how to fix a digital clock that runs slow

I assume that the clock has a pendulum. Take out your clock and carefully take away the lid of the battery chamber. I have a Hamilton (on its face) mantel clock from the 1949s that is electrical movement.

I will have another look at the problem. I guess I need to know more. In this case, you should replace the battery with a new one. Or you can always bring the clock in. I have a nice small clock movement with a platform escapement.

Hi all, If the clock doesn't have enough power to push the pendulum very far, then the pendulum takes short fast swings. one end winds the clock and the other end (small end) adjust for speed. Your email address will not be published. Any way to identify this clock?

If your clock is running slow then there might be an issue with the wiring. Fixing a clock that runs too fast can be as easy as turning a screw. I just purchased a vintage wall clock, wind up with a pendulum. Nothing to worry take a look at our non-ticking silent wall clock that will not make noise while you are sleeping or relaxing with taking tea in your living room.

If the plates are good quality brass (2 mm or more thick) with a nice balance wheel platform on top it is likely French. I have a 1920s Seth Thomas 8" ships clock. It is the original to the clock. Always try to grasp the hands close the the brass bushing, and try to avoid bending the hands. Would this be repairable by anyone in this country (am willing to ship it). Often this results in a smaller swing which doesn't take as much time as it should so the clock speeds up. Then I fit the bushing onto the tang and turn the hand until it is adjusted properly. Hi Mike Can you help? Plug your clock into an outlet in a different room and test the time again for 24 hours. This is an unusual set up in a floor clock.

Some people do not have a repair shop within a reasonable distance from them. Bend the hour or minute hand (whichever is on top) slightly toward you to create clearance. Well, the reason can easily be detected by observing the clock. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Insert the narrower end of a double-ended key into the hole. Thus as the movement becomes worn, the push the gear train gives to the pendulum is decreased, but the drag on the pendulum during locking is also decreased, so the arc of the pendulum can actually increase and the clock can slow down. Rhythm does not make parts available to other repair centers. The rack has at least 12 teeth and usually a few more.

Please see the FAQ for putting a clock in beat.

My clock is running fast/slow. I have an old cuckoo clock that runs but the pendulum carving is all the way up to the base of the clock and it still runs a bit slow. Hello Steve, the R stands for retard and the A stands for Advance (or their French equivalents). Be aware that the stated sizes of the keys and the size you measure on the arbor may be slightly different, so you may need to order more than one key to get one that fits. Is it a battery-powered one or an electric one?

Hi Mike, Thanks! Where do I find a small key to be able to do this. We had a power outage for three days. Therefore, for better understanding, I am going to explain both of them to you separately. Will the addition of bushings decrease the value of my clock. Complicated electrical wirings are included in this type of clock. Simply hold the bushing still with a wrench and turn the hand the distance needed so that when you put the hand back on the clock, the hand is pointing straight up at the 12. I have a ship's clock (chronometer) by Wempe. Instead, once an hour a pin on one of the wheels catches the tail of the hammer and strikes a bell or gong. Thank you. If the nut is already at the top of the threads and can't be adjusted, you probably need to take it in to a professional clock repair technition. It then would have a time +/- adjustment. Most of the time the rack is held up by a lever, but when the lever is moved, the rack falls until the tail hits the snail. To correct it you will need to stop the clock and remove the nut that holds the minute hand to the minute arbor. But then it'd probably be easier to build a clock that's slow from the start. Not 5 mins slow or fast but 10 to 15 either way. There may be the words 'fast' and 'slow' marked around the hole to direct you in setting the clock's speed. Look for a small screw at the bottom tip of the pendulum. tick . This screw regulates the speed of the clock. How can I get it to run correctly? It is better to change batteries or cables every month. It doesn't turn very far which doesn't take as long so the clock speeds up. Be careful however, many do not. Welcome to my wordpress site. The Rhythm clocks that I am familiar with are quartz clocks, but quartz clocks generally weren't affordable in the 1960';s and early 1970's. Like now it is about 10 min on the hour off.

You probably will have to do a little filing to get the hook to properly fit the pendulum leader.

If you are in or near the Skagit Valley, I would be happy to look at it. Which way would I turn it to make the clock slow down. I’ve improved the accuracy by shifting the small lever on the escapement to “F” but I can’t shift it any further now and the clock is still losing about a minute per day. Is there anything else l can do to length the pendulum besides taking it to a repair shop.

If the clock hands are touching, that may be the reason the clock stopped moving. My guess is that you have this type of striking mechanism and that for some reason, the lever that holds the rack up isn’t releasing the rack to fall, and so each time the clock only strikes once. Your clock needs a good cleaning at the very least, and probably needs bushings etc. (You can reply by e-mail if that's better.). 1. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on your wall clock and check it from time to time. You will probably have to make several trys before you get it right. This would be the counter-clockwise direction. The bushing has a square hole in the center that fits onto a square at the end of the clock's minute arbor (the shaft that sticks out from the center of the clock dial). I suggest you contact the Rhythm Clock repair line at 770-640-6311. Kevin. Clocks are designed to run and keep time with the pendulum having room for adjustment. Your movement was probably made by Hermle. I have recently stripped, cleaned and lightly oiled a 1940/50s Smiths mantle clock. Set the time on your non-mechanical electric or battery-powered clock to match an accurate timepiece. She's worked on staff at both major Las Vegas newspapers, as well as a rural Nevada weekly. I have a very old mantle clock that seems to be running too fast.

Simply, wipe off the dust with a piece of cloth or you can also try blowing them out.

Again, you should also check the electric clocks handles. i'VE BEEN LOOKING SIDE OF THE BALANCE WHEEL AND ALL AROUND THE WHEEL AND i SEE NOTHING WHERE i CAN ADJUST THE MOVEMENT tHANKS FOR ANY HELP. After all, the clock costs you a lot of money and throwing it away without even trying to fix it is an utter waste. . Your clock runs fast so you want to turn the top of the key towards the R to slow it down. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Your outlet may not provide steady electricity to the clock. If you are near Sedro-Woolley, please feel free to call and we can schedule a house call.

Or does my clock need to be serviced?

Thanks. I have an old french mantel clock with a tiny shaft at the top of the dial but cannot If it is uneven (tock . On the Date and Time screen, click on the tab labelled Internet Time (See image below) 4. There are people who rebuild rotors. How to Troubleshoot Clocks That Run Too Fast, By creating an account you agree to the Hunker, The Old Clockworks Inc.: How to Regulate the Time of Your Clock, Grenz Clock Repair: Care and Feeding of Your Clock, Jefferson Electric Clock: Troubleshooting, Repair and Restoration; Roger Russell. As soon as the pendulum reverses direction the gear train resumes its forwards direction and pushes on the pendulum until you hear the next tock or tick. Best regards, It can be made to run backwards or forwards by how the stem is twirled. I recomend the book "The 400-Day Repair Guide" by Charles Terwilliger. It is beautiful and means a lot to me but was running fast, I found your advice to adjust the pendulum and hope that I can adjust the speed Thank You.


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