980, Baylor University gave him the special award of Alumnus Horis Causa. Herman Warden Lay (March 6, 1909 in Charlotte, North Carolina – December 6, 1982 in Dallas, Texas) was an American businessman who was involved in potato chip manufacturing with his eponymous brand of Lay's potato chips. Lay was born in … His spiel was, "Hey, get your nicely roasted, nicely toasted California sun-dried, long-eared, double-jointed peanuts! He was born in the year of 1909 on March 6th in Charlotte, North Carolina in United States of America. Lay Distributing Company based in Atlanta, Georgia, a distributor for the Barrett Food Products Company, and began to hire employees. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. He was inducted into the South Carolina Business Hall of Fame in 2002. For the next several years, he averaged 30 and 35 round trips a year between his Dallas and New York offices and homes, a trip he adjusted to by usually traveling with just a briefcase. Gifts to Furman from Lay and his estate have totaled $3.8 million. Lay once said, "What my family and I have accumulated has come about through the exercise of free enterprise. He was made a charter member of the Furman University Hall of Fame in 1970. © 2002 South Carolina Business Hall of Fame. Today, PepsiCo operates three divisions, Frito-Lay, Pepsi-Cola, and Tropicana. This sense of independence kept me working.

In all, he raised $5,000. By year's end, his territory had expanded and his profits had risen. His interest in business was the main thing which let him to be the co founder of PepsiCo Inc. Herman Lay is widely credited as the co founder of PepsiCo Inc. with Donald M. Kendall.

He was 11 years old. ", Now he had a job and his own territory. Ever creative, his approach was unique. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has a room named after him.

His new role required that he make only about 10 trips to New York each year. His father, Jesse N. Lay, worked for International Harvester, first as a bookkeeper in Charlotte and later as a commercial salesman in Columbia, South Carolina, where the family moved. He liked the work and approached it with a brand of enthusiasm that became something of a trademark for Herman Lay. As a result, both of these guys founded the PepsiCo Inc. in year of 1965.

He attended Greenville High School and graduated in 1926, lettering in baseball, basketball, and track. By year's end, Lay became chief executive officer of Frito-Lay, Inc., and soon advanced through the ranks to become chairman as well as CEO. Lay Co." signs went up and the Barrett signs came down. In 1932, salesman Herman Lay will open a snack food operation in Nashville, Tennessee. Herman Warden Lay (1909 – 1982) was an American businessman who was involved in potato chip manufacturing with his eponymous brand of Lay's potato chips. He interviewed for the job, but turned it down, deciding there was no future in potato chips. He was successful, charging a nickel a bottle while the city baseball park across the street was charging a dime. Herman Lay founder of Pepsi Inc was a famous business tycoon of America. Lay Jr., Herman Warden "Ward" Herman Warden "Ward" Lay, Jr. of Dallas, Texas was born in Atlanta, Georgia on October 13, 1945 to Herman Warden Lay and Amelia "Mimi" Harper Lay… As a young man searching for a career during the Great Depression, he suffered some lean years, but no hard-luck lessons were lost on Lay. Five a bag!" Lay was born in Charlotte, North Carolina on March 6, 1909. Due to his family’s financial problems, he started work in very young age. The H.W.

In 1965, Herman W. Lay (Chairman and Chief executive officer of Frito-Lay) and Donald M. Kendall (President and Chief executive officer of Pepsi-Cola) merged the two companies and formed PepsiCo, Inc. A philanthropist, he helped found the Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE). His family moved to Columbia, South Carolina when he was very young. Formerly it was a local brand company which was founded by their inspiration from Pepsi cola but soon due to its quality products it left behind the Pepsi Cola and became and international brand. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. He studied at his home first and then attended the local school but again after some years his family migrated to Greenville in South Carolina. His contributions made possible the Herman W. Lay Activities Center and the Herman Warden Lay Scholarship program at Furman University. After his retirement, Lay returned to private business with his son, Ward Lay, organizing several family corporations engaged in real estate, oil and gas exploration, and the manufacturing of frozen food products under the name State Fair Foods. "I kept telling myself it was my territory and my business. Lay Co., Inc., now part of the Frito-Lay corporation, a subsidiary of PepsiCo. When the ballpark moved from his neighborhood, he went with it, selling peanuts during the games. Herman Lay founder of Pepsi Inc was a famous business tycoon of America. As Lay was searching for an opportunity to further expand Frito-Lay's reach into a global marketplace, Pepsi-Cola was chosen as the perfect merger partner, with its 5,000 people working in 100 countries. Lay & Co. became publicly owned. The 2.2-acre Lay Ornamental Garden at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens was designed for Mimi Lay Hodges in honor of her late husband. They would become the parents of four children: Linda Lay Chambless, who died of Hodgkin's disease at the age of 21; Susan Lay Atwell; H. Ward Lay, Jr.; and Dorothy Lay. Herman W. Lay, the entrepreneur who developed the first national brand of potato chips and later, as head of the Frito-Lay Company, helped found Pepsico, the … Three years later, he had 25 employees and had to move to a larger warehouse. The Greenville Society for the Advancement of Management honored him with its Person of the Year in 1974.

By 1920, they moved to Greenville, South Carolina. In Dallas, the Lays bought a lot in North Dallas, hired an architect, and built what one magazine writer described as a "huge Gone with the Wind Colonial home.". The Herman W. and Amelia H. Lay Family Concert Organ was given to the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas by "Mimi" Lay Hodges in memory of her late husband. They discussed some ideas with each other and selected one best idea which was suiting them with ease. The merger meant moving his family to Dallas after 20 years in Atlanta.

Mar 6 1909 - Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, United States, Dec 6 1982 - Dallas, Texas, United States, June 3 1909 - Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Dec 6 1982 - Baylor Hospital, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, Jesse Newton Lay, Bertha Erma Lay (born Parr), Migura (born Lay), Ward Lay, Atwell (born Lay), Linda Lay, Alt birth month - June 6 1909 - Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, United States, Dec 6 1982 - Dallas, Dallas, Texas, United States, Jesse Newton Lay, Bertha Erman Lay (born Parr), Susan Lay, Linda Chambless (born Lay), Herman Warden "Ward" Lay Jr, Jesse Newton Lay Jr., Hallie Parr Morris (born Lay), June 3 1909 - Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA, Linda Chambless (born Lay), White (born Lay), Lay, Rutledge (born Lay), Jesse Neuton Newton Lay, Bertha Erma Lay (born Parr), Lay, Lay, Lay, Food and beverage industry businesspeople. He died in the year of 1982 on December 6th in the age of 72 years. He got one response, from Barrett Potato Chip Co. in Atlanta, distributor of Gardner's Potato Chips. Out in the morning and on the road, all day, half the night, sleep where I was, and go again.".

That same year, Lay was named distributor in Barrett's Nashville office. Donald Kendall was the first Chief Executive officer of PepsiCo Inc. from its founding year to just a decade ago. Lay family members worship at the Park Cities Baptist Church, where Lay was chairman of the Building Committee. Lay purchased the Barrett's plant in Jacksonville, Fla., and during the next few years, established manufacturing plants in Jackson, Miss., Louisville, Ky., and Greensboro, N.C. He also served as a trustee of Baylor University and Drury College. The Lays moved from Nashville to Atlanta, and on October 2, 1939, "H.W. His early Pepsi-Cola venture grew so rapidly that he opened a bank account, bought a bicycle, hired other boys to operate his drink stand, and started delivering newspapers.


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