homemade deodorant without baking soda
The old baking soda irritation. If anyone has any details on length of detox that they experienced (as in: the time it took for this deodorant to work) I’d love to know.

I don’t recommend you to use baking soda on your underarms.

The DE makes it a bit grayish-tan…maybe with a hint of brown.

Add the oil mixture to the dry ingredients and whisk together. 0.05 oz => about 1/3 tsp Shea butter I just read your note about not wanting to sweat. My essential oils were lemongrass, grapefruit, and tea tree. It ended up being a mixture of my armpit stink and the lavender scent of my deodorant. I’ve been looking for a good baking soda free deodorant as mine also gave me a rash. Sweat is needed to detox from heavy metals and bpa and pthalates and stuff. in skincare products. Extremely excited to try this as the baking soda often gives me a rash. Your email address will not be published. Thanks-

More oil? Jess. Sounds great! So, not only does DE help draw out moisture and remove toxins, but it also helps to ease sensitive skin. I have very sensitive skin… I know, not very manly…. I LOVE this deodorant! If you experience this, you could try adding just 1 TBSP baking soda. You can read about my favorite digital scale here (and get another great DIY recipe for using it)…

So I added about 25g of baking soda to what was left and it seems to be working pretty well. In a separate bowl, mix the cornstarch and arrowroot powders.

Would appreciate your help.

It smelled good and felt moisturizing on my sensitive armpits. We are talking pits aflame here! 7 months of using a clean deodorant is still different than using my deodorant. . I have a question about the deodorant stick dispensers that people are using. Which would be most appropriate? I used to use it in homemade Chapstick till last year, when it made my lips dry and swollen.. Did some research and learned that some people can develop an allergy to propolis after repeated use.. Beeswax really is a lovely ingredient and has great benefits for most people. I now sweat less after switching to this deodorant and I don’t smell! Iulia. u do sweat but no odor <3. (So use a little.) Hope, now you can make your homemade deodorant easily. .05 ounce of Shea Butter? You can learn all about carrier oils in our extensive post here. First, you need to melt the coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax. After research, I found a detox recipe. Unfortunately the baking soda was VERY irritating to me so that was out. Diatomaceous Earth…such a different (and awesome) ingredient to add into your new DIY deo! I’m Melissa, a mama to four kiddos under the age of 6. My body had to adjust from using antiperspirants but by the end of this week, it’s working and it smells great. The consistency of this lovely deodorant is firm, yet extremely spreadable. The BS recipes I’ve tried in the past not only give me a severe chemical burn, but also stained most of my clothing an orangy-yellow color. I’m so glad you are introducing her to a natural and healthy alternative to the toxic products on most store shelves! The higher the amount means higher damages. Can’t wait to try this though! I’ve also starting sweating a lot less. However, if I use Coconut Oil before the deodorant, it works just fine. Is there any chance you would have this recipe out really soon? That’s why we use deodorant on armpits to prevent stink. You are a genius ! Thanks for this wonderful recipe, I can’t wait to whip it up and use it! I just wanted to pipe in on the DE thing. 0.75 oz => 4.5 tsp Beeswax. Also added bentonite clay. It set up beautifully.

It’s a win-win. I use a very small amount – about the size of a pea but it still leaves dark residue as well as oil stains on the clothing. Thanks, Didn’t work for odor at all. Thanks so much.


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