how to summon a demon lover

He also needs some preliminary knowledge and skill. You essentially relax your body than lift yourself up from your body by imagining that you’re climbing an invisible rope connected to your heart or head. The greatest danger is that the lover you attract via Zepar can become barren.Summoning Zepar can be done with sigil magick (gazing at his sigil and repeating his enn) and by a candle and offering ritual. If we remain passive or unconscious during the event, the succubus/incubus can use us in any way it pleases. Note: Paimon is also known as a great teacher, so he could be included among demons of knowledge also. Meditation is also very helpful, as is setting up an alarm after five hours of sleep, then going back to sleep. Think of it mathematically - add up all the intention in the room and you can see that more people usually equals more intention. There is always danger involved when dealing with demonic spirits. It’s an art or a craft that has certain rules, but it’s not a set of recipes that you must follow religiously. Every demon has particular attributes and powers. However, when its dark outside and you can talk to yourself through the mirror the succubus can be summoned and come to you through telepathy. I’ve summoned many demons in the past and tried many ritualistic methods from ancient and modern grimoires. After all, how many of your dreams do you remember at all? Channeling your energy into a sigil by gazing into it with clear intent has the potential effect of summoning the spirit to do your bidding. But some demons have more power than others, and it’s often not clear what a certain demon can actually do. This is why you must alter your own perception and enter the demon’s realm instead of expecting it to enter mundane reality. This is not a coincidence. This is undeniably true. I’ve discovered that simply relaxing on the bed while listening to these beats can lead to a projection after 10-15 minutes and create very interesting dreams. I’ve shared a lot of information here about astral travel and lucid dreaming and I suggest you really get into these methods because they are the key to having awesome adventures in the astral/dream realm. In his highly revered book Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic, occultist Thomas Karlsson explains: An effective way to contact the Lilith Qlipha is to go out in the wild at night and meditate on the shadows and the darkness where objects are no longer visible and instead blur into a dark mist. But the question on curiously many lips has remained unanswered till now: “How to summon a succubus or incubus?” In this article I’m spilling the beans on these bedroom demons and I’m unlocking the gates for all who are daring enough to play with them. By tuning yourself into their frequency consciously, you are more likely to meet them either awake or during sleep. The difference being that in a trance state we are fully awake and aware of what is happening. Koetting, the most famous black magician of our times: In the course Mastering Evocation, you will learn…eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'occultist_net-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_13',115,'0','0'])); Practicing occultist and writer with a particular interest in summoning magic.

Here’s my Asmodeus summoning guide for those who are interested in communicating with this spirit. Every demon has unique attributes and requires a unique ritual approach. After all, if you don’t remember and aren’t in control of your dreams, what’s the point of having them anyway? If you summon Zepar, but actually want to make more money, there will be a conflict in energy. Experienced yogis and meditators can change their frequency at will without using any external aids. – Astennu Sever, Owner and Chief Editor, link to 3 Prayers to Ogun For Work, Protection & Spiritual Growth, link to How to Invoke Elegua: Rituals, Prayers & More, How many demon(s) to summon at the same time, How to know if your ritual was successful or not, full step-by-step Paimon summoning ritual, Find a demon who’s power corresponds to your goal, Enter a trance-state to communicate with the demon, Once you’re in a trance state, communicate your desire to the demon and ask for assistance, After having received the answer, end the ritual by asking the demon to leave and/or get on with the task you assigned it with, Goal –  “I want to become a powerful magician.”. The astral plane/dreams are the ideal setting for making that happen. But even if he doesn’t appear straightforwardly like that, it doesn’t mean that the ritual didn’t work. We can compare a magician with a painter. Find a demon who’s power corresponds to your goal. Both fasting and sleep deprivation definitely have an impact on one’s psyche and can be utilized for magical purposes, but the risks should not be underestimated. The recipe-type magic is another Hollywood-derived nonsense that needs to be dispensed with. Keep your intent sharp and practice until the result materializes. His representative color is red, the color of passion. To summon a demon you need to have a clear purpose for doing so.

It’s important to follow your gut feeling when determining the goal you want help with in order to avoid such conflicts. Ask Lilith for help. Most people would think you’re either  crazy or silly for attempting to do so. This is the second most important question because not all demons are the same. That’s why it’s rare for magicians to see a demon like Lucifer in the same way when performing a ritual. Practitioners on these paths pray to Ogun because he can clear obstacles to spiritual growth.... How to Invoke Elegua: Rituals, Prayers & More. Here is my list of the best magick courses from experienced contemporary magicians available online. Check out the Sitri summoning guide to learn more.

The triangle is there to keep Asmodeus contained, while the magic circle is to protect the magician during the ritual. This question ties into the previous answer. Do you want to discover the unlimited potential of demonic magic for yourself? You can draw Lilith’s sigil on a piece of paper and gaze at it while imagining the result you want her to assist you with (in this case summoning a succubus/incubus). This is how he is mentioned in the Bible and multiple grimories. He giveth good Familiars, and such as can teach all Arts. You could combine Mammon (for money) and Belial (for self-confidence and motivation). This book explains the dark side of Qabalah, which is filled with demonic magic. At this time you’re more likely to have a lucid dream. You should summon a demon that corresponds to your goal(s). While there are thousands of free videos on Youtube, the sound is often distorted and doesn’t work as it should. This is where Lilith can be found. Lesson learned. If you’re into ceremonial magick, you’ve seen plenty of grimoires and other magic books describing various demons. If you speak to the demon like a slave, he can rebel and cause trouble. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It’s hard to describe it with words because it can’t be compared with anything but the moment that precedes a dream, when our internal world is about to fully envelope the external. It’s both disrespectful to the demon and to the art of magic to do it just for the entertainment value. Aleister Crowley successfully summoned Buer at one point to assist his mentor with his respiratory issues. But they are also very helpful in healing various diseases, physical, mental and spiritual. There are many, many demons across all traditional cultures. Astaroth is a demon that can help you master many arcane arts similarly to Furcas. In fact, the demon might speak through you as has happened to me multiple times. In most cases a demon will not appear in a full, visible form. He teaches Philosophy, Astronomy (Astrology according to some authors), Rhetoric, Logic, Chiromancy and Pyromancy.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'occultist_net-leader-1','ezslot_10',112,'0','0'])); I’ve had great success with summoning  Furcas. Summoning Mammon, the demon of avarice is a great option. It’s important that you followed through the steps outlined above. Practitioners on these paths pray to Ogun because he can clear obstacles to spiritual growth.... How to Invoke Elegua: Rituals, Prayers & More. Depending on the difficulty one experiences in getting into a trance, more complex and greater variety of tools can be used.

Lastly you can get my book, The Warrior-Magician Manual which is a light read that explains how magic works and basics of demon summoning magic with a couple of my own examples.


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