how to build a street stock race car

For front-wheel drive vehicles the goal is to minimize weight transfer away from the front tires. Some classes allow a Late Model Stock-style Edelbrock dual-plane intake manifold, which is being installed here. Liability Disclaimer: To avoid leaks, make sure to coat all the threads with Teflon thread sealer. K1 specializes in producing cost-effective performance rods. Since we’ve switched to guideplates, hardened pushrods are required. Be sure to liberally coat the contact point of the fulcrum ball with a thick lubricant like extreme pressure lube. On other types of suspensions, minimizing or eliminating tire hop/chatter when launching is vital, as the second the tire leaves the road, the forward acceleration stops. Silicone works well here and is easy to remove if you ever wish to return the block to over-the-road duty. “Stock cars start running race fuels, become Gassers, then Altered Wheelbase, Funny Cars, Pro Stock, and as the racing ramps up in cost and complexity, there’s always an underground scene racing on the street or with alternate sanctioning bodies, and that’s what we noticed at HOT ROD in the late ’80s and early ’90s.” Comp Cams is currently leading the way in producing highquality beehive springs and retainers for racing use. Thank you for your support! When Brian is not writing, you can find him at the track as a crew chief, doing freelance photography, or beating on his nitrous-fed 2000 Trans Am. Most rulebooks only allow an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) stock block. "I used several sizes of wood blocks and shims to level the chassis. With the fuel-pump notch completed, we moved onto assembling the car by installing new bushings in the A-frames and trailing arms, assembled the front suspension, setting caster/camber and toe and measuring the front tread width. We talked with S&W’s staff to get the lowdown on what it takes to build a chassis from scratch using one of their kits. When tapping these holes, be sure not to tap all the way through. Newer GM LS1 engines use beehive-shaped valvesprings that start out at a standard diameter but have a progressively smaller diameter towards the top of the spring. Visitors assume all liability for their use and interpretation of the materials presented, whether those materials be correct or errant. The rest of the fender can be put on with just a few rivets or Dzeus fittings so that it can be quickly removed for suspension repairs or adjustments. When it comes to racing, KT Engines knows all the tricks and can translate many of the ideas that work well in high-end racing engines to the Street-Stock level. The biggest change you can make to a stock car’s handling at a track event is varying your tire pressures. Before installing the crank, lubricate your camshaft and install it in the block. Still, the general outline is that a stock block, cylinder heads, and crankshaft must be used. Safety: Providing a substantial crash/rollover safety cell for the driver is usually a requirement where speeds and risk exceed the limits of a production car's structure. Take pride in your work," says Kimmel. A lot of people want to build a mild-steel car because they have a Mig welder, but that limits you to how quick the car can go. I decked the heads to 64 cc’s, which is in line with most rulebooks. We'd look pretty silly if we built the 'cage and then tried to put the body on the car only to find that the cage was -inch too tall. The Performance Distributors ignition can also be built with customadvance curves best suited to meet your specific engine’s needs. The maximum width of the rear spoiler is constrained by the rules, so Bigham rolls the side panels out to help catch more air. With the frame complete and stripped back to just what is getting powdercoated, it's time to load up and head over to W.M. Taking a little extra time to strengthen the whole frame will give you a solid foundation on which to build your car. Additionally, you'll want to grind and clean all of the slag and rough areas. Don’t assume you will have the right chassis for the elapsed time and MPH you plan to run — ask questions up front to get the right chassis kit. 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This is because a stock pan does not provide enough oil control, allowing centrifugal forces to push the oil away from the oil-pump pickup, which can lead to engine damage. FORUMS. The route I chose, however, was to install a brand new performance HEI ignition from Performance Distributors. Crane Cams, however, sells a set of stock-appearing stamped rockers in 1.6:1 ratio that bear no markings to give away their slightly higher ratio. Out back this rounded piece of tubing not only provides a place for the flanges of the rear bumper cover to the connected to the car, but it also provides some rigidity to the rear quarter panel just behind the left rear tire. They can also build a chassis jig if they want to,” Burke says. SHARE THIS ARTICLE: Please feel free to share this post on Facebook / Twitter / Google+ or any automotive Forums or blogs you read. More modern valvespring designs can help performance considerably. The correct gap is between 1/4 and 3/8 of an inch. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network. A stock, standard-pressure oil pump works well in this application. He began with all the main caps torqued in place, but crankshaft endplay was only 0.002 of an inch instead of the recommended 0.004 to 0.007 of an inch. The stock cylinder heads have an exhaust gas recirculation port that routes hot exhaust gasses back into the intake. When checking piston ring gap, it is critical that the ring is square in the cylinder bore.

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Finally, some pistons also are available with a floating wristpin. Not out of the ordinary for many Street Stock rule books, but Kimmel also requires a side plate for the driver's door. If your rulebook doesn’t specify, the best choices are GM Vortec heads. Ken Troutman prefers to use heavy engine assembly grease on the main bearings for extra protection during startup. This reduces the chance of chipping either a cam bearing or a lobe. We want to make things where they aren’t confusing and the customer can have the confidence to build the kit because it’s user-friendly. They must be pulled with a stud extractor and replaced with screwin rocker studs. Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2013. After that, the block should be inspected for problem areas and Magnafluxed to find any cracks. Connecting rods and the pistons may be aftermarket, but they must be stock replacement and cannot be forged. To determine your head’s chamber volume, you need a cc kit. One trick to aid flow into the combustion chambers in an engine with limited valve lift is to back-cut the valves. The greater the weight transferred the better. Rules require stock-style stamped steel rocker arms, which have a ratio of 1.5:1. Here the Bigham test fits the left-rear quarter panel.

It also makes it easier to figure out which tube is which if the number is rubbed off, because all the sizing is on the drawings, too,” Burke explains. Dirt Late Model Racing News and Driver info across the Mid Atlantic. The last thing any racer wants is to have something come through the left-side door into the driver's compartment. Build Your Own Production-Based Drag Racer Knowledge Level Speed Pro produces several pistons that qualify as stock replacements. It is likely that your rulebook will differ in several minor points from the parameters I set up for our build. I do this at all four corners of the chassis to help stabilize it.". Not only do they provide blueprints and parts to complete a build, but they can also construct a car for a customer in-house from a pile of tubes to a finished vehicle. See the. At the entry-level of production-based drag racers, you will find working knowledge in handling, chassis, suspension, powertrain, aerodynamic and safety useful.

If you are working with a block that has been removed from a passenger car, your best bet is to completely strip it and take it to an engine shop for a complete cleaning and inspection. When inserted as shown here, the entire width of the ring should be able to fit inside the piston’s ring land. With a dragster, if you’re going to run Top Dragster that will be different from a bracket car or Super Comp car. What do you need? If you are using in a sheet-metal pointer like this one, try squirting silicone between the back of the pointer and the timing cover. “You want to build the car for the application it will be used for. "I level the chassis before I start working on it in order to give a good basis for everything we're going to do. If you find our site useful, please help keep it going by making a small $1 or $2 donation.

Before beginning your own Street Stock engine project, you should first decide exactly where the engine and the car will be racing and get a copy of that track’s rulebook. Use a dial indicator to measure movement of the retainer and, with the timing pointer at 10 degrees ATDC, measure the distance you can move the rocker and valve by hand until the valve contacts the top of the piston. Increasing the compression makes the problem even worse. “When the customer gets their bundle of tube, the numbers on each tube will match what’s on the bill of materials and drawings. Thank you for your support!

Bigham pulled the fender out wide to cover the rear wheels but needed it to come back in to fit the rear bumper cover.


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