how did sarcosuchus become extinct
That said, a monster. Institut de Recherches en Sciences Humaines, The Giant Crocodyliform Sarcosuchus from the Cretaceous of Africa, SuperCroc's jaws were superstrong, study shows, Sereno, team discover prehistoric giant Sarcosuchus imperator in African desert,, Erickson, G.M. Sarcosuchus used to be over 10 metres long, and it is believed that they used to reach 12 metres. [citation needed] Other rivals in size of Sarcosuchus are Purussaurus from the Miocene of what is now Peru and Brazil, and Rhamphosuchus from the Miocene and Pliocene of what is now India.

Sarcosuchus lived in Northern Africa, in what is now known as the Sahara Desert. The tail power was so immense that the Sarcosuchus could ‘leap’ out of the water to catch a potential victim at the watering place.

Front view of the skull and body of Sarcosuchus imperator, Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, Paris, However, while the snout of juvenile Sarcosuchus strongly resembled modern narrow-snouted crocodiles in width, it expands dramatically in mature individuals (Sereno et al., 2001). It dates from the early Cretaceous Period of what is now Africa and is one of the largest giant crocodile-like reptiles that ever lived. You can also take a look at the articles talk page to see if anything is mentioned there which can give some tips. For information about how to add references, see Fossil Wiki:Sourcing.

Unsurprisingly, it was not bothered by their loss, and unlike us, it did not have to make dental appointments, brr. "Crocodile" is a term commonly used in a much broader sense. The upper jaw overlapped the lower jaw, creating an overbite. By the way – its teeth actually were not so sharp.

The teeth were conical, adapted for grabbing and holding; instead of narrow, adapted for slashing (like the teeth of some land-dwelling carnivores), and more like that of true crocodilians.

As a group, they are narrow-snouted fish-eaters from saltwater environments, except for the broader snouted, river-dwelling Sarcosuchus. The primary difference is that species with a long snout have larger heads in proportion to their bodies than species with relatively broad snouts. In the years 1997 and 2000, an American paleontologist Paul Sereno discovered several unknown specimens, including one that was preserved almost half-completely, even the spine. The eye sockets of Sarcosuchus rotated upwards and were somewhat telescoped (Sereno et al., 2001). The Sarcosuchus, or alternatively, SuperCroc, apart from its great general size, also had a massive skull and jaws. Unlike the ghara, though, the bulla is present in all Sarcosuchus skulls that have been found so far. [citation needed]. All of the other giant crocodiles are known only from a few partial skulls, so which is actually the biggest is an open question. It was first discovered during the 1950s in Aoulef, Algeria and Gara Kamboute, Tunisia by a team led by French paleontologist Albert-Félix de Lapparent. Relatively recently (in terms of geological periods :)) this area transformed into a Sahara desert. This suggests that, like the Nile crocodile, it may have complemented a primarily fish diet with terrestrial animals, at least upon maturity.

The osteoderms of ancient reptiles have been used to determine age (Erickson & Brochu, 1999). How did the dinosaurs become extinct? Most likely it spent most of the time submerged in the river waters, seeking potential prey. Sereno also measured living crocodilians in India and Costa Rica and used that data in his analysis. Every other gigantic crocodylomorphs is known merely by a few incomplete skull fossils, which stresses the question which one was indeed of the greatest size. Sarcosuchus was a prehistoric crocodile which lived approximately 112 million years ago during the Early Cretaceous Period. Want to know more information about dinosaur extinction? One 80% grown specimen was discovered with 40 rings, indicating that it had lived for 40 years. In modern crocodiles, the skull and body are the same proportion regardless of age or sex (Sereno et al., 2001). Based on the number of fossils discovered, the aquatic Sarcosuchus was probably plentiful in these warm, shallow, freshwater habitats. As a result, the longest and oldest Sarcosuchus crocodiles reached 12 meters of length, being twice as long as the longest present-day crocodiles. One of the most interesting facts about Sarcosuchus, however, wasn’t its enormous size but its eyes. The skull was about 1.78 meters long (5ft 10in), 1.3 m (4ft 3in) of which were jaws, which held 132 teeth, growing back over its whole lifetime.

You really can’t get an idea of how big this crocodile was until you have looked at Sarcosuchus pictures, especially ones showing them as compared to humans. It was 1964, however, before a skull was discovered by geologists and brought to the attention of Philippe Taquet. It may have come into conflict with Suchomimus, an 11 m (36 ft) theropod dinosaur with a gharial-like snout, whose fossils were found in the same geological formation as Sarcosuchus. Until the 1980s, the pholidosaurids were classified as part of the presumed suborder "Mesosuchia", within the order Crocodylia.

This is possibly evidence that land bridges between Africa and South America existed much later than was previously believed. This may in part be due to body design (the armoured plates of the back can provide structural support to a massive body [citation needed]) and in part due to environment (water can buoy up their massive bodies) (See also: Cope's law). 2001. ©, 2019.

Deinosuchus, which was from the Late Cretaceous of what is now North America, is also a good example of a giant crocodile that is only distantly related to Sarcosuchus. The fossils were discovered in Gadoufaoua, Niger in the Ténéré Desert, which is part of the Sahara. [citation needed] Four other species of extinct Crocodyliformes were also discovered in the same rock formation along with the Sarcosuchus, including a dwarf crocodile with a tiny, 8 cm (3 in) long skull. Sarcosuchus (red) put to scale with a human and other crocodilians.

This suggests that the animal probably spent most of its time with the majority of its body submerged, watching the shore for prey.


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