i feel like i'm cursed with bad luck
Things like reversing candle rituals, petition magick, mojo bags, protection jars, and banishing rituals work just fine. It just feels like i won the damn genetic lottery of bad luck.

People like this can intentionally, or unintentionally, send negative energy towards you or someone else, and this negative energy is programmed with their desires, wishes, thoughts, or intentions, and their negative thoughts create a psychic curse. Typically you are a person of good fortune. Don’t let them! Now, look at him he can’t keep no girlfriend. Here's an odd hint of how to know if you've been cursed. A magical curse impacts the lower end of the vibrations around you and your home. Unexplained changes in your weight, mood, and sleeping patterns are also associated with curses. I'm a psychic that can see the curse and remove it for you. […] are many ways a hex or curse can affect your life. Curses can truly only take root when the person being cursed fuels it with their own fear and negativity. Instead, you need to pay attention to a series of smaller, subtle signs. Curses are nothing to take lightly, and for some reason, I have been seeing more and more people affected curses lately! P.S. I’ve tried all this, I’ve had 15 years of hell now, is there ANYTHING else? If you need help, please don't suffer any longer! Cover it in sea salt for 24 hours to purify it's energies.3. I knew when he was there because he would try to open the bible to read it but it wouldn’t let. This curse is what he has done to all my other siblings . I’d love to hear any views on this?

I have really bad luck, constantly. The fakes and frauds piss me off too, glad to see you call them out. Negative people, thoughts, shows , anything that takes away your peace or rest remove it out of your life. Rifle Through My “Curse Checklist”.

When you are the target of a curse, dark entities tend to lurk around your energy field, as they’re attracted to the dark energy of the curse. And if this is an illness that the doctors can’t even figure out – this may be a curse/hex working against you. Any advice? A 3 card oracle reading to answer ONE question. During Karmic Evaluation And Reparation sessions with my clients, (this is where I look at a person's karma, see where past karma is causing problems in that person's life, and then remove it or repair it so the problem goes away)  I am often surprised at the number of thought curses many people have! And, most importantly in my opinion, how to not get taken advantage of by a psychic or healer who tells you you’re being followed by an ancient family curse. Place it by your bed at night when you sleep!6.

Create a tea of hex-breaking herbs steeped in water to cleanse your home. Thanks, It won’t stop.. You must’ve done something bad to deserve this. I know I have psychic capabilities. Photo and typed document of the reading is what you will receive.

once a month. Yes, I have felt cursed by bad luck before. Usually when people think of a curse they’re envisioning a wicked old hag standing over a bubbling cauldron chanting or someone in a dark smoke filled room surrounded by candles sticking pins in a voodoo doll. She’s a beautiful spirit. If you’re especially intuitive or sensitive, there’s a greater chance of you getting warnings via dreams.

She’s really jealous and told your mutual friend that she hopes you fuck up your interview because that’ll teach you to brag.

I’ve occasionally felt that my bad luck is genetic. Sudden financial difficulties.

A story of a “curse” passes down from generation to generation and each generation carries this negative energy and negative thought pattern in their minds which causes them to attract “the curse” into their life. By and large, unless you die, or someone you know dies, or is diagnosed with some horrible illness, there is usually someone far worse off than yourself. I’m 45yrs old and a single mother I can’t keep a man I can’t keep a job if anything from a legal matter is going on people will look at me like I’m crazy I’ve been waiting for a home for 18 years and still haven’t got one I feel trapped and I’ve had enough my health I have problems with my stomach I’m … She made me feel like what I want matters. When you balk at the price the psychic tells you the curse is worse than you know and she “doesn’t want to scare you” but if you don’t pay her to do this ritual the curse will affect your family for generations to come. It’s possible that an apology is the only thing he or she wants from you before releasing you from your curse. Psychic curses are not a matter to be taken lightly! , The bold letters in the article will take you to the answers. Jesus is the prince of peace. And i couldn’t breathe i think i’m under a curse.. Am i right?? We’ve all heard the stories, or maybe even know someone with one of these stories. My family is FOR SURE cursed, on my dads side, both my grandma, & great grandma where both witches. I can't connect or relate to people and i watch them have better lives than mine every single day. My life is almost over but i have never lived because of this curse . See I am not scared of the dead, nor the living or demonic. And believe it or not, psychic curses are more common than most people think. I also get sick very frequently because of the antipsychotic drugs. The first step is to determine whether you are actually dealing with a curse. I also have sore throat after i eat something. Oftentimes, these dreams or nightmares include a person performing a curse on you. This happened in 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019, 2020.

A feeling a … I do not trust my parents or anyone. Thanks. A few parts of my hip bones were also cut. The truth is that while curses do exist, they are incredibly rare so don’t go handing over your hard-earned cash that quickly!

They are infused with the negative consciousness of the person who created them. Its about more than two years that I Can’t sleep well i try to sleep but i see bad dreams and i have bad thoughts at 2 am in the middle of the night in the same time and same way every night. But the most important thing is to break the hex or curse that’s been placed on you. Our names are Aletheia Luna and Mateo Sol (, Our goal is to provide a grounded and balanced perspective of, 16 Signs You Have a Sense of Entitlement Complex, 18 Signs You Have a Poorly Developed Sense of Self (+ What to Do). Now, within the past few weeks/months, you seem to be dealing with an unshakable string of bad luck.

Have no direction. If i were in your position I’d definitely consider taking some self-responsibility, surrendering the need to feel like a disempowered victim.

When you feel that someone or something is wrong, and you’re the only one to believe in it, you feel bad but lonely, and that in itself is a cursing that will haunts you, but only as long as I stay the way I am currently. Her mind is back she talks perfectly fine, and her memory is back. Repeat cleaning it in sea salt and mentally programming itevery month. Signs to look for: out of control drinking, drug use, yet the victim tries to hide it form you or others, depression, doesn't have lots of friends, seems to isolate or only associate with a few people.

How to know if you've been cursed (again). I don't care what they told you that was accurate about your life! So after I prayed and prayed I even had my Uncle pray with me things started happening to her. Hey Anthony, do you have any idea what you could do to end the attacks? I just don’t know how to use them. I was forced to take antipsychiatic medicine for 8 years. We have no life, every single time we make plans to do something…. This needs to be done by someone who knows what they are doing, or it could cause "auric bleeding" which would make the curse spread throughout your energy field, increasing its destructiveness! If you suspect you have a curse on you, click on the “Schedule A Reading” tab here at the top of my website, and let me give you a Psychic Curse Evaluation, which will let you know if you’ve been cursed or not. What did I do to deserve someone’s hatred and rage to the point they would exert such effort and time cursing me?


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